Game and Watch Uprising is a 2014 party game created by Unversed Entertainment for the Wii U. The villainous Blot takes over the Flat Zone Festival, and only Mr. Game and Watch can stop him by collecting enough Uprising Sprites by playing Minigames in all areas of Flat Zone.


The game is split into three modes, Uprising, Classics, and Party. Uprising is a single-player only mode, where players must collect Uprising Sprites by completing minigames. When enough are collected, a Boss Minigame can be completed, and the player can get a Blot Key. When all 7 Blot Keys are collected, the player can go to Castle Blot. In Uprising, when not playing minigames, the game is a 2D platformer. Completing minigames also earns Classic Tickets, the game's form of currency, and if they are done well enough, Blot Stars. When all Blot Stars are unlocked, the optional bonus world, Flat Zone 2 can be unlocked.

In Party, any minigame played so far in Uprising can be played with others to earn Blot Stars or Classic Tickets, besides the single-player only Boss Minigames. In Classic, players can use the Classic Tickets they've collected so far to buy a port of a classic Game and Watch game. All of the games besides the licensed ones can be played.


The citizens of Flat Zone are preparing the Flat Zone Festival when the evil monster Blot takes over and turns it into his own castle of darkness, and plans to cover all of Flat Zone in black. The clumsy Mr. Game & Watch takes up the task and learns that he needs to get all 7 Blot Keys to defeat the villain. The hero sets off on his adventure, and after getting all 7, battles against Blot. Blot is defeated and the Flat Zone Festival goes on as planned!


The minigames are split up across 7 worlds(with one extra world and Castle Blot) that can be visited in any order the player chooses. These worlds are Flat City, Octopus Bay, Fire Attack Frontier, Vermin Gardens, Inky Space, 2D Park, and Oil Panic Construction Zone. There are 5 minigames in each world.

Flat City

Image Name Description
Board BOARD This minigame has Mr. Game & Watch skating downtown manually. He must avoid three spike balls by jumping over them with the A button. In the multiplayer version, the player who hops over the most in a time limit wins.
Thief THIEF This minigame is a top-down game where the player must make it to the Vault of the bank while avoiding guards by using the player's power of shadows. The multiplayer version has the player who steals it first win.
Drive DRIVE In this minigame, players must quickly swipe different directions on the gamepad to change lanes and avoid ongoing traffic. In multiplayer, the last one standing wins.
Shoot SHOOT In this minigame, Mr. Game & Watch is a policeman, and he must align his target with thieves who are approaching him to auto-shoot them. He has to kill 20 to beat the game, and if touched once, he has to start over. In multiplayer, the one who kills the most in a time limit wins.
Plane PLANE This 2D Minigame has the player on a nice flight, but storm clouds come into view. The player must tap the wing of the Plane that's in the direction they want to move until they reach their destination. In Multiplayer, three players are the plane and one player controls the storm clouds. The storm cloud creator wins if all three planes crash, and the planes win if all three make it to their destination.

Octopus Bay

Image Name Description
Wave WAVE Here, our hero must control the waves to sink three pirate ships before they reach shore by tapping to create a wave which will knock back ships. In multiplayer, three players are pirate ships and one is the controller of the waves.
Fishing FISHING In this minigame, fishing is the key. Mr. Game & Watch must cast where the water is moving and rotate the control stick repeatedly to get the fish. Mr. Game & Watch must catch the fish before the time limit runs out to win. In multiplayer, three players are fish and one is Mr. Game & Watch. They must try to avoid getting caught.
Spill SPILL Here, Mr. Game & Watch shows his bad side as the player must run and toss an oil barrel until you reach the ocean. However, it must be tossed up every time, and if it falls onto the ground, the game has to be started over. In multiplayer, two players are trying to get the oil to the ocean, while two others must spill it on the ground.
Surf SURF Here, our hero must hop over waves with A to reach the island. In Multiplayer, one player controls the waves and three others control surfboards.
Jelly JELLY In this platforming minigame, the player must hop from Jellyfish to Jellyfish without falling into the water to make it to an island. In Multiplayer, the one who makes it to the island first wins.

Fire Attack Frontier

Image Name Description
Duel DUEL In this minigame, a timer counts down to 0, and whoever shoots first wins. In multiplayer, it's pretty much un-changed.
Horse HORSE Here, Mr. Game & Watch must ride his steed and tilt the gamepad to avoid incoming bandits and their weapons. In Multiplayer, two players are the horses and two players are the bandits.
Salloon SALOON In this minigame, you must make drinks for cowboys correctly by inputting different arrow combinations. In Multiplayer, whoever gets the most right in a time period wins.
Lasso LASSO Here, you have to round up the cattle by aiming the Lasso and throwing and hoping to catch roaming cattle. Getting a certain amount in a time limit is the goal. In Multiplayer, whoever gets the most wins.
Mine MINE Mr. Game & Watch must risk it all to get the gold in this mining minigame. It plays out similarly to DKC's mine cart levels. In Multiplayer, the miner who gets the gold first wins.

Vermin Gardens

Image Name Description
Stalk STALK In this minigame, the player must acsend a gigantic beanstalk and make it to the clouds by jumping from leaf to leaf. However, each leaf will fall off in 3 seconds after boarded. In multiplayer, the first one who reaches the clouds wins.
Bug BUG Here, Mr. Game & Watch is an exterminator, and he has to take out 3 elusive bugs in a time limit by spraying them with bug poison. Each bug is fast and small, so it'll be hard to catch them all. It is played from a top-down view. In multiplayer, whoever kills the most bugs in a time limit wins.
Rain RAIN Mr. Game & Watch is a small seed waiting to blossom in the middle of a drought. However, 10 rain drops are falling scattered across the greenhouse, the number needed to bloom. Mr. Game & Watch must run around and catch the drops to blossom. In multiplayer, one player is a rain cloud and the other is the seed. The goal of the cloud is to drop the rain on the ground and the goal of the sprout is to get enough to blossom.
Vine VINE Our hero needs to surf vines to make it to the golden tree to clear the stage. He automatically surfs, but the player must jump over pits and speed up and slow down. In multiplayer, four players race and who reaches the golden tree first wins.
Chop CHOP In this minigame, the hero must chop down a tree by pressing X at the right time to successfully hit it. In multiplayer, whoever gets the most hits in a time interval wins.

Inky Space

Image Name Description
Code CODE Mr. Game & Watch must send an en-coded message to a fellow astronaut by repeating a button pressing sequence. In multiplayer, there are two groups of astronauts who must send messages back and forth between them, and whoever does the most in a time limit wins.
Gravity GRAVITY Here, the player has to use the moon's low gravity to reach a high flag by pressing A at the right time for the maximum jump height. In multiplayer, whoever does the highest jumps in a time limit wins.
Asteroid ASTEROID In this minigame, our hero has to avoid asteroids in an asteroid field in a first-person flying game. In multiplayer, whoever reaches the goal first wins.
Alien ALIEN Mr. Game & Watch is an alien who has to abduct roaming cattle by holding the A button to create a magnetized beam to suck up three cows in a time limit. In multiplayer, three players are the cows and one is the UFO.
Star STAR In this minigame, the player has to get to Earth by using Pull Stars by using your finger on the GamePad. In Multiplayer, whoever gets to Earth first wins.

2D Park

Image Name Description
Teacup TEACUP Here, Mr. Game & Watch is riding on the tea cups! However, on the opposite side, another rider is firing spitballs at our hero. Mr. Game & Watch must both ride the ride and deflect the spitballs by pressing B to put on the lid to the Teacup. In Multiplayer, one player is the rider and the other fires spitballs.
Kart KART In this minigame, our hero must be first in a Go-Kart race. The race is from a top-down perspective, and the player must avoid banana peels and collect Mushrooms to get speed boosts. In multiplayer, whoever is first wins.
Pirate PIRATE On this ride, Mr. Game & Watch must sink ships by shooting at them with the ship's cannon in first-person perspective. In Multiplayer it is an all-out naval battle.
Horror HORROR Here, Mr. Game & Watch must scare riders by pressing different buttons at the right time to pop out and make them scream. In Multiplayer, whoever scares the most riders in a time limit wins.
Fireworks FIREWORKS In this minigame, the player has to connect the dots on the Gamepad in a time limit to create a Fireworks picture. In multiplayer, whoever makes the most in a time limit wins.

Oil Panic Construction Zone

Image Name Description
Build BUILD Here, Mr. Game & Watch needs to build a tower that reaches a certain height without the blocks falling over. In multiplayer, whoever builds the highest tower that does not fall over in a time limit wins.
Hammer HAMMER In this minigame, the player needs to hammer a nail into a wooden board by pressing a random button at the right time to strike the nail successfully. In multiplayer, whoever can nail the most nails in, in the time limit, wins.
Scale SCALE In this 2D platformer minigame, the player must scale the construction zone while jumping over oil barrels and enemies. In Multiplayer, whoever reaches the top first wins.
Saw SAW Here, the hero has to saw through a wooden board in time by shaking the GamePad. In Multiplayer, whoever saws through the most wood in a time limit wins.
Measure MEASURE In this minigame, Mr. Game & Watch must hurl the Measuring Tape past a certain distance in a style similar to Angry Birds. In Multiplayer, whoever hurls it the farthest wins.

Boss Minigames

Image Name Description
Thug THUG In this minigame, Mr. Game & Watch is pitted against a gang boss. The battle takes place on top of a large truck, and jumping on the boss will not work. The boss will try to shoot the player and throw bombs. The hero has to pick up the bombs and toss them at the boss to get him off-balance, where they can stomp on his belly to knock him onto the road. Doing this two more times results in a win.
Octopus OCTOPUS Here, Mr. Game & Watch must battle an Octopus floating on water in the background. The Octopus will spit out oil all over the stage, making it slippery, and if the hero falls into the water, he's done for. The player must survive for 10 seconds in the oily mess and then hop onto a cargo lift and ride over into the background, where they must pull off a tentacle. The Octopus will then throw him back, and pulling of two tentacles results in a win.
Bandit BANDIT Mr. Game & Watch becomes a sherriff in this here boss minigame. This is a rail shooter on horse-back, and the hero can hop across three horses to avoid shots. Mr. Game & Watch has to hit the bandit 10 times to succeed.
Venus VENUS In this minigame, the hero must defeat a monstrous Venus Fly Trap who pops out throughout the dirt, and eats anyone who he catches. Mr. Game & Watch must wait until he pops out and then spray him to make him dizzy, where Mr. Game & Watch can hop on his head. Doing this three more times results in a win.
Annihlator ANNIHILATOR Mr. Game & Watch has to use his rocketship to battle a gigantic evil alien battleship. This game is a 2D Space Shooter in the style of Galaga. Hitting the Annihilator 40 times results in a win, but the hero himself can only be hit three times, unless he gets an upgrade, such as an HP boost. Missiles can also be collected, which do three damage rather than one.
Bumper BUMPER In this minigame, the player is in a bumper car brawl with a giant all-out spikey tank in this top-down vehicular combat minigame. Ramming him from the front will only hurt your car, so you need to get around him and attack the back of the foe's car to do damage. Doing this 5 times will defeat the bumper car bully.
Wreck WRECK Here, Mr. Game & Watch must defeat a Wrecking Ball machine. He must first hop over the ball until it has to re-charge, where the battery will come out. Mr. Game & Watch must jump on it to damage the battery. Hitting it 6 times will shut down the Wrecking Ball.
BLOT The final boss minigame has Mr. Game & Watch fight through 4 phases. The first phase has Blot become a vehicle, and Mr. Game & Watch must hit him 20 times in a first-person rail shooter game. The second phase is a space shooter, where our hero has to hit Blot 50 times. The third phase is where Blot turns into a giant spikey bumper car, and the player has to hit it's back 5 times to win. The final phase is a 2D platformer, where Mr. Game & Watch must scale a giant tower and then hop on Blot's head to finish him off.


  • In Inky Space, Pull Stars are taken from Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Inky Space has a beta minigame entitled Orbit, and the icon for it still exists within the game's data.

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