First appearance: Call of Plastic Kaiju

Latest appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

A devilish looking but still cute looking Kaiju. He is able to slam his fists into the ground and have them come out the other side, being half ghost. He can also breathe fire. His artist is Touma. He is a fire/ghost type Kaiju.

Gaburin was part of a collab project by Exotoro and PabloDePablo called Call of Plastic Kaiju. He later appears in The Mysterious Seven Project as a playable character. His type effectiveness is removed since none of the other characters have it, but retains his moves.


  • Standard Special: Fire Breath - Breaths a spout of fire.
  • Side Special: Ghostly Punch - Punches into a white hole in the air and hits a nearby opponent.
  • Up Special: Descend Up - Turns briefly into a ghost and cannot be hit while floating up.
  • Down Special: Ectoplasm Wave - Creates a ring of Ectoplasm and lights it one fire, protecting him from melee attacks. Anyone who hits the circle will get damaged. Gaburin cannot move while the ring is up.
  • Super Move: Graveyard Party - Rises the dead and throws a rad party. One of the party guests will throw the punch bowl at an opponent and since it is acidic it will kill them, leaving just their bones behind.

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