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We're Fuckign awesome.
Company motto

Fuckign Babearonis
Type of Company Pizza chain restaurant
Founder(s)  ???
Founded at/in  ???, 20XX
Headquarters The Pizza Zone
Area(s) Served Earth-072
Owner(s) Preblo and Xeotro
No. of Employee(s)  ??? (collectively referred to as Babearonis)

Fuckign Babearonis is a chain of pizza restaurants operating on an alternate Earth, run by mysterious but ultimately benevolent figures. It's known for being themed around nudism, because of course that's what it is.


Fuckign Babearonis is a fairly standard pizza place with most locations having a counter for selecting toppings. The main point of difference is the fact that the staff is nude, and nudism is generally encouraged in the shop. The staff tends to work in as much innuendo as possible, taking pride in operating both as a restaurant and bordello.

Also a standard feature are the limited access areas; these consist of bedrooms for those who want privacy, showers that are for employee use but can be added to an order for an extra fee, and a large room with a circular pit in the middle for some of their specials. The only strictly employee-only areas are the kitchens and the sex toy storage.

Company history

Fuckign Babearonis was founded in the year 20XX in an enigmatic pocket dimension known as the Pizza Zone. Seeking to combine pizza-based culture with the sex appeal of nudism, two coworkers connected our world to the Pizza Zone, allowing them to maintain a steady flow of ingredients and deliver quality recipes to the general public.

Originally a singular shop, Fuckign Babearonis has spread across the world, with investors putting in as much as $7,000,000,000.


Toppings and sides

  • Cheese (oral, vaginal, anal)
  • Extra cheese (oral, vaginal, anal, and bukkake)
  • Red sauce (waitress smothers herself in sauce)
  • Pepperoni (waitress wears pepperoni pasties)
  • Sausage (male waiter/"futanari", customer's choice)
  • Mushroom (waitress brings a dildo)
  • Pineapple (waitress pours pineapple juice on herself)
  • Olives (anal beads)
  • Bacon (waitress wears bra and panties made of bacon that have to be chewed off)
  • Breadsticks (waitress sticks breadsticks up her pussy)


  • Meat lover's (triple penetration; waitress brings two waiters with her if ordering alone)
  • Deep dish (waitress and customer go to a backroom with a large pit; one hour, anything goes)
  • The Supreme (waitress has cheese, sauce, and several toppings put on her naked body; customers are encouraged to eat off of her while fucking)


  • The typo in their title is due to the fact that the logo designer was 'preoccupied' while working. It has since been embraced as a trait of the brand.
  • Fuckign Babearoonis is in a fierce rivalry with all other pizza businesses, attempting to outdo them on social media.

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