Current Age Never consistent
Date of Birth July 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Current Status Alive
Zaxinian Postal Service
Main Weapon(s) Rifle, Mail Truck
Ability/ies Delivering mail, driving
Frink Eau is a catalyst mailman with the ability to travel time and cross through other dimensions, also capable of creating his own. The goal of Frink is to deliver mail to every single corner of the universe, abusing his abilities to clone himself and get his mail to get spread across the Fantendoverse as well as his homeworld, the Zaxinian Lifts. He never stops delivering mail and almost never fails to accomplish his mission, and won't stop until existence itself ends. He is acknowledged as the father to Oshelia Eau.


Frink's appearance obviously changes when he messes with his age, but he always appears to be monochrome and usually shows himself as a young adult. He wears neat mailman attire and never ever travels with stains, altering time by a few seconds for every mistake he makes. He likes to present himself as formal, and therefore never tries on any outfits or anything. He cannot live without his cap and can be distracted from his duties if his cap isn't on his head where it should belong.


Frink is often very kind, doing mail service to benefit the world, but does not have any patience for those who get in his way of his ultimate goal to satisfy the entire planet via his job. If people attempt to attack him, he does not show any remorse and shoots them regardless of who they happen to be, besides Oshelia. No matter whatever obstacles seem to be in his way, he does not give up and is capable of delivering packages in acidic rain, nuclear warzones, volcanic disaster areas, hurricane-afflicted areas, and more. If someone really bothers him, Frink will pull the middle finger and either drive away from them or travel back to the time where he never met that person, successfully wiping their memories of him beforehand.


Frink has mostly ordinary tools at hand, usually having a briefcase full of sharp objects like nails and knives, and always has a handbag with him full of letters. He can swing his heavy mailbag to knock opponents away from him and can use the thin letters or edges of boxes like blades to cut at foes. Frink has masterful driving and has ridiculous accuracy, able to drive backwards and up mountains or pick the exact speed needed to "hop" over a gap. Frink has a chip in his brain that lets him know all the places he's supposed to go to in order to deliver mail, and is almost always on time no matter the distance, able to warp through portals and go at insane speeds. If he fails, he will revert time a bit to fix his mistake.

It's unknown how he came to possess the ability, but Frink can change his age and travel through different time periods. Not even Frink himself knows or can explain why. He can disguise as a lost child, a harmless baby, or into an old man and take advantage of "retirement". Of course, he'd have to keep this ability a secret. In fact, only his close family knows. If he messes up, he can go back into the past and undo errors. He does have his limits: if he doesn't have a doughnut and some coffee every 24 hours, he will not be able to use any of his abilities and will be seen as a helpless ordinary mailman until he can get his hands on those consumable items. Luckily, the aforementioned chip keeps an eye on doughnut/coffee shops.

Frink has masterful use of his time travel and dimensional traveling, and can generate a clone of himself to double the work force he's presenting. This had led to many Frinks traveling across the world, with not a single one of them looking any different from the other. None of them have met, and know exactly how to avoid each other: by handling business way far away from each other in case they end up getting seen by multiple people. Every single Frink -- including the original -- appears to the average individual as an ordinary mailman with a slightly paler color scheme than normal. When no one's looking, the Frinks can suddenly disappear and leave one to wonder as to where the hell they went.

Relationships with other characters


He is very kind with his daughter and protective of him, but feels guilty that due to his job (obsession) he can't spend any time with her. He has created a clone of himself and that clones pretends to be the real Frink, loving Oshelia and the mother dearly. Frink wishes the best for Oshelia and thinks she'll grow into a gorgeous adult.


He doesn't really seem to notice Cherry too much despite how often they date in his own van. His goal with mail is so obsessive that he tends to forget anniversaries or the last time they talked. Despite this, he loves Cherry and is protective of her too, but not nearly as protective as he is of Oshelia.


Frink thinks Sam is gross and should stop hogging up his house for himself. The two used to get along as kids, but have the most bitter relationship nowadays and it's a priority of Frink to stop him. He's not entirely aware of Sam's schemes though unless they have to do with mail -- then he gets rather upset.


Even though Frink is almost always silent, he has said one thing about this demonic baby fetus: "Disgusting. Get this abomination out of my sight at once." Sometimes when Frink sees it pass by, his arms go triggered and he suddenly wheels around the car in order to destroy that disgusting...flying thing!


He really dislikes Rudy and would one day like to slit his neck with a good-sized envelope thanks to how rude he is to him. The two do not get along in any way and show extreme disdain for each other. The reason for Frink's hatred though is due to how that Rudy hurt Oshelia when she was a child, having formed his rivalry with him.


Sometimes he's not even aware that she exists, so he doesn't even care for her at all. Despite that, he pays attention to her directions accordingly, but flips the bird to her every time she says that he made a mistake. This is because that he always reverts time to fix his mistakes, and never fails because of that.


They seem to get along and often deliver each other's mail, except on the days where Frink delivers mail to himself. Terry respects Frink's extreme determination and hopes to have something as strong as that one day for himself, but he feels like that's impossible and sometimes is down because of it.



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