Freedom Fight Battle Warriors is an umbrella fighting game, using mostly more random characters that Dark is fond of. It is being made by NightVision Enterprises, and will be adressed in A3 2014.


The gameplay follows the engine of Super Smash Bros, where fighters try to knock each other off the stage using their attacks. The more damage you take, the farther you fly when hit. 

Starting Characters

Character Description

Paper Mario (Sticker Star)

Paper Mario

Mario is a usual sight in Umbrellas, but due to some holes in time and space and the universal matter he turned into Paper. Because that makes sense. Anyway, Paper Mario uses his hammer and partners to fight. 
YangRenderYang Xiao Long A hot-headed and sarcastic girl who is the sister of Ruby Rose, and partner of Blake Belladona. She uses her machine-gun gauntlets, and with every hit she takes, she becomes stronger, similarly to Lucario in SSBB and SSB4. 
Gorney FFBW


"I've Been Twamatized!"

Gorney is a cheery kid from Gravity Falls who was almost eaten by the Trickster. He uses Summerween Candy and a plastic pirate sword in battle. Also during his time inside the Trickster, Gorney has harnessed some of the dark energies that make the Trickster come to life, and he can use this power for offensive and defensive moves. 

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