I'd Map Out The Stars is a text-based sidestory to Once More Unto The Breach written in the form of first-person sections from Darkest Mysteriousverse Inori and 'reports' from Aegis Hex. Each entry is tied to and found in a chapter of story, though there are twenty additional entries found through alternate means.

Entry 01: First Log / Inori Aizawa

Found in Prologue: Solstice Spectacular. Use the control stick to pan up when the stadium comes into frame.

Space. Empty space.

I've been travelling the world for who knows how long now. Passing through worlds, trying to prevent anyone from suffering like I had to. If I didn't have a purpose this would be a beautiful experience. I would map out the stars, experience so much, repair my life. But I can't.

Because there's work to be done.



Subject appeared on one of our worlds approx. 4 years, 8 months, 21 days ago. Extremely stressed and unstable with high levels of power, usually she would be considered a threat, but she has allied herself with us. She has experience with Irregular and wishes to prevent a similar disaster to that of her timeline.

All in all, Inori Aizawa is considered a useful asset to Aegis Hex, and although she's kept under a watchful eye, she's a trusted ally. Recently she has chosen to wear a screen mask capable of displaying images and text and a cloak, a choice which honestly stumps all of us. Her combat capabilities include training in basic martial arts and 'tabs' controlled through a glove she constantly wears.

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