Fracture Point is a 3D fighting umbrella created by PabloDePablo. The game's main feature is Shardselves, a mechanic that provides each character with 3 different versions of themselves, each balanced differently.


Fracture Point is a three-dimensional fighting game, running on an engine similar to the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and thusly handling similarly. Players can move around the stage, use the environment to their advantage, and perform Specials unique to themselves.

The game's main mechanic is that each character has three Shardselves - a 'Prime' self, who is essentially the default version, and two more specialized variants, with modified stats and Specials.


  • Kerfuffle: A basic fighting mode. Up to 8 players can play in a free-for-all battle or join up for team play.
  • Stronghold: Hold out a fort against CPU fighters. The more players, the more difficulty!
  • Story Mode: The game's story mode, duh. See below for more on this.
  • Arcade: Pick a fighter and face 8 random enemies in a row, with minigames in-between fights.
  • Alchemist's Cauldron: Endless fighting until you drop! Each match adds a new alchemical ingredient, warping the fight in various ways.
  • Primal Rage: Rack up a streak of KOs against endless foes. If you break the streak, you get weakened- the bigger the streak, the bigger the loss.
  • Sound Stage: Remix, splice, and save tracks to fight to. With Advanced settings, you can even try your hand at making original music!
  • Storage Garage: Look at and share saved inages and tracks. You can also look at models of all your unlocked fighters.

Story Mode

Once More Unto The Breach

The story mode of Fracture Point. Old faces return, old worlds crumble, and new heroes from all timelines join forces to finish what they never actually started.

It can be found here.

I'd Map Out The Stars

A 'sidestory' of sorts, told through hidden text-based data pads in each level, similar to Terminals in the Halo series. It further explains Darkest Mysteriousverse Inori's journey and explains some vague details of the main story.

Transcripts of each data pad can be found here.



Image Info


SSB Pepsi logo

Pepsiman is a mysterious man made of metal who lives to quench the thirst of the people with Pepsi. He is a nimble yet strong character, and his Specials let him utilize Pepsi products to fight.

A PepsiCo soldier from the year 2X15 made of liquid metal, morphed into an armored form. This Pepsiman trades close combat skills for a powerful Pepsi Railgun, and is a long-ranged fighter.

An edgy punk made of a flannel-iron alloy from an alternate 90's. He's very powerful and durable, but his muscle mass and flannel cloak make him a slow target who's easy to hit.

Inori M7P

Inori Aizawa


Inori Aizawa is the 'browser mascot' for Internet Explorer, representing a superior design to the widely disliked past versions. She is a lightweight fighter who can use tabs as both shields and weapons.

An augmented super-soldier created by Microsoft from UNSC blueprints. Inori-011 uses her tabs as shielding and fights with her fists and grenades, and her rocket boots are now MJOLNIR GEN 2 thruster packs.

A mysterious Inori who wears a cloak and travels through Positive Space. Her tabs have been infected by some outside force, covering them in red static that strengthens her attacks, but she's easier to KO.


Samus Aran

SSB Metroid Series

Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter with a powered suit of armor and a grudge with the Space Pirates. She can use her arm cannon for charged shots, missiles, and the Grapple Beam, which can lasso enemies.

A Knight of The First Chozo Order on a quest to slay Ridley the dragon. This Samus has a sword arm instead of a cannon, and is a more physical fighter. She can also turn her sword into a whip for a different playstyle.

A violent young woman in armor, adopted by Ridley and his pirates. This version of Samus has a brutal style and stronger weapons, but will often overheat after prolonged use of weaponry, freezing in place.



SSB Halo

Thel Vadam, better known as the Arbiter, is a former Covenant Shipmaster who led the Sangheili in their liberation from the Prophets. He is a balanced fighter who fights using his Energy Sword along with a Covenant carbine.

A Sangheili Shipmaster in charge of the Fleet of Particular Justice, rather than being made Arbiter. This version of Thel is weaker and slower, but has powerful weaponry such as the Beam Rifle in addition to his sword.

A version of the Arbiter infected by the parasitic Flood during combat on Delta Halo. He is slower than the regular Arbiter, but has a powerful infected appendage, and the ability to slowly regenerate.



SSB Transfomers

Wheeljack is a Cybertronian engineer and one of the Autobots' best scientists. He can fight using cannons and lasers, hitting things with a wrench, or by transforming into a Lancia Stratos Turbo, trading power for speed.

One of the last surviving Wreckers and a demolition expert. This Wheeljack loses the guns, but excels in close-range combat with dual swords and grenades, and transforms into a sleek Lancia New Stratos Concept.

A weird blue Wheeljack who basically just hands Optimus some crap and leaves. He has a powerful cannon, but is slower, even when transformed into a sports car, and generally weaker.



SSB Transfomers

Tailgate is one of the Autobots aboard the Lost Light, found in the Mitteuous Plateau after being buried for eons. They're small and easy to beat, but can transform for speedy escapes, utilize their massive blaster, and has Swerve cheering them on.

One of the evil Autobots aboard Sky Lynx, notorious for keeping humans as 'pets'. They're bulkier and slower than their good counterpart and wield a blaster with a bayonet. The quiet and reserved Swerve overlooks their battles, too.

Tailgate's had one too many drink at Swerve's bar. Visually denoted by a yellow visor, this Tailgate can barely aim, but has more powerful punches and moves faster in vehicle mode. Swerve's ready on the sidelines with more drinks.

Tahu FP


SSB Bionicle

Tahu is a Toa summoned from the sky to save Okoto. He fights using basic fire attacks and a sword, but can temporarily boost his powers once per fight with his Golden Mask.

One of the six Toa Mata who came to Mata Nui from the sea. He has weaker peak powers overall, but has consistent strength instead of using boosts. He's also smaller and more durable.

A Toa of Stone summoned to save the island of Okoto. This Tahu has powers of stone instead of fire, and moves faster, but he's much easier to take down. He also gains a boomerang sword attack.



SSB Gorillaz

2D is the lead vocalist, keyboardist, and 'pretty boy' of the band Gorillaz. He is a fairly weak fighter, relying on dodges and counters, but he can summon bandmates Russel and Murdoc to fight for him.

This clown-masked 2D is under attack by pirates, the Boogieman, and a whale. Life's tough. He is even frailer than regular, but moves faster and summons a massive Russel along with a gun-toting masked Noodle.

A very depressed 2D living with the band on 212 Wobble Street. He can take more damage than usual and his summons are a sluggish but all-powerful Murdoc and a masked teleporter named Andre.


Party Ball

SSB Super Smash Bros. Series

A travelling scholar and true star of the Super Smash Bros. series. He swimgs himself as a wrecking ball, unleash items on enemies, or even set up Bom-omb landmines around himself.

Why would anyone party with a cube? Idiot. Cubes can't party. He deals more damage when he swings around, but his items are weaker and his landmines only stun fighters. Seriously, a cube?

A ridiculously stupid idea. 20 sides? Too many for a good party. He has strong items and his landmines are actually homing bombs, but his swing is weak and he breaks really easily. Who keeps making these dumbos?


Gokai Red

SSB Sentai

Captain Marvelous is leader of the pirates known as the Gokaigers, using his Ranger Key to transform. He can use his flintlock blaster and sword, or transform into the swordfighting ShinkenRed or the gunslinging DekaRed.

A pirate searching for the Greatest Treasure In The Universe with Basco ta Jolokia. He is much more fierce in fighting, using dual swords and guns. His only transformation is into the brutal fighter NeziRed.

A mysterious red pirate with a love for racing who drives the Engine Machalcon. He moves incredibly fast and can change into Go-on Red or Red Racer, but his weaponry is weaker than his counterparts'.



SSB Godzilla

The horror of the deep, Ebirah is a massive lobster mutated by radioactive waste by terrorists. He's a massive fighter who attacks with his claws and tail. He doesn't have powers, but he is durable!

A mechanical replica of the real deal. MechaEbirah is slower than his counterpart, but is nigh-indestructible by light attacks. His large left claw is also converted to a laser cannon.

Drawing Godzilla to his island home, Ebirah fought in a lake of radioactive waste and fused with his foe. This Ebirah is fairly fast and can power up his attacks with atomic power, but he's more frail than usual, too.




Garnet is 'leader' of the Crystal Gems and the frequent mediator to the arguments within her team. She can use her dual gauntlets, stretchy hands, and lava goggles in combat, along with a Future Vision counterattack.

An unstable Crystal Gem with cracked gemstones. She has more powerful attacks and can shapeshift into boxes for self-defense, but she often experiences overloads of sheer power, freezing her in place.

NOW YOU'RE COOKING! This Garnet has beem brainwashed by an addictive arcade game. She may move slowly and lose some abilities, but she has powerful meat batons as weapons.


Atlas and P-Body


A duo of Aperture Science co-operative testing units designed by GLaDOS. They can set up portals, throw potato bombs, and create a high-five shockwave. They can't get too far apart, though.

Sent by GLaDOS to dispose of a dangerous threat deep in Aperture Labs. These bots fight much more aggressively and wield a laser-redirecting cube as a weapon. They move slowly as a tradeoff.

Gabe Newell's personal security guards - with hats! They retain their portal guns, but their other weapons are now Steam Sale-themed and damage boosted with hats. Hopefully, they're worth the wait.

Duke FS

Kamen Rider Duke

SSB Kroig

Ryoma Sengoku is the developer of Yggrasdil Corporation's Sengoku and Genisis Drivers, and Kamen Rider Duke. He fights using melee attacks and his Sonic Arrow blaster, along with riding on a Dandeliner hoverbike.

A revived Duke given a powerful Dragon Fruits Lockseed by the evil Megahex. He uses a powered-up Sonic Arrow, a Dandeliner, and his cybernetically enhanced kicks, but he's pretty frail.

A robot with Ryoma's brain in a poorly done crossover with Kikaider. He handles like Duke, but uses mostly physical attacks and has no Dandeliner. He's more durable, too.



SSB GurrenLagann

Kittan is one of the members of Team Dai-Gurren and pilot of King Kittan, a powerful Gunmen wielding a lance and shield. Kittan can fight on foot with a shotgun or hop into King Kittan to utilize its weaponry, including a Giga Drill Break.

A warrior of the Anti-Spirals fighting to surpress all Spiral Races. While stronger on foot, the Anti-Spiral King Kittan is sluggish and less powerful than its counterpart, with a weakened drill.

Another Kittan who survived up to the final fight with the Anti-Spirals. Kittan isn't as well armed, but pilots the massive Tengen Toppa King Kittan, which has Spiral-enhanced weaponry and amazing speed.

Hank Hill

Hank Hill

there ain't no series emblem i tell you what

Hank Hill is an old-fashioned family man and propane salesman who deals with his crazy life the best he can. He fights by using propane tanks as rockets and charging into enemies with his lawnmower.

Intentionally, Hank has been informed that Lord Frieza intends to attack our planet personally through means unknown. Using his newly gained Super Saiyan strength, Hank becomes stronger, though easier to defeat.

In the year 30XX, Hank puts his mind in a robotic body, making him effectively immortal. He's incredibly hard to kill and drives a powerful Mason 2500 lawnmower, but has incredibly slippery controls.

Cell perfect cell by maffo1989-d41e9aj


SSB dragonBall

Designed by Dr. Gero as the perfect bio-android, Cell relishes combat and strives for perfection. He starts in his first form and powers up by draining foes, improving all his stats and attacks.

Mecha Cell was built by Dr. Gero and Mecha Sakurai as the perfect robotic fighter and bodyguard. He upgrades forms automatically through nanobots, but is bulkier and uses practical weaponry over ki attacks.

Regenerated from one of Cell's "children", the cerulean Cell Jr. is similar to its creator. Smaller and lighter, Cell Jr. requires more energy to transform and has powerful blasts with high kickback.


Burner Man

Megaman Series Logo

Recruited by King as part of a robot uprising, KGN-005 Burner Man was tricked into burning forests by being told he had a bomb inside him. He fights using his Wave Burner weapon and is large yet nimble.

Built to kill plantlife with intense cold, KGN-005 Cooler Man uses the same model type and weapon style as Burner Man. Armed with a Wave Cooler, Cooler Man is slower than his counterpart but more durable.

A NetNavi used by Atsuki Homura and a mild pyromaniac, BurnerMan.EXE is arrogant and loves to burn his foes to crisps. He can summon flames from both himself and his surroundings, but is weaker than Burner Man.


Image Info



Unlocked by winning 50 matches using any Garnet variant.

Peridot is a mysterious Gem from 'the homeworld', trying to repair warp pads for unknown purposes. She can analyze fighters with her data pad to disable one of their specials, and uses spherical drones to attack and heal herself.

A strange 'tamer' from the Gem homeworld who has tamed a Centipeedle to fight for her. This Peridot is weaker physically, and trades out her task force of drones for a massive acid-spewing Centipeedle.

A redeemed Gem from space who chooses to stay on Earth She has less combat focus, with weak melee attacks, but her analysis ability is buffed in all areas and she has far more drones to work with.

Tra Generations Leader

Ultra Magnus

SSB Transfomers

Unlocked by holding out for 30 minutes in Stronghold

Ultra Magnus is an Autobot commander and a vigilant protector of Autobot City, not to mention temporary bearer of the Matrix.. He can transform into a car carrier truck and uses a hammer, a blaster, and the Matrix of Leadership as his weapons.

Former leader of the Wreckers and overall overbearing authority figure. He transforms into a fast moving long-nose truck and wields the Forge of Solus Prime, a hammer that repairs him based on how much damage he deals.

An elderly Magnus, leader of the Cybertronian Elite Guard. He moves slowly even in his mobile weapons platform mode, but he uses the mighty Magnus Hammer, which can summon lightning to strike foes down.


SSB Unavaliable

Unlocked by attaining 101% completion.

¶ is a mysterious being from The Skerries, creating fractured points in timelines much like Irregular. He's fairly average movement-wise and attacks by manipulating the game's UI, using nerfed versions of boss attacks, or by using his gun hand.

Utilizing the power of two gun hands, ππ is one of ¶'s several forms, driven by an unstoppable will. This form is incredibly fast and hard to control, with his now more powerful specials draining his health.

This form of ¶, £, trades raw power for stability and precision, focusing on skill over raw willpower. He can shield himself using UI elements and has the ability to slow down time around himself, though he lacks a gun hand.


Image Info


SSB Metroid Series

A massive space dragon and leader of the Space Pirates. His crew has taken advantage of Irregular's appearance to take over downtown. He fights with his claws and tail, can call in Space Pirate minions, and can fly.



SSB Unavaliable

A massive beast beyond all perception or reason. It has driven worlds to madness and men to monsters with its one question. Rather than fighting him, you must climb up his leg and go from his back to his head, where his weak point is.



SSB Unavaliable

Inside of AM I REALLY A GORILLA, JOHN?, there is his opposite, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!, and inside him is a smaller AM I REALLY A GORILLA, JOHN?, in an infinite cycle. This horrifying creature fights with weird mantis hands and powerful roars. Watch out, because he can hover with those big wings!

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