Fort Pokey is an area in Super Mario Sunshine 2: Islands of Darkness. An old abandoned military fort, the Fort is now used to house various merchants and monsters.


  • The Battle of Fort Pokey: The mayor of Fort Pokey, a mouser alerts Mario of a pesky Monty Mole inside of a cannon resting on top of Fort Pokey who is attacking anyone who tries to enter. Mario throws the foe's bombs back at him three times and soon defeats him, allowing the citizens to enter.
  • Something Borrowed: The player heads inside Fort Pokey to learn that a variety of Golden Mousers have not payed off their loans to the bank of Fort Pokey. Mario must locate these three hidden mousers and defeat them and return the money to the bank to get a Shine Sprite.
  • Rocket Pound Run: In this area, after Mario gets the Rocket Nozzle, Mario must use the Rocket Nozzle to get to the top of Fort Pokey and use a Rocket ground pound to smash a cork on top to get the Shine Sprite.

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