Foodmun is a novel written by PabloDePablo. Set in the year 2872, it centers around a robot self-named Foodmun and his exploration of a mysterious planet in search of food.




Chapter 1: Early Bird Special

Imagine a baby being born. Not the gross stuff, the anxiety of the family, the sweat on the doctor's brow. Think just of that idea; of life coming into the world, literally kicking and screaming. Unaware.

Reimagine that idea if the baby could process everything and would process everything, the entirety of human knowledge being pushed into its head. You can probably understand the shock of Bio-Harvest Unit-07152.

A book about a robot.

The year was 2872. Amongst its events were the birth of Rhev Zalen (the man who would go on to conquer dozens of worlds by inventing 8th dimensional warfare in the year 2913), the release of critically acclaimed cultural influence Frumbolo Jim in Triple Neo Paris, and the invention of a ham cut 1000 times thinner than any deli meat before it. None of those are our story, though.

Humanity grew into the stars at a rate that only ever got higher. As such, new homes had to be found, explorers sent through holes in space to distant lands. And that's where our story properly begins.

more later because i just need to publish before restarting my browserrr =_=

Chapter 2: Evershifting Sand

Chapter 3: All You Need To Know About Cool Rocks

Chapter 4: Beast

Chapter 5: The Module

Chapter 6: The Vultures, They Hunger

Chapter 7: Fruit Bats

Chapter 8: Gourmet

Chapter 9: The Big Guns

Chapter 10: Long Path Back

Chapter 11: Contamination

Chapter 12: The Finest Hour of Fluffums

Chapter 13: Wormhole Science

Chapter 14: Penthouse

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