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Food Fight! is a licensed traditional fighting game featuring mascots of various food brands and fast food chains.


Every Food Fight is divided into three different rounds called "Picnics". There are three styles of combat, though every match will only two as one will be repeated. As with most traditional fighting games, one of these styles of combat places players on a single plane, where they can travel forwards and backwards only. The second style takes place in a circular area, where fighters can travel freely within the permitted area. Finally, the third style combines the two other styles, in which fighters exist in a three-dimensional arena but can only travel along eight different planes, which may be switched between at will in order to dodge attacks.

In-battle, fighters can summon assistants once they empty their Hunger meter, which is done by dealing damage. An assist can be summoned three times during a single round, at which point the Hunger meter will never empty.


Playable Mascots

Assist Mascots

Assist Character Description
Hubba and Bubba Hubba and Bubba will blow a giant bubble out of gum, and then pop it. The gum will slow down the opposing fighter, and disable their ability to jump for a short time.
Trix Rabbit Trix Rabbit will throw random fruits at the opponent, which deal slight damage and fill up his Hunger meter a small bit.
Mr. Owl Mr. Owl bites into a Tootsie Pop, creating a noise bubble that deals damage should the opposing fighter touch it.
Snap, Crackle, and Pop Snap, Crackle, and Pop will break the opposing fighter's guard with a giant spoon.
Mr. Peanut Mr. Peanut swings his cane a few times to deal damage to the opposing fighter.
Julius Pringles Julius summons a giant tube of Pringles, which falls from the sky in front of him, damaging the opposing fighter should they be where it lands.
Wally Wally runs forward across the stage in a wacky manor; randomly jumping changing his speed in order to mess up the opposing fighter. Deals damage on touch but can be jumped over/ducked under to be avoided.
Lucky Lucky uses the Shooting Star marshmallow to fire small projectiles forwards.
Hamburglar The Hamburglar runs forwards, and will completely re-fill the opponent's Hunger meter if they do not dodge him.
Helping Hand The Helping Hand temporarily boosts the attacking power of his summoner, but decreases their shield's strength.
Chef Boyardee Chef Boyardee temporarily boosts the shield strength of his summoner, but decreases their attacking power.
M&Ms The M&Ms will counter an attack dealt to their summoner.
Poppin' Fresh Poppin' Fresh rolls across the stage with a giant rolling pin.
The California Raisins The California Raisins rain down a shower of music notes and raisins that deals slight damage to the opposing fighter should they be in it.
Boo Berry Boo Berry temporarily possesses the opposing fighter, reversing their controls (up is down, left is right...).
Mister Softee Mister Softee summons a large ice cream cone that falls upside-down onto the stage, and will temporarily cover the entire field in ice cream, lowering traction for both parties.
Cheesasaurus Rex Cheesasaurus Rex powers up his summoner by making their shield a bowl of macaroni and cheese and temporarily invincible.
Quisp and Quake Quisp drops Quake onto the field who, fitting to his namesake, creates a small earthquake that deals slight damage to the opponent should they be near him.
Twinkie the Kid Twinkie fires cream at the opponent, lowering their attack power and traction temporarily.
Toucan Sam Toucan Sam will temporarily disable his summoner from being juggled by using the smell of Froot Loops.
Ogg the Caveman Ogg will stand on the field and wildly swing his giant spoon for a moment.
S'morey S'morey spawns six S'mores Oreo cookies, which can be used to heal. The opposing fighter can also steal them.


All stages are parking lots of a fast food restaurant, be it McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, A&W, Jack in the Box, or Chick-fil-A. Various mascots of companies represented within the game may also appear in the backgrounds of the stages.


Sometimes, various foods may appear on the stage that can be eaten to replenish a small bit of health. All foods with mascots represented in the game appear as items.


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