First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Flint Lockwood is an inventor who dreams of creating amazing things that can change everyone's life, despite his career having been sort of a hit and miss.

Flint is a kind-hearted, wacky, hyperactive, humorous, random, fun-loving, energetic, and creative inventor. As a child, he was a prodigy and had dreams of becoming an inventor. Unfortunately, due to being bullied his entire life and having a strained relationship with his father, has made him very attention-seeking, nervous, and is willing to go to dangerous risks just to impress or make friends with people. However, due to his kind nature, he saved his town from his awry food invention (though it was mostly the town's citizen's fault) and became a loved person by the town, as its hero. Overall, he is an inventor with a big heart, extraordinary intelligence.


  • Standard Special: FLDSMDFR - Summons FLDSMDFR, which floats and follows Flint. This is one of the most complicated moves to use; it's effectiveness is based off how much it gets used.
    • Green - When it's usage level is at green, it summons food with a small radius and a 5%-8% damage hit.
    • Yellow - Radius gets bigger. Damage upgrades to 10% - 16%.
    • Red - FLDSMDFR stops following Flint and heads to the center of the stage and unleashes tons of giant food with 17% - 30% damage ratios. It then explodes.

It's also worth noting that FLDSMDFR can be de-summoned at any time by spraying it with the "Spray-on Shoes".

  • Side Special: Remote Controlled TV - Summons Remote Control TV which runs and damages anyone in it's way.
  • Up Special: Ratbird Flight - Is carried up by Ratbirds which gives somewhat controlled flight up.
  • Down Special: Spray On Shoes - Sprays a can of Spray-On Shoes. This move doesn't really do much beyond slowing the opponent or de-summoning FLDSMDFR.
  • Super Move: Red-Level Food Rain - Summons FLDSMDFR and puts it on the highest setting and sends up out of the stage. Over the course of 30 seconds, giant food will rain from the sky, KOing anyone that gets flattened under the giant food.

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