Fish Head Pizza
Fish Head Pizza
A fish head pizza
Series The Thundermans
Item Class Throwing
Appearance Ultimate Company Smackdown

Fish head pizzas are items in Ultimate Company Smackdown. They originate from The Thundermans.


Fish head pizzas were shown in the episode Cheer and Present Danger. Max won a month's worth of pizza in a contest to guess how much pepperoni was in a jar, but he was accused of cheating and brought pizza with fish heads sticking out of it.


There are 18 parts to this item. The item splits up into multiple throwing items.

Fish head pizzas start in boxes that can be thrown for 5 damage. When it hits something, the pizza will come out, and it can be thrown for 7 damage. When the pizza hits something, a piece will come off, which can be thrown for 4 damage. When a piece hits something, the fish head will come off, and it can be thrown for 2 damage. The pizza can split eight times. After time, or if all pieces to this item are split, everything will disappear.

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