Fire Dojo is a starting stage in Ultimate Company Smackdown. It is a location from Club Penguin.
Fire dojo


The Fire Dojo was the first elemental dojo open in Club Penguin, open on November 13, 2009. It was originally available to members only, but eventually opened to everyone, along with the Water Dojo and the Snow Dojo.

The Fire Dojo is on top of a volcano, and is where penguins go to play Card-Jitsu Fire.

Stage Info

The stage is a metallic floor with lava underneath. Occasionally, fire will spurt up and deal 7 damage. Rarely, lava will spurt up and deal 14 damage. On the ends of the floor are the sides of the volcano, which making getting KO'd on this stage a bit more difficult, as they can block people off.

Every 30 seconds of being in the default zone, a round of Card-Jitsu Fire will begin. When a game begins, every player is transported onto stepping stones with a big lava pit in the middle. Six stones will appear in the pit, and if one is jumped on by the turn player designated, a number from 1-6 appears on it, and the player that stepped on it will be transported into the background on either a fire stone, a water stone, or a snow stone, depending on the number. Three face-down cards of that element then appear at the bottom of each player's recognition card. The player is forced to select one of the cards. If one isn't chosen in ten seconds, then a card will randomly will be chosen. Whoever gets the highest number card gets their power increased by 10 until the next round. After a round, the stage shifts back to normal.

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