Playing Cards are a new weapon introduced in Fighters of Lapis 6. They can be used to summon weak-level assists that can be "played" anytime. Characters that are summoned can build Chemistery with the summoner if summoned enough. Not all cards have this ability.

Listed below are all the Playing Cards available in the store. They can also be found in chests and gotten from quests.

Some assists may also be listed here, and they will be weaker than their Crystal forms.

Image Info

The King


The King makes an appearance, offering his wisdom and a drink from his goblet, healing 15% of your damage.




These creepy chucklefucks won't stop smiling, nor stop being satan spawn either. Happy will crush the opponent into a hamburger and then disappear.


Mother Brain (Metroid)

SSB Metroid Series

Mother Brain in her dormant format. She fires a beam that goes into many colors, damaging anyone in the beam's path.

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