Fighters of Lapis: Lunarplasma is a spin-off of the Fighters of Lapis series and follows shortly after the events of The Battle for Tomorrowland. It features a somewhat different battle system than previous games in the series.





  • Audiomachine - Helios
  • Eyna - Cursum Perfectio
  • Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation
  • Daft Punk - Robot Rock
  • Alan Silvestri - The Avengers Theme
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  • Rasmuz - Dead Pixel Song
  • Florence and The Machine - Cosmic Love
  • Pogo - Doo D'Doo
  • Approaching Nirvana vs Chase & Status - No Strings for Time
  • Approaching Nirvana - No Strings for Time
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  • Hans Zimmer - Time
  • Snow Patrol - Called Out In The Dark
  • Rezonate - Pump It!
  • Daft Punk - Voyager
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  • C148 - Shit with a Twist
  • Superhuman - Icarus
  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky
  • VCMG - Skip This Track
  • VCMG - Single Blip
  • VCMG - Spock
  • Lavender Town RMX - DJTheFishhead
  • Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Synchronice Remix)
  • C2C - Delta
  • CHVRCHES - It's Not Right But It's Okay
  • C2C - Le Banquet ft. Netik, Tigerstyle, Rafik, Kentaro & Vajra
  • Gowe - Aurora
  • Cornel Wilczek - Kings of Power
  • Cornel Wilczek - Kings of Violence
  • Cornel Wilczek - Rebirth
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  • Joey Fehrenbach - Way Out Here
  • Madeon - Imperium
  • Super Metroid Music - Brinstar Overgrown Vegetation Area Mix
  • St. Vincent - Surgeon
  • Gorillaz - Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach
  • Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
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  • Aivi Tran and Steven "Surasshu" Velema - I Am Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe Soundtrack)
  • Cheetahmen Theme (Instrumental)
  • Distance Soundtrack - Departure
  • Distance Soundtrack - Ground Zero
  • Nuclear Throne OST - Main Theme
  • Nuclear Throne OST - Yung Venuz
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) - Duck Hunt Medley
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) - The Mysterious Murasame Castle Medley
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Adventure Map
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  • Let's Phantom - Feel The Bassline
  • Momoiro Clover Z - Lost Child (Noisia Remix)
  • Fusk Asker - Bully
  • Tony Core - Chu-Va-Shy
  • Steven Maar & Original Me - Dreams Won't Wait
  • Sean & Bobo - Swing It
  • Auralnauts - Misty Mountains (Beat It)
  • Ed Harrison - Tin Soldiers [Neotokyo OST]
  • Superman by Goldfinger [NEW]
  • Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On (feat. MØ) [NEW]


  • Juno Reactor - Mona Lisa
  • New Order - Blue Monday
  • Coldplay - Paradise
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space
  • The Widdler - Lost In Space Pt. 2
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  • Daft Punk - Human After All
  • Daft Punk - Musique
  • Daft Punk - One More Time
  • The Glitch Mob - Drive it Like You Stole It
  • Multiple Artists - Toyager
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  • The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army (Remix)
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  • Mark Petrie - Aurora
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  • Paul Jebanasam - Prelude [Extended Version]
  • deadmau5 - The Reward Is Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger Cheese (Unreleased)
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  • Ikaruga - Butsutekkai
  • Takashi Tateishi - Doctor Wily Stage Theme
  • Awolnation - Kill All Your Heroes
  • ??? - Regular Show Ending Theme
  • ??? - Gravity Falls Opening Theme
  • ??? - Elevate Keyboard (Regular Show)
  • Yoko Shimomura - Gigabyte Mantis
  • Yoko Shimomura - The Dread of the Night
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  • Tag Team - Pig Power in the House
  • UN Owen Was Her? - ZUN
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  • UN Owen Was Her? (Ronald McDonald Mix) - ZUN
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  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky (David A Remix)
  • Sonic Colors Music - Aquarium Park Act 1
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  • M83 - Intro
  • M83 - Midnight City
  • M83 - Reunion
  • M83 - Where the Boats Go
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  • M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire
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  • M83 - Claudia Lewis
  • M83 - This Bright Flash
  • M83 - When Will You Come Home?
  • M83 - Soon, My Friend
  • M83 - Mirror
  • M83 - My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
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  • M83 - Another Wave from You
  • M83 - Splendor
  • M83 - Year One, One UFO
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  • M83 - Steve McQueen
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  • P.SUS - A Long Time Ago
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  • Dainumo - Luke
  • Dainumo - Luke (Extended)
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  • D!tto - 3 Wishes (Remix)
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  • Super Smash Bros. - Flat Zone (Melee)
  • Hugger Mugger - Where You At
  • I. V - All Stars Remix
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  • Mighty Switch Force - Love You Love You Love (Vocal Mix)
  • Pogo - Perth Milks It
  • Pogo - Kadinchey (D!tto Remix)
  • Pogomix Mashup (Remastered)
  • Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Rappu ha Kan no Tamashii da!
  • Pogo - Time Machine
  • Rival - Wandering
  • 100bpm - Anymore (Astronaut VIP Mix)
  • ??? - Walk on Water
  • ??? - Sidewinder (Original Mix)
  • Jeesh - Hero of Time
  • ??? - One for All, All for One
  • ??? - We are One
  • Mystery Skulls - Ghost
  • Aivi Tran and Steven "Surasshu" Velema - Sugilite Theme (Steven Universe Soundtrack)
  • Distance Soundtrack - Monolith
  • Distance Soundtrack - Destination Unknown
  • Nuclear Throne OST - Sewer Theme
  • Nuclear Throne OST - Crown Vault Theme
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) - Crazy Orders Selection
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) - Master Orders Selection
  • Portal 2 OST Volume 3 - Your Precious Moon
  • Röyksopp - Sordid Affair
  • Röyksopp - The Alcoholic
  • HomestarRunnerTron - Bing (Groundhog's Day Pogo Tribute)
  • Audible - Stark's Suit (Iron Man Remix/Pogo Tribute)
  • The Lego Movie Videogame - Skydive Theme
  • Pogo - Hundred Acre Flurry
  • Pogo - Hundred Acre Rain



Image Info

Wii Fit Trainer

SSB WiiFit

The instructor for the game Wii Fit. She attacks using yoga, of course. She can also slightly heal herself doing these meditating moves. She is probably the calmest character of the bunch. She was promoted to leader of the Fighters of Lapis in the sixth game.

Get Fit - Sends out a bunch of rainbow images of herself to attack opponents and knock them off stage.



SSB Madoka

A magical girl who has control of time. Homura's shield is able to store a countless amount of weapons, as demonstrated by the many pistols, light machineguns, shotguns, rocket launchers, and boxes of ammunition packed inside it. Her shield is relatively small and she is able to wear it around her wrist, much like a watch. She is able to stop time within a circle, freezing opponents. She is at odds with Wii Fit Trainer, believing she should be leading the Fighters of Lapis. She recently was the antagonist of The Battle for Tomorrowland, making a lot of people distrust her.

Freeze Sand - Stops all motion and sets up a bunch of rocket launchers, and then unfreezes time to launch them all.

Spiderman afel af 777 t 16 by afel7-d6dd04k



Peter Parker didn't know what he was in for when a radioactive Spider bit him, but he's learned that with great power comes great responsibility! He uses his web-slinging powers to get from one side of the stage to another while knocking foes out of his way, as well as his spider sense to parry attacks. He can also make use of the web swinger fluid to attack enemies from afar and trap them.

Great Responsibility - Summons all the Spider-men from every known multiverse and have them assist him in creating a giant web that Symbiote Galactus eats at.


Paul Blart

SSB PaulBlart

Oh jesus, Paul Blart's getting into Fighters of Lapis now? As one of the first characters too? Jesus fuck, these guys really don't have any standards. Despite seemingly set the bar low, Paul Blart is a heavy weight character with a lot of moves up his sleeve like a segway that he can ram into foes and a lot of handy mall cop gadgets. He can also summon a bird that kicks people. Inticing, isn't it?

Flesh Mall - Turns into a giant mall of flesh that gobbles up any fighters near him, digesting them in his meat escalators.

Joy New Render


SSB InsideOut

How does this even work? Uh... regardless, Joy is basically the leader of Riley's head and she and the rest of the emotions do her best to keep her happy. She can use Riley's memories as projectiles, and use Bing-Bong's bag to send out dream boyfriends as a recovery move or send out a deflating balloon as a projectile with a random projectile that pushes back opponents on the opposite side.

Recall - A tube appears, sucking anyone near it out of the stage and KOing them.




Known as the blue blur, Sonic is a fast hedgehog who generally speeds around and finding himself in different situations. He is a fast character, able to spin into a ball or use the Shields from the early Sonic games. He can also make use of the Wisps.

Super Sonic - Sonic has all 7 chaos emeralds and turns into Super Sonic. He goes at extreme speeds, flies, and when he rams into someone they take 5-10% damage.

Classic sonic update skill by itshelias94-d4s43cm

Classic Sonic


Sonic's younger, somewhat porkier self. He can't do some of the stuff his modern counterpart can, and he relies on rings, but he has much stiffer grip as opposed to Sonic's much floater controls. He can also use shields.

Super Sonic - Sonic has all 7 chaos emeralds and turns into Super Sonic. He goes at extreme speeds, flies, and when he rams into someone they take 5-10% damage.

Toon Sonic Lapis 5

Toon Sonic


This Sonic comes from a show called Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog. He is far wackier than the other two Sonics, and can utilize a move called Motion-Framing where he can grow extra limbs and eyes.

Super Sonic - Sonic has all 7 chaos emeralds and turns into Super Sonic. He goes at extreme speeds, flies, and when he rams into someone they take 5-10% damage.


Tails the Fox


Sonic's partner. He can fly and grab characters as well operate machines. He isn't as fast as Sonic but he beats quite a few characters in terms of speed.

Super Tails - Tails uses the chaos emeralds to turn into Super Tails. He goes at extreme speeds, his tails can cause tornadoes, and he can shoot pure energy out of his palms.

Classic tails by finland1-d7bohkp

Classic Tails


The younger version of Tails. He's some what stronger than his modern counterpart however he looses the machines. He can fight with Flickies though. His flight time is also much longer than Modern Tails.

Super Tails - Tails uses the chaos emeralds to turn into Super Tails. He goes at extreme speeds, his tails can cause tornadoes, and he can shoot pure energy out of his palms.

Knuckles The Echidna (4)



The guardian of the Master Emerald as well Sonic's friend, Knuckles joins the battle! While his name implies that he would be more of a brawler character, he's actually way better for recovery with his wall climbing abilities and gliding.

Super Knuckles - Knuckles uses the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Knuckles. His knuckles can straight up blow some one off the stage, and his gliding now goes up.


Knuckles (Sonic Boom)


Knuckles got RIPPED! He lacks most of the recovery moves that the normal iteration of Knuckles has, but is now truer to his names with a stronger and more punishing moveset.

Pause Glitch - Knuckles can jump as many time as he wants and go through collisions. He can also summon T model stances of the Sonic Boom characters due to sequence breaking.




The avatar character from Fire Emblem. This is the only character you can customize; being able to decide it's gender, it's voice, it's hair color, it's body frame, and it's skills. There are also many, many outfits you can buy for the avatar. By default, the character looks something like this.

Varies - Robin has no set super move.

Kamui Female

Avatar FE14 Male



Kamui was born to the Hoshido royal family but was raised by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom of Nohr. Mysteriously, they have the miraculous ability to shift into a Dragon. Kamui is a quick, strong character that has good zoning going for them but bad knockback. Using their swords and their ability to transform into a Dragon, Kamui has a lot going for them.

Dragon's Vein - Kamui transforms into a full Silver Dragon, completely distorts the stage into a dark and gloomy scene and creates a dark fire radiation that goes all over the stage trapping and burning everything in its path then blasting them away. The animation goes on for a short period of time.

Chrom (FE13 Artwork)



Chrom is the prince, and later Exalt, of the Halidom of Ylisse and the descendant of the Hero-King, Marth. He is also the captain of Ylisse's vigilante force, the Shepherds, wielding the legendary sword Falchion. He is a bulky and strong character, using mainly the sword to attack. He can also wield a lance, which has a greater range but doesn't do as much damage.

Anything Can Change! - Chrom summons future versions of himself and dispatches them across the stage. Yeah, it doesn't happen in Awakening, but let's be honest here, anything else would have been boring, just like Chrom's character.

Bat and Visor

Bat and Visor

SSB PirateBabyCabanaBattle

Are they brothers, are they friends? Who knows. They need to save Bat's girlfriend though, so they're going to need some help. Bat and Visor fight as a duo, although Visor tends to lag behind due to the fact he fights with his hands, and Bat attacks with well, a bat. They have a "blood" meter that fills up when they attack. Once it's full, they summon a random "super". Due to this, they have no super move.

  • Datsun 180b Monster Truck
  • The Ghosts of a Billion Dead Mosquitos
  • You are Entering a World of Pain


Mai Shiranui

SSB FatalFury

Mai is a modern-world young female ninja and the granddaughter of the ninjutsu master Hanzo Shiranui, with the ability to create and control fire. She is a founding member of the King of Fighters Tournament's Women Fighters Team. She uses two paper fans and her fire abilities to fight.

Mizutori no Mai - Mai Shiranui gets armor decorated with fans. She can throw the fans like Boomerangs, and cause serious damage.

5069 render Bonne Jenet

Bonne Jenet

SSB GarouMarkofWolves

A pirate who despite coming from a rich background, would rather steal money than ask. At a chance to redeem herself, she uses her fighting style which involves hitting people with her high heels and slaps.

Many Many Torpedoes - Bonne Jenet releases a bunch of torpedoes onto opponents, causing serious damage. There are about 30-50 that can be released.

Blue Mary

Blue Mary

SSB FatalFury

Mary grew up in a police family, and soon joined the police herself. She fell in love with a man named Butch, who worked with her father in the secret service. Butch also taught Mary a lot about Commando Sambo (her fighting style). While on a mission protecting the president, Butch and her father were both shot and killed by terrorists. The leather jacket she wears is a keepsake given to her as a gift from Butch. Blue Mary employs the fighting art of Commando Sambo. This Martial art uses striking and grappling techniques.

Splash Rose - Mary rushes to the opponent and attacks. After a while, she lifts the opponent with a uppercut.

Princess Athena

Princess Athena


Athena is the rebellious princess of the Kingdom of Victory, which exists in a heavenly world. She is bored with the uneventful day-to-day life in the castle and yearns for exciting adventures. One day, she is tempted to open the "Door Which Shoudn't Be Opened" in the basement of Castle Victory, and falls down to another realm called Fantasy World. The ensuing adventure is told in the game Athena. Athena's weapons of choice for one-on-one fighting are a sword and a heart-shaped shield, but she may use clubs, bows or magic wands while on her adventures, or fight unarmed if forced to.

Goddess Armor - Dons golden armor and strikes down with a huge crystal sword.

Luise meyrink render by malebeja-d5j0ta6

Luise Meyrink


Luise is a mysterious woman with a strange and regal appearance. In her profile, it states that Luise is the daughter of Professor Detlev Meyrink, a well-known and respected authority on rocket science. She is one of the last members of the ageless alien race known as the Zoan. She can teleport herself and others, float, project bursts of energy, and dash in different directions several times in the air. Luise is considered difficult to use, but can still be an effective fighter. 'Schmetterling', which is Luise's fighting style, is German for 'butterfly'.

Zoan Butterfly - Butterflies fly from across the stage, and you know they don't take anybody's shit.


Terry Bogard

SSB FatalFury

Terry and Andy were orphans who raised themselves on the streets. They were soon adopted by Jeff Bogard and eventually lived in Southtown. When Terry was 10, he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of Geese Howard. Knowing that they needed more training to confront Geese, the brothers made an oath to spend a decade to fine tune their martial arts before trying to avenge their father. Unlike his brother Andy, who left Southtown to train in Japan, Terry chose to wander in his home country, combining the skills learned from his father, his father's mentor Tung Fu Rue, and abilities gained from the streets.

Power Geyser - Terry punches the ground, creating a big geyser of energy.


Andy Bogard

SSB FatalFury

Andy is one of Jeff Bogard's adopted sons and the younger brother to Terry. When their father dies at the hands of Geese Howard, Andy decided to perfect his own martial art over at Japan to differentiate himself from his brother. During his time in Japan, Andy was taught the Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu (Shiranui Style Ninja Technique) and a form of empty-handed combat called Koppouken by Hanzo Shiranui.

Cho Shin Soku Zaneiken - Andy dashes forward (almost full screen) at incredible speed with an elbow strike. If it connects, the screen goes black and the music goes silent. Seconds later, the opponent is slammed against the corner of the screen for massive damage.



SBB LastStory

Skilled in arcane healing arts, Mirania specializes in recovery magic. Some think of her as a deeply mysterious and spiritual person, while others consider her a bit of a weirdo. Whichever way you look at it, there's no doubt that Mirania is unique.

Revive - Completely heals her and restores back one lost stock.



Ssb neopets

Illusen is the resident Earth Faerie of Meridell, whom she gives aid to in times of need. She is the arch-nemesis of Jhudora and long time rival of the Werelupe King, Illusen bestows quests on those willing at her glade in Meridell. She is a lover of nature and its blessed creatures. She attacks using a wooden staff that can bring plants to life to attack.

Glade's Protection - Illusen is invincible and powered up for a brief minute.


Link (Skyward Sword)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

A resident of Skyloft, he attends the Knight Academy, a boarding school for those wanting to become Knights of Skyloft. Like all denizens of The Sky, he owns his own Loftwing; in particular, he owns a rare Crimson Loftwing. He uses the Goddess Sword and the beetle to fight. He can also use the Gust Bellows and his Loftwing.

Triforce Slash - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Link takes them out with a bunch of quick slashes and finally a big strike.

Link Twilight Princess

Link (Twilight Princess)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Link is a rancher in Ordon Village who is around 17 years old. He has a Triforce shaped birthmark on his hand, strongly implying that he currently possesses the Triforce of Courage, though possibly it is merely there as a mark of a Chosen Hero. He uses the Master Sword and hookshots to fight. Additionally, he can use a ball and chain along with Boomerangs.

Triforce Slash - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Link takes them out with a bunch of quick slashes and finally a big strike.


Toon Link

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

This Link lives on Outset Island on the Great Sea, the region above Hyrule after it was flooded by the gods to prevent Ganondorf from conquering it. He uses the Skull Hammer, a Bow, and the Deku Leaf to fight.

Triforce Slash - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Link takes them out with a bunch of quick slashes and finally a big strike.


Link (Hyrule Warriors)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

A great warrior that defends Hyrule. Armed with the Master Sword, he's amazingly powerful, able to take out entire armies easily. He has to charge his spins, as well as charge most of his attacks, but once he's fully charged he's cable of turning the battle around faster than you can blink.

Triforce Slash - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Link takes them out with a bunch of quick slashes and finally a big strike.


Princess Zelda (Twilight Princess)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Zelda was the young matriarch of Hyrule until its invasion by Zant, the Twilight King, to whom she surrendered in order to prevent the death of her people. Twilight Zelda fights with darker based attacks and with a sword.

Triforce Arrow - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Zelda takes them out with a large arrow of light.


[Princess Zelda (Ocarina of Time)]

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Zelda is the daughter of the King of Hyrule, and eventually the Seventh Sage and the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. She is also the leader of the sages. She can play around with time, use magic, and turn into Shiek.

Triforce Arrow - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Zelda takes them out with a large arrow of light.

Sheik (Hyrule Warriors)


SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Much faster and stealthier than Zelda, Shiek is much more weapon-based than her countpart, which mostly relied on magic. She can use a chain to attack as well as bombs.

Triforce Arrow - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Shiek takes them out with a large arrow of light.


Princess Zelda (Skyward Sword)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Unlike the other Zeldas, Zelda does not bear the title of princess. She resides in Skyloft, where she attends the same boarding school as Link and rides a blue Loftwing. She can use a Sailcloth, summon Impa, and use her Loftwing to fight. She is much more air-based than any of the other Zeldas.

Triforce Arrow - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Zelda takes them out with a large arrow of light.

Zelda Wind Waker (Hyrule Warriors)

Zelda (Hyrule Warriors)

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The princess of Hyrule, who leads her army against Cia's. She is very dignified and beautiful. She uses a rapier and a bow in battle as well as having a unique mechanic where she summons orbs of light in order to enhance her attacks, but can also use the Baton, which lets her use music as a weapon.

Triforce Arrow - A Tri-Force forms over an opponent and Zelda takes them out with a large arrow of light.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

A spirit residing within the Goddess Sword, created by Hylia to guide her chosen hero come the time of his trial. Fi's personality is rather formal; she is very intelligent and level-headed, constantly analyzing any situation and giving a calculated assessment on the odds. She attacks using light based attacks, along with a halo of swords that shield her and attack foes. She can also gracefully skate, making her a quick but slippery character.

Master Sword Rain - The sky will rain Master Swords, striking into opponents as they fall.

Samus ssbu keyshot render by arrow 4 u-d8mchyc


SSB Metroid Series

Samus is a bounty hunter with a powered suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. She uses the arm cannon on her suit to attack and can drop bombs. She can switch to a nimbler suit called the Zero Suit.

Metriod Swarm - Samus releases a large amount of Metriods, which if touched, drain health. Additionally, if she is in armor form she will loose the armor due to the Metriod attack.


Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Samus shifts into her Zero Suit, a much more athletic suit. She can use a laser whip, rocket heels, and her rather long and quick reach to attack. She can switch the power suit at anytime.

Metriod Swarm - Samus releases a large amount of Metriods, which if touched, drain health. Additionally, if she is in armor form she will loose the armor due to the Metriod attack.



SSB Typoman

Typoman is a two dimensional puzzle platformer distinguished by a unique game world. You slip into the role of the HERO struggling to make your way through a dark, surreal world. Despite your small stature you have a powerful gift: You can use letters to alter your environment! Using letters, you can shove them onto opponents or create elevators to recover. You can also make use of demon letter enemies from the game.

Name No More - HERO takes another player's name on the damage meter and shoves it over, KOing them.




A fighter born into the Flame Tribe, which exists independent of the Hoshido kingdom. Following the orders of her father, the chieftain, she assists the soldiers of Hoshido. In accordance with her clan’s law of solitude, she does not interact with her comrades more than what is necessary and is naturally stoic. However, she is easily fired up when the time comes. She makes use of axes and flame traps to attack, allowing her to do heavy damage both far and near other opponents if played right.

Oni Savage - Grabs a giant flaming axe and strikes the stage, setting it ablaze.


Wild Dog


Jack Wheeler is Wild Dog, a vigilante based in the Quad Cities. Although the character is grounded in more reality than most superheroes, the world around him isn't. Armed with a Jatimatic GG-95 PDW and a pair of electrified "shock gloves", his costume consists of camouflage pants, combat boots, a local college football jersey emblazoned with a snarling red dog (hiding his protective body armor), and a hockey mask to conceal his identity. He can make use of the shock gloves to shock foes or make use of his gun.

Budda Budda Budda Budda - Gets on the ground and begins to fire wildly, knocking any opponents out in his vicinity.


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Chaos Zero


Chaos is an immortal, ageless, god-like creature that seems to be composed entirely of water but is also said to be concentrated Chaos Emerald energy. It was trapped inside the Master Emerald for thousands of years... until someone released it. Its attacks include extending its arms to punch, spinning around with its arms extended and jumping high and quickly onto light posts in order to get out of range. It can also make use of Chaos Impact, a powerful ground punch that creates a small earthquake, Chaos Strike, a blue energy pulse that harms and confuses enemies, and Chaos Bind, a move which freezes the air around the enemy for 3-6 seconds.

Unlock by completing Adventure Mode as Sonic.

Perfect Chaos - Floods most of the stage and attacks from behind all of the characters, using new powers such as creating small tornadoes, firing clusters of yellow and pink fireballs, which actually form from the spines on its back, and firing a powerful energy beam from its mouth.


Mecha Shigeru 2.0


Mecha Shigeru is Shigeru's mind placed inside of a giant mecha robot and helped the Fighters of Lapis in the climatic battle at the end of Fighters of Lapis 3. He can summon little Mario and Pikmin Mechas to assist him in battle and can use rocket boosters to boost himself forward as fast as possible. He's also huge, one of the biggest characters in the game.

Unlock by completing story mode.

Rip Blade - Pulls out a Master Blade like sword that slams down on the stage, sending out a giant time rift where 8-bit characters attack.


Stone Walt Disney


Stone Walt Disney is Walt Disney's mind placed inside of a giant statue that's fused with a Mickey Mouse statue and helped the Fighters of Lapis in the climatic battle at the end of Fighters of Lapis 3. He uses Mickey as a sort of blunt melee weapon, and can rip open animation portals that send out a variety of old and obscure Disney characters out to attack. He's also incredibly huge, about the same height as Mecha Shigeru 2.0.

Unlock by completing story mode.

Disneyland - Rides a rollercoaster onto the stage, running into characters at fast speeds.


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