Fighters Club Extraordinaire is an upcoming series created by Exotoro exclusively for Lapis. It is being published by Xenoro, with possible plans of a game by Toroko. It follows Corrina Faircloud, a hermaphrodite who becomes part of a fighting organization called the Multiverse Fighters Association. The series is expected to follow her journey as she climbs the ranks, deals with her identity issues, and her love life.

The series is currently planned to be written in "script" format as opposed to "novel" or "summary" format.


The series follows Corrina Faircloud and Jackie Nymph in addition to some other characters. They live in Lynnhaven, a planet sized city floating above a dangerous planet. The series is a mix between eroticism, drama, and action that crosses over with several other of Exotoro's works such as the Shapershifter series.



"First Day"


"Working Upwards"

"Dark Cloud"



  • This is the first series to center around a hermaphrodite on either wiki (Lapis or Fantendo).
  • Amatsuchi! is mentioned as a program in the series, with Corrina not really getting the appeal behind it or why it's so popular.

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