Blue Soup
The Soup Stain
Symbol 100px
Universe Fantendo II
Appears in Fantendo vs Fantendo II

Fantendo vs Fantendo II Part 2
Fantendo Sports Resort

Debut Fissure (2010)
Finisher Super Sayin' Blue Soup

This is the page regarding Blue Soup's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Blue Soup's main page, click here.

Blue Soup is a member of the Red Team. He was one of the first twenty characters to be revealed at E3. His "original" is Unten.


The mascot of Fantendo II in the meta world, and simply a doppelganger in the Fantendoverse. In Sakeena's fan fictions he's depicted as an evil warlord that has Decipticons as a main force for his army, although in actuality he's nothing but a nutty dude who has no idea what's going on. He joined Kendrew's forces out of confusion, and really has no clue what's going on.


Stat Bar
Strength MeterStatsMeterStatsMeterStat2MeterStat2MeterStat2
Speed MeterStatsMeterStatsMeterStat2MeterStat2MeterStat2
Stamina MeterStatsMeterStatsMeterStatsMeterStatsMeterStat2


Blue Soup's finisher is called Super Sayin' Blue Soup. In this form, he gets new look that gives him weird eyes, a radioactive glow, an shade of green, and a pair of four eyes. His scarf is also much longer. In this form he can grab up to four dodge balls and whip characters from afar with his scarf. This causes them to either break concentration or stun them.

This form was based off Super Sayin Mario and all the images it spawned.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info


250 Coins

Based off UNT3N, although given a Blue Soup twist.


Red Soup

250 Coins

Based off Elmo, gives two scarf ends for some reason.


Puos Eulb

250 Coins

Based off Oiram and other inverted characters.


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