Fantendo: The User Wars is a fan series that follows the events of LEGO Fantendo: The User Wars.


Name Tribe Description Appears in:
Marina Hiearchy A member of the elite Hiearchy, Marina could be considered the quietest member of Fantendo; but when push comes to shove, she's not afraid to shove back! TBA
Exotoro Lapis A strange robot/person that leads the high-tech Fighters of Lapis, Exotoro (or Exo, for short) can be pretty intimidating at times. TBA
Fandro Builders TBA
White Builders TBA
LegendKnight Skybasers TBA
Lumoshi Neotendo TBA
GamingDylan Builders TBA
Arend Neotendo A Neotendonian fighter, Arend often trains in the Way of the Platypus, an elite fighting art that he has came to master over years. TBA
MMC Innocents TBA
Dark Lapis Originally thought to be an innocent, he is one of Exotoro's right hand men, and is fluent in necromancy and other types of dark magic. TBA
Supporting characters:
Name Season Goal Appears in:
Darth Phazon 1 It's so mysterious, even HE doesn't know. TBA
TNG 2 To rule Fantendo with various sockpuppets, and silence anyone who gets in his way. TBA
UltimateMarioGamer 3 To merge Ultimate Mario Fanon with Fantendo and thus gain dominion over it. TBA
ShadowElise 4 To keep her throne over Fantendo at all costs, including her own humanity. TBA
DevilX90 5 To prove that Fantendo is fake, and therefore render it null and void, destroying it. TBA
The Hellfire Tribe (All Past Antagonists except Phazon) 6 To overthrow Fantendo, rule it and make it in their own image. TBA




Because Jake says if Ridley is playable, he would be a clone, and if I have to hear him complain anymore, I'm gonna kick him in his ovaries!
Weird Cross-over
  • Arale: Actually, I needed to talk to Jake.
  • Dark: Say wha...?
  • Arale: Yeah; hey, Jake, can you give me a hand with this?
  • Jake: Uh, sure...?
  • Arend: It's like some kind of weird, comic book crossover.
  • Lumoshi: Like if Hulk started dating Peppermint Patty.
  • Marina: It just seems like the Democrats run the country better.
  • LegendKnight: Well, Marina, the elephant tends to be a lot stronger than a jackass.
  • Phazon: Right now there are a lot of elephants that feel like jackasses.
The Phone:

(Phone Rings; Phazon answers it)

  • Phazon: Hiearchy residence; Darth Phazon speaking.
  • ???: Where are they?!?

(Phazon Hangs Up)

  • Marina: Who was it?
  • Phazon: Batman.

(Later on: Phone Rings)

  • Phazon: Hiearchy Residence.

(cow crap drops out of phone)

  • Marina: Who was that?!
  • Phazon: I'd say Obama.

(STILL Later on: Phone Rings)

  • Phazon: Hello?

(Phone immediately explodes)

  • Marina: Who in God's name was THAT?!
  • Phazon: They didn't say anything, but I'm guessing Al Qaeda.
Who's on First:
  • Marina: For example, Who is on first base, What is on second, and I don't know is on third---
  • Phazon: I thought you were going to tell me.
  • Marina: I am.
  • Phazon: Well, go ahead; who's on first?
  • M: Yes.
  • P: I meant the guy on first.
  • M: Who.
  • P: The guy on first.
  • M: Who.
  • P: The guy playing first.
  • M: Who!
  • P: The guy that is playing first base!
  • M: Who is on first!
  • P: What are you asking me for?! I don't know!
  • M: Why are you talking about him? We're not on third base yet.
  • P: [facepalm] I'm not asking you that! I'm asking you what's the guys name on first!
  • M: No, what's on second!
  • P: I'm not asking you who's on second!
  • M: No, who's on first!
  • P: I don't know!
  • Both: Third base! Third base!
  • P: Okay, fine. Do you have a pitcher?
  • M: Naturally.
  • P: Then tell me his name.
  • M: Tomorrow.
  • P: Why can't you tell me today?!
  • M: Calm down, Phazon!
  • P: Nevermind, bad question; you have a catcher?
  • M: Certainly you have a catcher on a baseball team!
  • P: What's his name?
  • M: Today.
  • P: Today's catching, Tomorrow's pitching?
  • M: Yeah.
  • P: Oh, I get it! We got a couple of days on the team, that's all!
  • M: Exactly!
  • P: I'm a pretty good catcher myself!
  • M: Really?
  • P: For example, I'm behind the plate, I want to do some fancy catching and the heavy hitter gets up. Tomorrow does the fancy pitching, and the guy bunts the ball. Now when he bunts the ball, I'm a good catcher so I throw the ball to first base, so I take the ball and throw it to Who!
  • M: That's the first thing you've said right all day!
  • P: I don't even know what I'm talking about!!

(To Be Inevitably Continued)

An Out-of-Home Argument:
  • Marina: "It doesn't matter where he's from; I'd go out with him any way. Just let me say--"
  • Elise: "I don't care what you say! If he's not from Fantendo, I don't want you going out with him!"
  • Darth Phazon: "Can I make a suggestion here?"
  • Elise: "Phazon, stay out of this; this a private argument between friends."
  • Darth Phazon: "Then why are you bringing it to my house?! I have my fights, but I don't make a guest appearance!"
  • Marina: "Look, if you just meet him---"
  • Elise: "Marina, I told you, no! If he's not from Fantendo, he's not welcome with me; I don't want my Hiearchy dating outsiders!"
  • Darth Phazon: "Why not? They clearly don't mind a queen who's a jackass!"



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