Full Name Fandraxono
Current Age 300,000+
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male
Species Fandraxonian
Location Zaxinian Lifts throne
Current Status God
Main Weapon(s) Piecer Lyre
Vulnerable To Fire
Voice Actor(s)
Robert Bartleh Cummings
Fandraxono, sometimes referred to as the Angel of Darkness, is the King of the Zaxinian Lifts, and is effectively its main God.  He is responsible for keeping the Zaxinian Lifts high in the sky, and is almost always seen playing his Piecer Lyre to do such.

He is the husband of Zodiez.


Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare


Fandraxono, being of the God of Zaxina, has multiple abilities at hand, although cannot control most of them. Most of his attacks consist of generic darkness stuff, able to use it to attack and pummel his opponents to death, choke them, or just blast them out of existence. He is actually way better known for his soothing music talent, which pieces together the Zaxinian Lifts nicely.


Fandraxono pretty much has a broken speech pattern, talking in erratic sentences and speaking the majority of those without proper grammar.  It is very difficult to communicate with him.  His lack of rational thought and true feelings make it hard for him to realize what's going on in the world, and it is up to the other deities to keep him under control and help him control Zaxina.

However it's acknowledged that Fandraxono is actually a very nice person once both you and him get around each other's issues. He can develop feelings for you if you don't harm him, and he can spend an awful lot of time with you until it's time for him to get back to playing the Lyre for the sake of the universe. Because of this, he is very easy to manipulate.

Relationships with other characters


Fandraxono is completely unaware of her feelings for him, but actually follows her pretty often due to her "charm" and the fact that she's actually nice to him and understanding of his broken patterns of speech.  He ended up marrying her thanks to this (and the fact that she thinks he's hilarious).



  • Fandraxono is named after snicks' original username.
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