Alexisa Wavedash
Creator Exotoro
Origin Swapnote
Favorite Foods Squid-ink spaghetti


Birth Date 8/20/1995
Spouse Peira Noid
Best Friend Unknown

Alexsia Wavedash is the second islander in Exotoro's Tomodachi Life and lives next to her wife Peira Noid. She is the only islander to be the "wrong" gender, as the character is canonically a girl but is defined as a male by the game. She has two kids named Astra Noid and Polar Noid.

Background Information

Alexisa is an original character created by Exotoro to be used in a variety of Swapnote stories. She appeared towards the end of Exotoro's run and her story was never told in full. She was meant to return in Doodleland Comics, but the comics were cancelled before she could even show up. She makes a small cameo in the Peira and Sheyna comics.


In the first session of Tomodachi Life, Exotoro attempted to get Alexsia and Peira Noid together but was unaware that much of the matchmaking in this game is through Zodiac signs and birth dates. The situation become far too bleak and Exotoro pulled the plug on the first session, beginning a second session to get the two together.

Although everything had been wiped, Exotoro was able to recover some of the islanders. The two characters quickly became friends and soon became romantically involved. They were the second married couple on the island following Nikki and Wario. It seems like the two are fairly close considering that both had two children in the same time frame as well as being married.

Peira and Alexsia have had two kids, the first being a female named Astra Noid and a male named Polar Noid.

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