Aoi Priest
"The creepiest dude on the island"
Creator Exotoro
Origin Original
Favorite Foods Ravioli


Birth Date 06/07/1984
Spouse None
Best Friend None

Aoi Priest resides in room 204 in Exotoro's Tomodachi Life and lives next to Marceline and Stocking. He is one of the few characters created in Tomodachi Life that has since seen integration otherwise.

Background Information

Aoi Priest was created in a earlier session of Tomodachi Life as a character that was meant to be a unhinged psychopath. He returned in the second session as Exotoro liked the character. He is one of the rare characters from this project to have been drawn, and he is slated to appear in a future miniseries of sorts for Doodleland called Zombie and Hunter.



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