Current Age 32
Gender Male
Species Mechanical monkey
Location Eastern Jungle
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To Electricity
First Appearance Ironworks Pioneers
Voice Actor(s)
Peter Cormican

Endal is the main antagonist of BowieQuest, and was one of the main characters before he died at the end of season 1. He is an evil monkey with the objective of taking over both the Western Forest and the Ironworks as a whole.  Endal can use psychic powers at will.


Physical Appearance

Endal is a tall, lanky monkey with a mechanical leg.  His fingers have sharp endings and his chest has a vest similar to that of Drake from Pokémon.  His head generally is similar to that of a real monkey's, but the irises of the eyes are dark red and there are scratches near his eyes, obtained from many rough battles.


Endal isn't actually entirely evil, he is actually more of a monkey simply bent on the idea of getting his revenge on Bowie for eliminating his monkey race, although he wasn't actually responsible for it. Despite seemingly behaving malicious, Endal actually has good morals and can be intelligent and helpful. In fact, if given enough bananas, he will temporarily brush his goals aside to help his rewarder.

Even though he's not as evil as the other villains in the Zaxinian Lifts, not even close really, Endal can still cause pain and misery in order to get what he wants, although it is entirely possible for him to feel remorse and guilt for his actions. Endal loves a good laugh, and tries to spend time with his "slaves", which are actually not slaves and are actually regarded as close family.

He is also not entirely stable. As a monkey, he tends to be a bit hyperactive and can easily go insane, especially if he hasn't had a banana within the past six hours. When sane, he tends to be kind of goofy and likes to tell jokes or announce puns, even when he's dealing with his primary nemesis, Bowie. While he does want to destroy Bowie for what he thinks he did, he isn't even entirely hateful towards Bowie, he respects the power of his nemesis and regards him as a serious fighter.


  • Endal's personality is somewhat inspired by that of typical video gaming villains, but has goals that can loosely relate to Galactic Leader Cyrus from the fourth generation of Pokemon.
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