First appearance: The Mysterious Five Project

Latest appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Emmet is the main character of the 2014 animated film, The LEGO Movie, and one of the major characters in the Mysterious X Project series.

He was an ordinary LEGO minifigure, so ordinary that no one recognized him. He didn't have very many companions, his only "friends" being the random stuff in his apartment. But that changed when he fell through a hole and became attached to the Piece of Resistance. He was sent through a challenging quest that tested his skills and all that was inside of him, and soon defeated President Business, who desired to freeze the entire LEGO domain using a substance known as the Kragle.

As of The Mysterious Seven Project, he is one of the members of the Mysterious Five Organization.


  • Standard Special: Master Building - Emmet constructs a random object using LEGO bricks. This could be any object out of 50, giving him a lot of potential as a fighter.
  • Side Special: Something That Spins Around - He replaces his hair with a wheel, and rolls forward for two seconds.
  • Down Special: Double Decker Couch - Emmet drops his Double Decker Couch, which smashes any fighters under it.
  • Up Special: I'd Better Report This - Emmet dials 911, and a LEGO Cop shows up with a trampoline, launching Emmet into the air.
  • Super Move: BELIEVE - Emmet summons his fellow Master Builders to build a giant laser cannon, which blasts fighters away.

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