Emerald's Edge is a umbrella game that is a homage to several other umbrella games including Fighters of Lapis and the now dead Battle Boom.


The gameplay is similar to that of Super Smash Bros. yet it has new gameplay elements including new modes, multiple special moves, and a special mode that makes your character have HP instead of a damage counter.


An evil being called Emerald spies on several of the universe's greatest heroes and villains in order to make Emerald Clones and to make his own universe yet he get's corrupted and he scatters the Emerald Clones all over the universe and now it's up to heroes and villains to team up and beat the Emerald Clones and then beat Emerald himself.


Classic Mode

This mode is when you fight a bunch of characters and occasionally do a small stage.

Story Mode

This mode is a mode where you play through the story

Rumble Mode

Like Battle Boom and Ultimate FightersRumble Mode is in the game. It is where you fight a bunch of enemies who appear on the screen.




Ee mario iconEe luigi iconEe NES mario iconEe peach iconEe bowser iconEe sonic iconEe tails iconEe john egbert iconEe dave strider iconEe 12th doctor iconEe finn iconEe jake iconEe edward elric iconEe alphonse elric iconEe steven and connie iconEe freddy fazbear iconEe bonnie iconEe tony stark iconEe steve rogers iconEe thor iconEe wirt beatrice iconEe heisei godzilla iconEe mothra iconEe garden warfare peashooter iconEe garden warfare sunflower iconEe footsoldier iconEe engineer pvz icon



Ee NES luigi iconEe minilla iconEe hulk iconEe duck hunt dog iconEe foxy iconEe chica iconEe mlg bruhhh iconEe eren jaeger icon


Ee mangle iconEe scp 173 iconEe greg universe iconEe lapis lazuli

'Hub decorations'

In Emerald's Edge, you have your own customizable HUB, where you can collect items, and place them in your HUB. Some are unlockable, while others are default.


Image Name
Freddy Fazbear Plush Freddy Fazbear Plush
Buzz Lightyear Buzz Lightyear Figure
Godzilla Figure Godzilla Figurine


Image Name Series Info
Mushroom Gorge (Mario Kart 7) Mushroom Gorge 50px-MarioSymbol.svg In this stage, you have to avoid the racers driving by, and you can bounce around on the Mushrooms on the stage.
RetroMushroomKingdom Mushroom Kingdom 50px-MarioSymbol.svg This stage involves you to avoid 8-bit Goombas and Koopas roaming around.
Luigis-mansion-mansion Luigi's Mansion 50px-MarioSymbol.svg Not much stage hazards here, other than the King Boo controlling Bowser.
Green-hill-zone-en-3d-fait-son-petit-effet-ca-rappelle-le-niveau-bonus-de-sonic- Green Hill Zone Sonicseries The first stage you see in the Sega Genesis  classic, Sonic the Hedgehog. Occasionally, Motobugs may start appearing, but you can kill them easily by jumping on them.
The Office FNAF2 The Office (FNaF2) Fnaf Icon New This is a stage that shifts around, meaning that one second you're in the office, next second, static comes and you're in the arcade area and so on.
Over the garden wall Over the Garden Wall SSB OverTheGardenWall While fighting in this stage, weird things may happen including, The Beast coming and causing eternal darkness around the stage, and the stage also scrolls, so you got to get used to your surroundings quickly before it's too late.
StevenHouse Crystal Gem House StevenSeries On this stage, everything may seem peaceful but at random moments Centipeetles may attack, so watch out!
Duck Hunt stage Duck Hunt SSB DuckHunt On this stage, ducks may fly out, and if you attack enough of them, you may get some kind of reward, from free weapons, to stat boosts, to even health regeneration.


Image Name Series Info
PVZ2 SeedPacket Seed Packet PvZ icon

An item that can summon various plants from Plants VS Zombies and their abilities are relitively the same as they are in the actual games, only with a few minor differences.

Full list of usable plants can be found at Emerald's Edge/Plants

SuperMushroom Red Mushroom 120px-MarioSymbol.svg Makes you grow big, and boosts your attacks yet you are also slower.

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