Ecta Wrangler is a show following Ecta Wrangler, a slime girl superhero who guards the large city of Gehltropolis, a town that is similar to your average superhero's town, filled with regular robbers and supervillains who just wanna watch everything burn.




Season 1

Name Ep # Description

Mighty Gehltropolis

001 Ecta Wrangler travels to a large town named Gehltropolis, and instantly runs into super villains on her first day, meeting her usual enemies for the first time.
My Usual 002 Ecta Wrangler meets a nice man at a coffee shop and gets to know him, but then finds out that he's a monster literally made from a coffee grinder.
Your Average Slimegirl 003

Ecta struggles on trying to stay away from her family, and goes into somewhat of an all out panic, while she panics, villains run rampant through the city

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