Ecta Wrangler
Full Name Ella Austen
Ecta Wrangler (superhero name)
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Slime Girl
Location Gehltropolis
Current Status Alive
Class Superhero
Main Weapon(s) Slime
First Appearance Timeless Warriors
Ella Austen (known as Ecta Wrangler to the public) is a 'superhero' slime girl that often resembles a cowgirl, mostly using weapons that seem fitting (revolver, lasso, etc.) She is normally a lime-green color, but her color changes due to her mood alot of times. She is able to use her slime to form into different things, such as a slime whip and lobster claws. Her sidekick is a robotic dog (named Rocky) that has an infinite arsenal of laser guns, vaporizers, and jetpacks in a literal infinite backpack. At first her superhero job was a thing she did to get away from her life, but as she became more famous she literally had to leave her parents, covering up by making it seem like she killed herself.


Ecta is a very anxious person, worrying very much about almost everything, which can be very much of a problem at times. She can be a douche to many people, mostly villains, though. She wants to make sure everyone ends up okay, and can feel like she is worthless if she loses a friend or messes up a mission. She tries to act very bold and independent as a superhero, but anxiety and worry is built up inside her while she does almost everything.


Ecta is a usually lime-green slime girl with bright blue eyes and mouth, she is also somewhat transparent, being able to see through her, but it is blurry. She usually wears a brown leather jacket and boots, aswell as jeens that are torn at her knees. She wears a cowboy hat with 'Ecta' written onto it, ending with a heart. She wears a utility belt with two revolvers and countless cowboy-esque weaponry. Her hair is long, going down to her knees, but it is still the same transparency and color as her skin. She has size D breasts.


  • She is somewhat of a self insert, if you take away the slime girl.
    • And the superhero.
      • And the cowgirl.

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