Dungeonworld: Noah is a RPG game created by Exotoro and TheMilkRiver. The game is similar to Vaporwave Z in that it is a game with a sexual element to the gameplay. The game centers around a half-demon, half-human woman who finds herself in a dungeon filled with all kinds of monsters and prisoners and has to get out.


The game is a turn-based rpg. The playable characters have two bars to watch: health and sexual stamina. Health can be healed any time during battle but sex can only go down unless drugs are used. Although the protagonist can kill anything in their path with the attack option, it's generally seen as a weaker way to overcome your enemies. It's the slowest way to level up, doesn't merit much reward, and leads to a really shitty ending.

So what do you do? You'll want to seduce and fuck your foes. There are a variety of options at your disposal but you have to watch your sexual stamina meter as it goes down every time you use a sex move. Lower level enemies don't need much convincing for having sex instead of battling, but higher level enemies consider themselves above you and you'll have to dress and act to their kinks.

Wearing less clothing makes it easier to strip down for sex while having more clothing requires you to strip down before you can initiate any sex moves.

The only way to fill your sexual stamina meter is either through the use of arousal drugs or filling it outside of battle. The more your level goes up, the faster it fills up and the more points you have to use.



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