Dungeon of Duelers is a 2.5D fighting umbrella game, using a similar gameplay to the Super Smash Bros series. The goal is to knock the opposing fighter off the stage using your fighter's attacks. The amount of damage you take increases how far you fly when you get hit.

Playable Characters

There are 15 playable fighters.

Character Description


The angel servant of Palutena, Pit takes the role of the basic, balanced fighter, using his bow and other weapons, like an ore club or a shield. He also can fly.

Mega Man

Originally designed as a housecleaning robot by Dr. Light, Mega Man was upgraded to a super fighting robot, using Rush, his Mega Buster, and Robot Master abilities to fight.
Iron Man

Iron Man

Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, uses his suit to fight. His suit of armor is equipped with lasers, rockets, flight, and more. Tony will also usually make snark comments on the other fitters during the battle.


A half-genie who uses genie magic to turn into animals, as well as belly dancing and a pirate sword.


Tthe benevolent hero of Hyrule, Link uses a sword, shield, bow and arrow, and bombs as some of his many attacks.

Princess Zelda

The princess of Hyrule, Zelda uses a Loftwing, Light Arrows, and magic. She is also fairly skilled in sword fighting.
Kirby Wii


Poyo! Kirby's main method of attack is swallowing the opponent and using his or her powers, but he can also use a hammer and the Warp Star.

Dipper Pines

A mystery-solving young boy, Dipper uses clones and spells from Book 3 to fight. he is quite a lightweight fighter, with good defense but not as good with offense.


The goddess of light, Palutena uses her weapons and light powers to fight. She is one of the better characters in the game.

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