Dr. Sakurai Render
First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Dr. Sakurai (桜井 政博 Sakurai Masahiro) (born August 3, 1970) is the "doctor" version of Sakurai, parodying Dr. Mario that appeared in his game Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

For the most part, their histories are the same, only Dr. Sakurai has a medical license. Additionally, his bionic arm is an giant needle. Sounds like him and Leah Needlenam might get along fine.


  • Standard Special: Dr. Sakurai Prescription- Dr. Sakurai unleashes the giant needle in his bionic arm. This poisons characters.
  • Side Special: Shocking Baseball Bat - Takes out a baseball bat surging with electricity and swings hard with it, knocking the other character back even more significantly. This also stuns characters, but the bat needs to charge.
  • Up Special: Red Bumper - Uses a bumper to launch himself up. This one makes Dr. Sakurai spin like a tornado.
  • Down Special: Precision Laser - Pulls out a laser machine and fires in both directions while crouching. This move fires completely straight no matter the distance.
  • Super Move: An Apple A Day - Apples fall from the sky, increasing with size as they hit enemy characters.

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