Full Name DinoSapien
Current Age 25
Date of Birth 2/31/1950
Zodiac Sign Piscies
Gender Male
Species dinosaurus sapien
Location Unknown
Current Status Alignment: Neutral.

Living Status: Active.

Soviet Supersoldier Program (formerly), Demetri Maximoff (formerly).
Family and Relations
Vulnerable To Cold (anything below 40 degrees F), Ultrasonic waves, Fire, Lightning.
The Perfect Soldier (by Stalin; ambiguous term)
DinoSapien is a tortured lab experiment and the horrendous result of crossing Dinosaur DNA with Human DNA.


A Soviet Test Subject
Vampire's Helper
Buried in the Ice
Sometime After


Dinosaur DNA

Specie Feature Use Description
Tyrannosaurus Rex Razor-Sharp Teeth Eating, doing damage. These teeth are what we call DinoSapien's "business end." Stay away from these, unless you want to see the inside of his stomach, then you're okay.
Velociraptor Foot Claws (actually on hands); enhanced leg strength. Excellent grip and weapons; increased running speed. The Claws are sort of like a set of butcher knives on his hands; these can slice you open in seconds, and will prevent any escape.
Dilophosaurus Venom-spitting. Temporarily blinds opponent. The Venom he spits is highly toxic, capable of causing temporary blindness, and eventually paralysis.
Ankylosaurus Tail Club; Bone Armor. A decent weapon for battle; extra protection.

Whatever damage the Claws and the Teeth don't do, the Tail Club will; that thing could knock you into next week.

The Bone Armor allows him to be virtually indestructable, save for high-grade explosives; even his eyelids are bony plates!

Pachycephalosaurus Thick Skull.
Carnotaurus Advanced Hunting skills; Horns on Head.


I'm too old for this s***.
I was in hell once. (Shrugs) It's a dry heat.
A Somewhat Ironic Death
  • DinoSapien: (In Dinosaur Form) Well, that was fun.

(A spontaneous meteor, roughly the size of himself, lands on him, pinning him down)

  • DinoSapien: Gah! Dammit! Help me, guys! Lift it off!
  • Bishamon: It looks fairly heavy...
  • DinoSapien: It is! And it's incredibly painful!
  • Anakaris: Well, the dinosaurs were supposed to be wiped out by a meteor anyway...
  • DinoSapien: (Starts mildly gagging) I'm choking on my own blood! Do something, please!
  • Morrigan: Well, I suppose it was great knowing you.
  • DinoSapien: (Roars) You selfish bastards! You'll all burn in Hell!!! (goes limp, followed by death rattle)
  • Morrigan: Ugh, that was an ordeal.



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