Dimentio is the leader of the Sugarplums and one of the main antagonists in World War X.


Not much is known about Dimentio's past other than that he is a freelance mercenary whom Count Bleck hired, probably for his dimensional skills; other early life information on the magician is limited and contradictory. One of Carson's stories implies that Dimentio may be the descendant of the magician who created the Pixls. However, it is also implied that he wrote the Dark Prognosticus, which was the book that inspired the creation of the Pixls. Regardless of his exact role in the creation of the Prognosticus, Dimentio quickly became involved in Bleck's attempt to fulfill it, if only for his own ends.


Battle Theater

He is unlocked through creating a battle in Brawl between Joker and Black Mage. He is a lightweight character that uses weak but fast blows. He attacks with magic as well.

Dimentio has three leveled supers in the game.

  • Level 1: Dimension D - Dimentio triples both his and the foe's attack.
  • Level 2: Super Dimentio - Dimentio turns into Super Dimentio temporarily where he can fire missiles, do a super jump, but is slow and cannot fly. This form has double defense and double attack.
  • Level 3: Chaos Heart - Dimentio uses the Chaos Heart to instantly KO the foe.

World War X

Silly Showdown

Dimentio is the main antagonist of the game's story mode and a boss. He also appears as an unlockable playable character.

Powers and Abilities

Dimentio, being a magician, is capable of many special abilities and powers. Being a master of dimensions, Dimentio is able to flip between them like Mario. Dimentio can also create his own in which he controls, such as Dimension D, and give himself additional power and support in these dimensions.

Dimentio can teleport and shoot energy spheres at his foes. He can also clone himself to inflict twice the damage. A method which proves to be the most effective is his magic. He is able to create a compact magic field around his victims in which he simply snaps his fingers, which causes several explosions within the field. Dimentio's 'Warp', used by nearly all the villains at some point, also has its own distinctive appearance and sound. A square expands then contracts on the teleporting object, making it disappear with a sound while a small shock-wave distorts the air around it. Dimentio's lesser abilities, usually used for acquiring information, are hovering and being able to turn invisible. Dimentio seemingly never walks during any point in the game.

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