Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.
Sun Tzu

Dimensions the 1st: Zaxinian Lifts x Exoverse is a spin-off crossover fighting game having characters, locations, and various other things from both the Zaxinian Lifts and the Exoverse locations. The premise is that the two universes have physically collided and both sides begin blaming the other for it, sparking into a (somewhat cheesy) war. It is made to celebrate the one month get-together of Exotoro (Talk) and .snickedge (Talk).


Supernova "Adventure Mode"

The story mode of the game, running in a style very similar to Puyo Puyo Pop's. Climb the rankings and defeat the champions, Ginger and Reptflux, and defeat everyone in survival matches.  Once you defeat those two characters, you unlock them and are able to play as them.  You can set the difficulty from extremely easy to extremely difficult, and the higher difficulty you play, the higher a chance you'll encounter a character you haven't seen before.


The typical Survival from Super Smash Bros. Stay on the stage and knock out all your opponents' stocks! This is the default mode of the game and is easily the most customizable. Once one player is left on the stage, the match is over, and the surviving player / team is the victor.


The typical Timed mode from Super Smash Bros. You still need to knock your opponents off the stage, and for every time you do, you get a point. If you fall the stage as a self destruct or if your opponent knocks you out, you lose a point. Once the time limit ends, the player with the most points wins. Times for first place lead to sudden death..

All Star

Upon getting every character, you unlock this mode.  Defeat everyone and then defeat the secret boss, the Terrafying Globe.  You do not heal back to full health between battles, but you can collect a heart to restore some of your health.


The evil mode from Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare that has you going around and seeking food, or eating up opponents to heal. Ew. Last team or person standing is the victory.  You can play this game with up to sixteen people via online servers.

Project: Past

This Fighters of Lapis 5 mode features fighters in laboratory stages, which feature time mechanics and can only be completed with a group. It's rather similar to survival mode, but features five waves of puzzles that must be completed.


Doomulus Grime pulled a small, circular chip from a small box, preparing to read off the wooden letter and number present on the chip. Everyone looked at him as he opened his thick jaws, snappily reading off:

  • Doomulus Grime: N-39.
  • Syi: Ha! Bingo!


Gameplay is a mixture of elements from TimeStrike's Brawl of the Fandraxonians and Toroko(?)'s Fighters of Lapis, both those series being recognized fighting game series from their respective owners. Some elements also originate from Super Smash Bros., Sonic Battle, King of Fighters, and Street Fighter.

The objective in most modes is to knock your opponents off the stage and get them out of boundaries, using Ground, Air, and Trap moves as well as special attacks, which can be charged up several levels and be brought out to deal devastating damage.  In one mode, you just have to knock out their life energy, like in Street Fighter.

Additionally, you can charge a Hero or Dark meter with your characters, reminiscent (sadly) of the Shadow the Hedgehog hero and dark meters.  By inflecting damage (Dark) or taking it (Hero), you can charge up your Hyperdrive.  The Hero Hyperdrive is often a boosting move, while the Dark Hyperdrive is a powerful attack move.

Characters can switch between Offense, Defense, and Tactic strategies. Offense lets you carry out all the attacks, while Defense lets you defend better and heal while being able to reflect or counter attacks, whilst Tactic allows you to use items or do things such as grabbing your opponents.  The sake of this is to severely boost moveset potential.  That, my friend, is why I won't make subpages for the characters.

As with Constellation Warfare, you can unlock conversations between characters.  It means more in this game as when your characters gain support, they become more powerful when paired with each other in battle.  This extra support feature can be turned off. You can also do sex between characters (as long as they're both 18+, I'm not a pedophile) to gain higher support, as a callback to Vaporwave Z.

As a callback to Fantendo Sports Resort, you can play sports with characters in this game - Dodgeball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, and uniquely Bobsleigh, Water Skiing, and Hockey.  To play these sports, you need to have memory of Sports Resort on your V², or download the $5 DLC to use it.

In the plotline, you'll be able to move across a map very similar to the Classic mode of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS.  You can choose your route from there.


There are confirmed to be seventy three characters overall. Everyone is locked away besides Elize Bolt, who must unlock them as she goes through Adventure Mode, and she unlocks several characters at a time by knocking them off the stage.  As she travels through Adventure Mode, she is able to switch to any of the unlocked characters.

Zl x exo icon acebreakerZl x exo icon albertZl x exo icon albhaZl x exo icon almightyZl x exo icon athenaZl x exo icon auroraZl x exo icon bluddeZl x exo icon bowieZl x exo icon changZl x exo icon chelseaZl x exo icon corrinaZl x exo icon cosmettaZl x exo icon crimsonZl x exo icon crowZl x exo icon crymsiaZl x exo icon endalZl x exo icon epicaZl x exo icon ethanZl x exo icon fandraxonoZl x exo icon fandroZl x exo icon fdx-83Zl x exo icon ghasjaZl x exo icon gingerZl x exo icon helenaZl x exo icon hethZl x exo icon houbaraZl x exo icon ikeZl x exo icon iron maskZl x exo icon leahZl x exo icon ludroZl x exo icon malloryZl x exo icon marbleZl x exo icon miaZl x exo icon miodaZl x exo icon mochaZl x exo icon nineZl x exo icon ojayZl x exo icon osheliaZl x exo icon pain-t 2.0Zl x exo icon palutenaZl x exo icon patchezzaZl x exo icon pierceZl x exo icon poopbuttZl x exo icon qtZl x exo icon quartzZl x exo icon rachelZl x exo icon raspberryZl x exo icon riseZl x exo icon samZl x exo icon scotchZl x exo icon shredderZl x exo icon siaZl x exo icon silverZl x exo icon skieneZl x exo icon strafeZl x exo icon syiZl x exo icon thaiZl x exo icon the countessZl x exo icon the echenoZl x exo icon the otherZl x exo icon the threatZl x exo icon untenZl x exo icon valerieZl x exo icon vespaZl x exo icon vindexZl x exo icon walukirbyZl x exo icon werineZl x exo icon willowZl x exo icon wyvaneZl x exo icon xochitlZl x exo icon zodiezZl x exo icon 2013


Rivalry System

The Rivalry System is something that activates when you pair certain characters against one another. Their stats increase and become more powerful when fighting each other one on one, allowing for intense battles. Here are the pairings.  (Characters on the left are Snicks', characters on the right are Exo's)

  • Acebreaker v. A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y
  • Athena v. Helena
  • Bludde v. Sam
  • Bowie v. Unten
  • Chang v. Mioda
  • Crimson v. Sia
  • Crymsia v. Iron Mask
  • Epica v. The Other
  • Endal v. the Countess
  • Ethan v. Strafe
  • Fandraxono v. Rise
  • Fandro v. Raspberry
  • FDX83 v. Thai
  • Ghasja v. Willow
  • Ginger v. Nine
  • Heth v. Mia
  • Ike v. Palutena
  • Ludro v. Albert
  • Mallory v. The Threat
  • Oshelia v. Aurora
  • Pierce v. Corrina
  • QT v. Marble
  • Scotch v. Vespa
  • Shredder v. Albha
  • Silver v. Rachel
  • Skiene v. PAIN-T 2.0
  • Syi v. Leah
  • The Echeno v. Ojay
  • Valerie v. Crow
  • Vindex v. Mocha
  • Walukirby v. Poopbutt
  • Werine v. Houbara
  • Wyvane v. Cosmetta
  • Xochitl v. Chelsea
  • Zodiez v. Quartz
  • 2013 v. Patchezza

Assisting Characters

By breaking open a pair of red dice, you'll summon two characters, one from the Zaxinian Lifts and the other from the Exoverse. None of the assistant characters do anything too major, but the two assistant characters can quickly make things complicated. Occasionally, one of the red dice will be replaced by a dud purple one, meaning you only summon one character.

Zl x exo assist alcyoneZl x exo assist asheZl x exo assist black eyesZl x exo assist boareZl x exo assist bobZl x exo assist frinkZl x exo assist grimeZl x exo assist heneZl x exo assist horrensiaZl x exo assist jackieZl x exo assist jay & mikeZl x exo assist lanceZl x exo assist nightshadeZl x exo assist onoZl x exo assist ravenZl x exo assist reeseZl x exo assist revenskoZl x exo assist sakeenaZl x exo assist syandeZl x exo assist syaraZl x exo assist the mistakeZl x exo assist vawZl x exo assist x-rayZl x exo assist zerita

Boss Characters

There are twelve boss characters in Dimensions.  Unlike most of the other characters, most of these don't originate from projects created by snicks or Exo.  Rather, they come from series they know.

Zl x exo boss bill cipherZl x exo boss clockwarxZl x exo boss giratinaZl x exo boss master coreZl x exo boss saikiZl x exo boss time eater


  • Zaxinian Lifts Lobby (Athena)
  • Complexo (Helena)

  • Western Forest (Bowie)
  • Zeonian Ruins (Unten)

  • Endal's Headquarters (Endal)
  • Doomulus Base (The Countess)

  • Hynau (Syi)
  • The Hospital (Leah)

  • Dumpstar (Fandro)
  • Gushy Gardens (Raspberry)

  • The Realm of Dreams (Ethan)
  • Noah (Leah)

  • Nutty Nightmare (The Echeno)
  • SMB 1-1 (Ojay)

  • Eterna Forest (Crimson)
  • Zeon (Sia)

  • Naxaz (Crymsia)
  • South Town (Iron Mask)

  • Ascending Death Bed (Silver)
  • Wyoming Gas Station (Rachel)

  • Chaotic City (Scotch)
  • Brasília (Vespa)

  • Perilous Shores (Oshelia)
  • Shattered Point (Aurora)

  • Downtown Hisplit Warzone Grounds (Pierce)
  • Multiverse Fighters Assocation Arena (Corrina)

  • Bronze Metropolis (FDX83)
  • Doomuli Homeworld 1 (Thai)

  • Zaxinian Lifts' Core (Fandraxono)
  • Doomuli Homeworld 2 (Rise)

  • Gargantuan Lofts (Valerie)
  • Hōryū-ji (Crow)

  • Art Realm (Skiene)
  • Wasteland Rock Stadium (PAIN-T 2.0)

  • Black Moon (Werine)
  • Wild Plains (Houbara)

  • Bloody Stream (Ghasja)
  • Hallow Woods (Willow)

  • American Empire (Shredder)
  • Boltzmann Training Room (Albha)

  • Zodiac Shrine (Zodiez)
  • Broken Jaw Cave (Quartz)

  • Mass Hotel (Xochitl)
  • Robotic Farmlands (Chelsea)

  • Zaxinian Stadium (Heth)
  • Labyrinth (Mia)

  • Chinatown (Chang)
  • Zeonian Forest (Mioda)

  • Halloween Bridge (Bludde)
  • Crystal Cave (Sam)

  • The Absolute End (Ginger)
  • Svarga (Nine)

  • Zaxinian Core Chamber (Mallory)
  • Svarga Throne Room (The Threat)

  • Glitchy Rainbow (Acebreaker)
  • Blood Factory (Nine)

  • Boiling Hot Coffeehouse (Mocha)
  • Lynnhaven Valleys (Vindex)

  • Verdant Meadows (Epica)
  • Wasteland Kingdom (The Other)

  • Solar Hell (Ludro)
  • Family Barbeque (Albert)

  • Arena Ferox (Ike)
  • Skyworld (Palutena)

  • Royal Castlewalk (Wyvane)
  • Black Hole Lighthouse (Cosmetta)

  • Walukirby Castle (Walukirby)
  • Poopbutt Fortress (Poopbutt)

  • TimeStrike Base (Marble)
  • The V² (QT)

  • 2013 was Dreadful (2013)
  • Tartaurs (Patchezza)



  • Dimensions the 1st, due to its popularity, will be followed up with Dimensions the 2nd, which adds a whole another universe into the mix.
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