Diamond Fighters is a 2D platform fighter developed by Inora for the V² in 2017. Primarily inspired by Fighters of Lapis 7, Super Combat Dungeon, and Vaporwave Z, the game is a spiritual successor to the Fighters of Lapis series, keeping it's large roster full of diverse characters, a whole lot of modes, and a grandiose story mode. But it also has a particular focus on character interactions and adds in different mechanics to switch things up.

The game takes place in the Diamondverse, where characters from all forms of media coexist peacefully. But with a massive threat on the horizon, the Avengers must rally together other heroes, villains, and everything in between to save their world. Reception for the game has been (TBA).

Story Mode: Fighters Assemble



Diamond Fighters is a 2D platform fighter that closely resembles the Super Smash Bros. series. Players use four special moves, a variety of normal attacks, and grabs/throws to make opponents' percentage meter go up. The higher the meter, the easier it is to launch your enemies in any direction, with knocking them off the stage being the goal. Each match is heavily customizable, with on/off buttons for Badges, Assist Cards, stage hazards, and more. Despite all the similarities, there are a few gameplay differences to change things up and alter the game's feel.

The game is noticeably faster than most of the games it was inspired by, resembling Marvel vs. Capcom when it comes to speed. Though this is the default speed, it can be adjusted to more closely resemble other platform fighters. Another change is the addition of the slide mechanic and it's aerial counterpart, air dashing. Sliding can be used to dodge attacks, go under walls, and trip opponents, leaving them open for attack. Each character has their own slide that works differently and has a unique effect. Sliding down ramps can be used to build up momentum. Air dashing can't be used to go under walls, trip opponents, or go down ramps, but allows them to get around quickly, damage the opponent, and dodge low attacks. Like sliding, each character has their own air dash.

These are not the only changes, though, as Final Smash type moves are ditched in favor of Diamond Attacks. Each character has their own Diamond Attack, which can only be used after their Diamond Meter is filled up. As one would expect, you'll need diamonds for this. But thankfully, diamonds are rather plentiful, and can be earned by beating them out of opponents with combos (though this isn't the most sure-fire way to earn them, as these diamonds can be stolen by the aforementioned opponents), finding them scattered across the stage, or destroying randomly placed diamond ores with several strong attacks.

But it wouldn't be a platform fighter without items and assists. This game handles these two essential elements in a bit of a different way though, with Badges replacing items and Assist Cards' role being self-explanatory. Each character has 10 Badge Points, and equipping Badges by grabbing them off the stage gives them new abilities, changes their stats, or has some other special effect. However, not all Badges are created equally, with some taking up more points than others. If you see a really good Badge, you might need to drop some you've already equipped. Before a match begins, the player can select three Assist Cards that allow them to summon an assist whenever they want, one time per fight. Players start with a few Assist Cards, and can find more of them scattered across the game.

The game features a variety of modes to play. Versus is your typical main mode that has up to four players fighting against each other, with CPUs also available to fight. If playing online, up to eight players can duke it out. In Versus, players can fight until they lose all of their lives, or try and get the most kills in a time limit (but nobody uses the Timed mode). In Team Battle, the basics are the same, but players choose one of the 12 teams, using the team's members as lives (with no Timed mode, because again, fuck that mode). In Dolphin Mode, it's 2 vs. 2, and your duo must fight together until the end. To spice things up, your team can have sex after filling up a Tension Bar over time. Depending on which member initiates this, this will determine the Sex Move executed. This works as a rhythm game, and as players hit the buttons at the right time, their stats will be boosted for the rest of the match. For obvious reasons, not all characters are available in this mode, and no one is compatible with everyone.

Story Mode: Fighters Assemble is a Subspace Emissary-styled mode where one or two players explore, solve puzzles, platform, and beat up a whole lot of enemies and bosses. There's also various cinematic cutscenes and full voice-acting, unlike it's main inspiration. Arcade is a single player mode where the player must battle 10 opponents with random winning conditions to earn prizes and defeat Master Hand at the end. If players die in this mode, they can insert their coins into the machine to resurrect themselves, with the price to play going up each time. As a purely cosmetic feature, players can choose between the regular style, known as Modern, a polygonal style that resembles early 3D fighting games, known as Classic, or one that resembles the modern style but has a special arcade border around it, known as Retro.

In The Great Treasure Hunt, one or two players explore a massive, interconnected world that is randomly generated. Various collectibles can be found here, as well as enemies and the Colossi, who can be defeated for a ton of rewards. The goal in this mode is to collect all 30 treasures, but their placement varies each time. In the Pit of 100 Trials, one player fights through 100 floors of opponents and enemies, with a rare prize on every 10th floor. Players can also find Charlieton, who will sell them Assist Cards and Badges for coins, and the Movers, who will allow you to skip a few floors for a fee. On the 100th floor, the player must defeat Bonetail.

In Party Mode, up to four players can enjoy one of four modes, Space Invaders (where players must destroy alien ships to protect cannons), Death Race (where players must reach the flag and impede their opponents' progress), Infinity (where players must fight an infinite amount of enemies to beat their high score), and Coin Catcher (where players must roam a maze to collect the most coins and steal them from their opponents). These games can be played freely or in order to determine the best player.

Boss Rush is unlocked after every boss in the game has been defeated, with up to four players battling them all and adjustable difficulty. Training allows the player to master a character on any stage against Super Smash Bros.' lovable Sandbag. The Black Market is the place to buy things with the coins you've collected across the rest of the game. In the Safe House, players can customize their settings or view their stats, instant replays and snapshots, and extras. These extras are Stickers (which describe a character, enemy, boss, Assist Card, or badge, and can be rotated around or zoomed in on), Albums (which can be listened to and played in game), Treasures (from The Great Treasure Hunt), and videos of Sex Moves, trailers, and cutscenes.


The game's roster is split up into twelve teams of five, with this serving various purposes across the game. So far, there are 10/60 characters.

The Avengers

Formed by Director Nick Fury of the peace-keeping intergalactic organization S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers are a team that battles threats one hero couldn't take on alone. The Avengers are the main characters of Fighters Assemble and are unlocked by default.

Character Description

The son of wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne and socialite Martha Wayne, spoiled Bruce Wayne lost his parents at a young age to crime. Becoming serious and quiet, he trained in martial arts and engineering to fight villainy and corruption as armored vigilante Batman.

He now has an army of other heroes to keep his homeworld safe, eliminating crime in Gotham. Despite having the best of intentions, everyday the planet becomes more like a police state. As Bruce slowly loses his grip on his morality, his teammates will either redeem him or have to take him down.

In battle, Batman is your typical balanced character, with no major strengths or weaknesses. But this more advanced version of the classic hero has some new tricks up his sleeve, even though his normal attacks mostly involve brawling and martial arts.

His neutral special allows him to throw a remote controlled explosive Batarang. His side special allows him to grab enemies and items with his grapple gun (and throw the former). His up special allows him to boost into the air with jet boots and glide down slowly. Lastly, his down special allows him to drop a stunning smoke bomb.

Batman's slide has him leaping forward, feet first, to knock enemies away, although if it misses, he'll be temporarily immobilized. His Air Dash has him swinging forward with his Grapple Gun to move around and kick enemies, although this can only be performed if a platform is above him.

  • Batmobile: Batman presses a button on his wrist, summoning the Batmobile which drives onto the stage just as he jumps into the driver's seat. While in the Batmobile, he can simply run over enemies, rapidfire plastic bullets, and fly across the area with jet boosters.


A Jedi Knight who trained under Luke Skywalker, both of them part of the Galactic Republic that rules the Diamondverse. Once a scavenger on the desert world of Jakku, her master stopped there to refuel his ship and met her while fighting off thieves. Discovering her proficiency with the Force, the two left for the capital Coruscant where they trained together.

Although haunted by being an orphan, Rey was born into a peaceful galaxy and has an optimistic nature due to her good life. She gets along with the rest of the team well but isn't used to such a large-scale conflict, which will change her outlook dramatically and tempt her with the dark side.

Rey is a lightweight glass cannon who is launched easily but also packs quite the punch. She specializes in melee combat and is rather athletic, having decent recovery and a lot of speed. Most of her regular attacks revolve around the use of her blue lightsaber.

Her neutral special has her using a Force Push to knock enemies away but do no damage. Her side special has her using her speeder to cross the stage quickly and attack opponents. Her up special has her vaulting with her staff, a slow but effective way to get into the air. Lastly, her down special has her cutting a hole in the ground and falling onto the enemy, lightsaber first to do heavy damage.

Rey's slide has her rolling forward, which makes her temporarily invincible and is therefore good for dodging. Her air dash has her jumping to the side with her lightsaber out, slashing it as she falls. Although this is useful, she has to recover for a few seconds after using the move.

  • Millennium Falcon: Rey hops off the stage and reappears a few seconds later operating a turret on the Millenium Falcon. With a first person target reticle, she can aim and fire a barrage of laser blasts or charge up to shoot an extremely powerful proton torpedo.


A boy from the Destiny Islands, a peaceful beach planet. Living with his friends Riku and Kairi, Sora was separated from them by the Heartless, shadowy monsters who consume worlds. After many adventures, Sora now wields a Keyblade and is a master of using it. Choosing to follow his own path and explore the worlds, he too was recruited by Nick Fury to join the Avengers for his experience in traveling across the Diamondverse.

Having met all the other Avengers before because of his previous adventures where he visited their planets and worked alongside them, Sora is often the glue that holds the team together. A goofy idealist, he's always a believer in the power of friendship. Sora looks up to Batman, who views him as a younger brother, but that could all change...

While fighting, Sora is a slow powerhouse with lacking recovery and aerial skills but many combat options. Utilizing his Keyblade, magic, and more, he's a strong fighter when it comes to both ranged combat and up-close fighting. Despite being strong and slow, he's actually a lightweight.

Sora's neutral special move has him launching a fireball that homes in on enemies and sets them ablaze. His side special has him casting an icy spell that will damage and freeze opponents. His down special has Sora summoning a thunderbolt next to him to strike enemies and launch them into the air. Finally, his up special has him flying into the air before quickly falling down.

Sora's slide has him quickly grinding on a rail with Flowmotion, which is a very quick way to get around and great for horizontal recovery. His air dash has him spinning forward with the Keyblade to repeatedly strike the opponent quickly, but isn't great for transportation.

  • Trinity: Sora uses a Summon Gem to gain the help of his friends Donald Duck and Goofy. For a period of time, the two will fight alongside Sora, casting spells, using their weapons, and healing him with items. Donald specializes in both offensive and defensive magic while Goofy focuses on defending the Keyblade wielder.

Lapis Lazuli

A member of an alien species known as Gems, Lapis fought in the Gem War, an ancient battle that took place long before the Galactic Republic was established. Sealed in a mirror by the winning faction, Lapis was released by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Peridot in an era where there's peace between the Gems and every other species.

Now an agent of her own, Lapis is dating Peridot and adjusting to the present, which allows her to relate to fellow agent and friend Peggy "Captain America" Carter. She's a determined cynic who hides her insecurities with a rough exterior, and must adjust to working with others when Fury recruits her to become an Avenger.

Lapis is a fast, strong fighter who relies on melee combat to defeat her opponents. Being easily launched, this means that she'll need to get in, do damage, and get out if she wants to stay alive and win. To help with this, she's effective at getting around and recovering. Her normal abilities utilize water constructs and hand-to-hand combat.

Her neutral special ability has her surrounding her fist with water and punching forward, a slow attack with lots of power that can be charged for extra damage and knockback. Her side special ability has her slowly whipping the opponent with a water chain to strike the opponent and knock them away. Her up special ability has her using her water wings to hover in the air for a few seconds. Lastly, her down special ability allows her to create a temporary platform underneath her made of water for help with recovery.

Lapis' slide involves quickly surfing across the floor on a river over the platform. This is very useful for getting away from opponents, but goes so fast that it can be hard to control. Her air dash involves hopping to the side while inside a giant bubble, bouncing the enemy away, defending her from damage, and reflecting projectiles.

  • Ocean Gem: Lapis raises her hands into the air, summoning floods of water from both sides of the stage, pushing all opponents in their way to their defeat. Although this is extremely dangerous, it can be avoided by staying near her, as she is immobile while this Diamond Attack is taking place.

Ryūko Matoi

The daughter of a brilliant S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist who died before her eyes, she used the murder weapon, the Scissor Blade, to kill the murderer after witnessing it. Disturbed by her violent tendencies and antisocial behavior but knowing she had great potential, S.H.I.E.L.D. took her in.

Now a student in her final year of training at the organization's academy alongside her best friend Mako Mankanshoku, she's approached by Nick Fury to join his team of Avengers due to her impressive swordfighting skills. Ryūko is stubborn and short-tempered, with very little tolerance for mischief and no mercy for her enemies. This rage is something that makes her a helpful ally, but will also put her at odds with her teammates.

Like Sora, Ryūko is a lightweight who relies on a melee weapon in combat and has poor recovery. Despite this, the two are rather different from each other. Ryūko is incredibly fast, good with aerial combat, and pretty strong too. To offset this, she has a lot fewer options, relying almost entirely on the Scissor Blade in combat.

Ryūko's neutral special ability has her slowly regenerating health with the power of Life Fibers, an organism contained by S.H.I.E.L.D., although this makes her immobile. Her side special ability involves her using Decapitation Mode to extend her sword before slashing forward in an arc. This move has good range and power but takes a while to use. Her up special ability has her stabbing the Scissor Blade into the air, doing massive damage and launching whoever is directly above her skyward. At last, her down special ability has her slamming the sword into the ground to do high damage to anyone next to her, launch them, and send out stunning shockwaves.

Ryūko's slide has her sliding forward while holding her sword between her legs to stab and damage anyone in her path. Although this is rather helpful, it is slow. Her air dash has her growling and launching herself forward, shoulder first, to bury enemies in the ground ala Donkey Kong's Hand Slap from Super Smash Bros.. It's not effective for getting around, but it is a useful attack.

  • Synchronize: Ryūko holds the Scissor Blade into the sky, absorbing the Life Fibers of every fighter, which cuts all of their stats in half. As she glows with newfound power, her stats are all doubled, allowing her to decimate opponents with ease.

Apocalypse's Horsemen

Assembled by Apocalypse, the Four Horsemen represent War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. With the goal of eliminating the weak so only the strong will survive, each member has their own motivation as well. They play a major role in Fighters Assemble, acting as the Avengers' primary rivals. This team is unlocked by default.

Character Description

The first member of the mutant species, En Sabah Nur was abandoned as a child by humanity due to his chilling appearance. Rescued by alien scavengers from the planet Tatooine, he eventually grew up to become a beloved leader there. Operating outside the Galactic Republic and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s jurisdiction, he's viewed as a serious threat to their government. Believing in the philosophy of survival of the fittest, which was instilled in him by the scavengers who raised him, he and his royal guard have the goal of eliminating the weak and taking over the universe.

Code-named "Apocalypse" by Nick Fury, who deems his royal guard the "Four Horsemen", En Sabah Nur is a brilliant strategist who believes his goal to be noble. But he is also a close-minded, commanding egotist, though not without his own morals and code of honor. This will lead him and his allies into battle with the Avengers, who defend the weak selflessly.

Apocalypse is a heavyweight fighter who isn't launched easily and packs quite the punch with a number of attack options. However, he has his weaknesses. He's rather slow, and has lacking air game too. To make things worse, he's poor at recovering. If you want to play Apocalypse, you'll need to be careful.

Apocalypse's neutral special ability has him draining blood from his own body to damage himself but boost all of his stats temporarily. His side special ability has him barging forward while surrounded by energy. This attack has good speed, strength, and knockback, but is hard to control. His up special ability has him leaping into the air and slamming down, fist-first, to smash enemies. While powerful and quick, it can be dangerous to use near pits. His down special ability has him releasing a pulse of energy around him. While this has low range, it's an excellent move for knocking foes out with it's high attack power and knockback. If charged up, it's radius becomes greater.

Apocalypse's slide has him sliding forward while surrounded by an energy shield. Though this is useless when it comes to getting around, it protects him from damage and will attack and knock enemies back. His air dash involves him headbutting forward to launch enemies away and damage them. Like his slide though, it's useless for getting around, and it's a bit tricky to control too.

  • Regeneration: If an opponent is next to Apocalypse, he'll touch their heart, instantly killing them and bringing his percentage meter down to 0%.

Anakin Skywalker

A battle hardened veteran of the Clone Wars, Anakin is the Horseman of War. Part of the first Galactic Republic, Anakin was trained by a Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi and fell in love with the ruler of the planet Naboo, Padmé Amidala. Although showing immense potential, Anakin always had rage boiling inside of him, which was preyed upon by the evil Darth Sidious.

Turned from a Jedi into a Sith by this mastermind, Anakin was deemed Darth Vader and was given the task of bringing peace to the Diamondverse. But before he could go on that fateful mission, Apocalypse used advanced technology to displace him from time. Telling him of the atrocities he will commit and the people he'll hurt, Apocalypse promises to help him - in exchange for Anakin's service. Not yet a monster but hardly a hero, Anakin is a deeply troubled individual who veers between genuine kindness and fits of anger at any given moment. Will he change the past, or will he be doomed to suffer his fate?

Given his anger issues, is it any surprise that Anakin is strong? With multiple attack options for both ranged and melee combat, not to mention being pretty fast, Anakin seems unbeatable. But to make up for these strengths, he has weak recovery and is a lightweight.

His neutral special ability has him throwing his lightsaber like a boomerang to attack enemies from afar. This is rather powerful and can be aimed for precision but is slow to use. Anakin's side special ability has him Force Choking any opponent directly in front of him. This move rapidly damages opponents and will fling enemies away when completed, though it's effectiveness depends on how long you charge it up. His up special ability has him Force Jumping, though this is slow and not very effective unless a ledge is near. Anakin's down special ability has him using Force Lightning to shock and damage opponents in an arc. While this move has poor range, it temporarily paralyzes enemies, trapping them in the attack.

Anakin's slide has him running forward while crouching, his lightsaber out. While easily dodged, this is fast and strong. His air dash involves Anakin leaping forward and using a Force Push. This is great for getting around and will knock enemies away, but it does no damage and has little range.

  • Sith Rage: Anakin growls, his eyes turning yellow and red bags appearing under them. This move temporarily triples his attack power, jump height, and speed.





Shadow the Hedgehog








Thieves' Guild


Peach's Gang


Team Sonic


Monster Hunters




Freedom Fighters


Smash Bros.


Disney Corporation


The Jokerz


Glitz Pit Fighters




Enemies & Bosses




Assist Cards


Dolphin Mode

This table lists the characters that can be used in Dolphin Mode, their sexuality, and their Sex Moves.

Character Initiation Sex Moves


  • Gotham by Night: Batman pulls his partner into the suit's cape and looks around to make sure the coast is clear before undressing them. If the stage takes place during the day, it will turn to night. If the stage takes place during the night, lightning will crash down.
  • Masks On: Batman grunts and fucks his partner against a brick wall, handcuffs over their wrists. And he keeps the Batsuit on, because of course he does.


  • Battle Hardened: Rey takes off her wrappings and cuts open her undershirt and pants with the small knife she carries. It turns out that they don't sell lingerie on Jakku.
  • Speeder Turbulence: If Rey is with a male partner, she pushes him onto the ground and straddles him. She then rides him quickly, bouncing up and down while panting.
  • Scavenger's Staff: If Rey is with a female partner, she fingers them with two digits and uses her other hand to fuck their ass with her staff.


  • Drive Forms: Sora holds his Keyblade up to the sky. In a flash of light, he magically undresses both him and his partner.
  • The Power of Friendship: If Sora is with a male partner, he cheekily smiles and gets on all fours. After shaking his ass, he moves back and forth as he gets fucked, moaning.
  • Spell Caster: If Sora is with a female partner, he grunts and fucks her from behind while using anal beads that resemble MP Orbs.
Lapis Lazuli


  • Skinny Dipping: Lapis creates a hand with her aquakinesis and uses it to strip her and her partner.
  • Water Tentacles: Lapis generates a mass of water tentacles and uses them to fuck her partner's mouth, ass, and pussy, while the rest grope their breasts and clit.
Ryūko Matoi


  • Scissor Snipping: Ryūko cuts the ribbon that holds her top together in half with the Scissor Blade, exposing her bare breasts.
  • Best Friends: If Ryūko is with a male partner, she whistles impatiently to summon her best friend, Mako, who is in the nude. She then rides them with her skirt still on while Mako straddles their face, the two holding hands and moaning.
  • Decapitation Mode: If Ryūko is with a female partner, she transforms her Scissor Blade into Decapitation Mode. She then uses it to slash their clothing off before agressively scissoring them against the wall while grunting.








  • Art for the game was provided by:
  • Badges are all taken from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Because that game fucking rocks.
  • The concept of Assist Cards was inspired by Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Heroes and Heralds mode.
  • The name of Dolphin Mode is a reference to the logo of it's inspiration, Vaporwave Z.
  • The way diamonds are earned was inspired both by Super Smash Bros. and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • Air Dashing was inspired by the Mega Man X series.

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