Devina and the Typhoon Resort is a short story written by Athena Hawkins (Talk), meant to expand on the behaviors and personalities of vital characters Devina and Black Eyes from the Zaxinian Lifts. It is canon and takes place sometime after When Hell Freezes Over, where the two ended up "teaming up" rather than wanting to get rid of the other. In this story, Black Eyes feels remorse over the actions he pressed against Devina and out of sympathy uses the rest of his fortune to afford an expensive vacation with Devina at the lovely Typhoon Resort, but things start to go out of hand quite quickly. The story has ten overall chapters.

Chapter 1

The dingy cabin room was awake with muffled voices when Devina Kilmister woke up with a start, freshly startled by an abruptly ended nightmare. The steamboat rocked when she attempted to stand up, causing her to tumble backwards onto the bed. She and the ship's crew have been out for three days in search of the Typhoon Resort, which was supposedly in the forbidden corners of the dreaded Black Ocean. Wheezing from her dust allergies, she tied on her robe and sat up, stretching as she felt a set of cold, metallic appendages weigh down on her shoulder. She was used to it -- she knew what those belonged to.
Devina was a tall woman with nicely styled dark hair, a pair of comfortable rectangular glasses, and ghostly pale skin that blended in well with her monochrome patterned clothes. Behind her was a tall robot that was quite green in color, with broken yellow-like horns and hostile red pupils matched with a generally dark and grimy body.
"Good morrow, koishii." uttered the equally metallic, sinister voice behind her. She could his tongue flickering about in a snake-like manner, one full of clear maliciousness.
"Please, for the love of Fandraxono, never call me that again."
Devina fell back into the arms of this hooker's-green machine, named "Black Eyes" by her, feeling his green claws scrape against her backside as a sort of massage. She wasn't romantically interested in him at all but he was pretty much her only means of a companion for now. And Black Eyes felt the same back.
"What the hell was that noise Black Eyes?" questioned Devina as her senses started to perk up far more. "And why's everyone awake and talking at one in the morning?"
"The seas are rougher than your mother when you come back with a fail grade on a calculus exam." he said, flickering his narrow eyes. "Everyone's up and talking because something big bumped into our S.S. Tiddy and they're concerned about the few leaks that have sprouted. We're fine Devina."
Devina squinted her bloodshot eyes as her face turned from tiredness to irritation.
"I thought you said they advertised this boat with the promise that it was 'indestructible' and had 'five-star service'." she said, letting out a yawn.
"Well... I mean, flyers in the Hollow Paper are kind of known for their fibbing." he chuckled in a weak, rather embarrassed voice.
This brought Devina to quickly roll her eyes. Leave it to her companion to look in the least trustworthy newspapers for vacation spots. She knew that Black Eyes chose to spare her life as well as her baby's not that long ago, but she knew she should have done the work herself! Instead of arguing, she just laid back against Black Eyes as the boat continued to rock rather violently.
"Sorry about that, next time I'll consider looking through the Dark Age Papers."
Black Eyes heaved himself up from the bed, dusting himself off (and activating Devina's allergies in the process) and walking towards the galley. Before he entered the boat's kitchen, he spun his head 180 degrees to face Devina directly.
"I'll be back, just going to eat some rats." he exclaimed in a ravenous voice, folding in his claws for forks and knives. "You stay right there, okay?"
"I mean, where do you expect me to go?"
Before Black Eyes could hear the rest of that remark, he was gone. Devina sat down in the bed, waiting patiently for her partner to return. She couldn't feel all that bad about him -- after she had finally managed to strike him down just some weeks ago, he owed up to his bad behavior and promised to take her on a vacation, and so far it's been pleasant apart from the poorly prepared seafood. She also hated the bathroom situation: one at a time, and everyone can see you.
"Well, I don't know what he's expecting me to do." she said to herself as she laid back, looking up towards the ceiling. "Hey cap'n, when are we going to be there?"
"Aye, give or take a round of sun." he beamed as he steered the bumpy ship. "Just through this night, then survive the heat and find yerself there by moonlight."
"Keep in mind that some of the dangerous weather conditions can hamper us for longer than a night and a day..." muttered the captain's assistant. "It could be a hell of a lot longer than just that depending on how rough the Black Ocean wants to be on us. It's swallowed up ships filled up with thousands aboard before, and this is just a family-sized steamboat."
"Well, yes, that too." said the captain before leaning his head over to the assistant's ear. "Shut up, lad."
Black Eyes came back within moments, holding platters of sushi as he walked over to Devina with a malicious grin on his face. As he set down the smelly food, she gave the tall robot a dirty look.
"I don't like seaf-" she began, but Black Eyes gobbled it all down in just a quick motion of his hands and toothy jaws. "O-oh."
The beast cackled as he pulled a different platter from behind him, setting down a feast of french fries and chicken tenders just for her, complete with a side of ketchup and a vanilla milkshake. Devina looked down at it in absolute glee before shooting him a look of joy.
"T-thank you!" she said, completely forgetting that he just tricked her and hungrily diving into her meal with a homemade wooden fork, shoving a whole chicken tender into her mouth. "Mmmmm!"
Black Eyes watched in total amazement as this seemingly average human being devoured the meal put in front of her, savoring the deep-fried flavor of her food as she tore the salted fries in her jaws and snacked up her tenders mercilessly. Between bites she would often take a drink out from her milkshake mercilessly. She wasn't even caring about how she was handling the food; she eventually stopped using her fork and took it all in with her hands, sprinkling chicken bits over her front as well as fries and ketchup.
"Holy hell." he muttered as he watched Devina finish her meal, laying down on her back. "Well, someone was hungry. If I find more, I will give you more. Better than you begging for someone to feed you in your sleep in the most psychotic way I can imagine."
Devina blushed really hard.
"H-hey, if you hadn't killed her I wouldn't be plead-"
"Shut, shut."
Without warning, the boat bounced up into the air, knocking Devina and Black Eyes off into different directions as well as the various crewmates. Several men were lining up to patch up the boat's newly sprung leaks, with a siren suddenly wailing, much to the dismay of Devina as she covered her ears as well up as she possibly could. Within seconds, the power started to flicker as well.
"AUUUGHH!!" screamed Devina as she started to lean upwards, feeling pain in her joints and back from having been spiraled backwards into the wall. "Owww!!"
"What in the name of Kirk's wah pedal was that?" said Black Eyes in bewilderment as he very quickly recovered with his immortal powers. "Did the boat just die?"
"Hey you two." said the captain with a new gloomy look as he spun around his chair, almost slamming his face into a cupboard. "I have some good news and I have some bad news."
"Tell us the bad news first, the good news can - AUGH - wait its turn." said Devina, holding her knees uncomfortably as she felt the pain spike. T-tell us quickly!"
"Well, we are really the unluckiest crew alive." he sighed. "There's a flying basking shark filled with countless rows of teeth and with multiple heads attacking our ship with the speed of a well-trained peregrine falcon. It can also roar like a lion and apparently have sex. We've been losing crewmembers over the last few days because they keep hearing a lady's whistling but it's just the shark playing hooky with them."
Devina shivered at the idea of such a fearsome, realistic creature flinging itself through the skies to eat her up and her baby. Black Eyes, however, looked a lot more enthused.
"Who cares about the good news? This is good news to me!" cackled Black Eyes in mischievous glee as he started to head outside to face the shark. But before he could go much further, he found Devina clinging to his feet. "Eh? Get off, woman!"
"You can't just go out there and kill it!" she whimpered, biting through her fingernails. "It'll swallow you alive before you even remotely have a chance to!"
"Since when do Gods care?" he chuckled confidently. "I won't die, I'll just kill it from the inside. But I have a question: can I use you as bait? Because I want to kill this thing before it seriously makes this boat sink."
"Ughh, fine." she said without thinking about it. If she thought about it, she knew it would just make things worse. "Use me as your gorgeous shark bait."
"That's the spirit." he grinned.
Black Eyes and Devina walked up to the top of the ship's deck, where they found the shark hanging rather motionlessly over the deck. It roared at them, but didn't move a muscle.
"The Fandraxorcist I see~?" suddenly spoke the shark's multiple heads. "Well, glad to see you here!"
"What is the meaning of this, you foolish witch? Size down, now." said Black Eyes in a freshly agitated voice, whirring the teeth around in his mouth as he stared at this ridiculous shark in total awe and anger. "If you don't, I'll tell the world just what you are."
The shark sighed with its heads as it shapeshifted into a woman, dressed in sultry and revealing clothing and donning a mess of electric blue hair. She rolled her eyes as she crooked her witch hat, giving Black Eyes a look of bemusement and irritation.
"Gee, just couldn't let me have fun could you Black Eyes?" she said in an eerily merrily way. "Well, guess there's no point in sinking the ship now. Didn't even know you were on this rusty asswipe to start with. Where in the Devil's name are you going?"
"To the Typhoon Resort, I'm on a honeymoon." he responded, uttering the last part in a really dry, sarcastic way. "But I'm not going to get there if you tear this boat apart, you dummy! What even got you to attack?"
"I was bored, okay?" she said, suddenly whimpering as she saw the robot's eyes narrow and glow in their natural, death-inducing white lights. "I-I lost all of my followers to V-Voetrice and I needed t-to have my revenge!"
"Stay the fresh hell off of this boat if you know what's good for you." he said, muttering a series of insults quickly under his breath. "The main reason why I haven't ruined your business yet is because it's one of the few things keeping Hisplit fun to live in."
Arikan swerved to the side of the ship, but not before giving Devina a peck on her cheek, slipping and sliding into the sea in a dolphin form. Devina blushed hard -- it was something of her personality to be attracted to any girl that was fresh out of the extraordinary. She didn't speak for most of that because she didn't want to embarrass herself whatsoever in front of that gorgeous, fun-loving lady.
"Now that the demon's gone, we can perhaps rest now." suggested Black Eyes, with even he showing signs of tiredness. "I was so riled up, ready for the fight of my life, and it was just that thot Arikan doing that... kind of crap again. Baloney!"
"That's not a good word to use, you know." said Devina bitterly and in an annoyed expression. She hated Black Eyes' seemingly endless vocabulary of offensive insults.

Devina and Black Eyes slept in so long that it was already the next night when they woke up. The ship, despite its damage and loss of crew, was able to make it to the Typhoon Resort right on time. Grinning, Black Eyes shook his companion Devina awake, bringing her out of her sleep.
"You f-fool! I was d-dreaming a-about a zombie a-apocalypse and I was perched a-against a gravest-"
"I don't care! We're at the resort now!"
Devina rubbed her eyes as Black Eyes picked her up, jumping off the ship with her and waving goodbye to the captain. He made his way to the island -- just some hotels, an amusement park, and a fantastic beach that glistened underneath the moonlight. In the background, they could see a huge volcano that had lava running down its sides rapidly, but they never seemed to come close to the neon-lit town.
"T-this is beautiful Black Eyes..." mewled Devina as she looked at all the pretty lights and how well it all looked underneath the moon. "Like, so good beyond belief..."
Black Eyes chuckled.
"I agree wholeheartedly. That is, with what I have of a heart."
To their surprise, a blue-skinned woman popped up from the ground, sporting a brown-and-yellow bikini as she stretched out her limbs. She bore fully black eyes with sparkling whites for pupils and held a trident firmly in her right hand. She eyed Devina up and down, who was starting to twitch nervously.
"Welcome you two to the Typhoon Resort! I'm Katrina! You're just two out of at least forty-four thousand people to have dropped by this year! Please take a look around and enjoy yourself!"
Devina tried her damnedest to avoid eye contact with the demon as she peered into the distance. Over there, she could see a purple-caped male walk up to her, holding a small, writhing baby in his hands. Almost immediately, she recognized his face and the baby.
"Pierce! Larry!"

Chapter 2

Before either of them could think any further, Pierce and Devina locked into each other's arms, offering the other strong comfort as they squeezed each other closely. In the middle of them was the baby Larry, which was cuddled up between them both. As they let go, Katrina greeted them with a grin.
"Is this a couple?" she sneered in glee. "You can get into the Couples Hotel to the west for free!"
Devina almost immediately cowered behind Pierce once she remembered that the hot lady was watching them both hug, hiding behind her friend in shame.
"...We're just old friends." said Pierce as he backed up, twitching his fingers uncomfortably. It was true that they weren't in a relationship, but Pierce didn't really like admitting that he wasn't. He didn't like looking like some sort of pathetic loser. "Nothing personal."
"Oh!" exclaimed the blue demon as she cupped her own mouth. "My apologies, sir! But enough's enough... have you four figured out where you're going to spend the night?"
Black Eyes put his hand underneath his chin and stared at the ground. He had taken Devina on this vacation to help her feel better after all the torment he caused to her... and he didn't know where to take her! He looked up to Katrina and shrugged.
"Well, where do you serve human bodies?" he finally said after a moment of silence. "I'm hungry as hell and you can't expect me to eat normal food when I'm THIS hungry."
"Eww, you think I'd serve human bodies?" she said, sticking her tongue out in disgust. "W-well, maybe I s-should make the suggestion! How 'bout y'all head for the Silent Cafe? It doubles as a coffee shop and a hotel."
"Thank you." said Black Eyes sincerely as he securely gripped Devina's hand. Devina cringed from the pain his sharp fingertips brought into her palm skin. "Let's head in, you two knuckleheads."
"Coming from you." said Pierce whilst rolling his eyes.
"If you have any questions, just contact Mr. Matthew at our administrative building!" beamed Katrina as she clapped her hands in delight.
"Uh, got it!" said Pierce, picking up Devina's body and burying her head into his chest to close off any eye contact with her to the demon. "Thank you, I think."
Devina nodded and held Black Eyes' hand as well as Pierce's, walking forwards with them. It was the dead of night now, and she was feeling tired despite having been up for only a short amount of time. She supposed that if she slept that she could get her energy back so she could enjoy her vacation.
"So, what have you been doing with the baby?" questioned Devina as she yawned, looking at Pierce through the corner of her shaded eye. "I haven't heard from you since I dropped off Larry."
"Kind of a spoiled brat, really." he said, scowling. "Tried to nip at me several times while I was taking care of him. I guess he thinks I'm his mother?"
"Well, you know, you h-"
"Shut up Dev."
Black Eyes chuckled from their discourse as he drew a cigarette from his own chest, lighting it and shoving it in his mouth. Almost immediately as it had went in, Devina slapped it right out of his mouth.
"No smoking around the baby!" hissed Devina to him. "Do you want him to die?
"Well, I mean, that's the point of my old revenge plot." he said, shrugging as he tried to pick up his cigarette again. Much to his dismay, Devina stepped all over it, putting out the flames.
Devina sighed as the three kept strolling down the sandy roads, eventually coming across a moderate-sized building that held at least five floors, with a giant neon coffee mug hanging above the entrance and several windows glowing bright yellow. Below the neon mug was some flashy text that flickered the words "SILENT CAFE".
"I think that's it." said Devina as she walked up to the building.
"You think?" snickered Black Eyes. "You mean, you're not sure?"
"Get that stick out of your ass, Black Eyes."
As Black Eyes felt his posterior in an effort to just slightly irritate Devina more, they were in the building. Even though the name was "Silent Cafe", it took them all by surprise that the building was quiet as it suggested. It was an uncomfortable sort of quiet, with the only thing being heard is the flickering of the lights.
"It's emptier than my soul in here." commented Black Eyes as he made his eyes glow yellow, looking around with them as if they were searchlights. "We're the only beings in this damned place."
"Like we're in a horror movie." muttered Pierce as he felt his way around the cafe walls. As he did this, Larry started whining. "What does the little baby want now?"
"That means he can sense something wrong." said Devina as she quickly ran over to the baby, picking him up. "Perhaps the Silent Cafe isn't really safe? Do we know?"
"Well, the best way to find out is by spending the night." said Black Eyes with an evil grin. "I wanna see what kind of monsters await us here."
Devina and Pierce quickly moved out of the building's entrance.
"Two to one, we're outta here!" said Pierce as he jumped out the entrance.
"Pfft, fine." said Black Eyes grouchily. He didn't like it much that Devina was much wimpier than he at trying out new things let alone experiencing them. "Let's go your way then."
As Black Eyes made a move towards the entrance, the whole building suddenly went dark as Black Eyes let out a loud, piercing mechanical growl. Devina and Pierce felt their eyes widened as Larry's crying got worse.
"Good grief!" shouted Devina. "Black Eyes are you okay!?"
There was no response.
"...Black Eyes!??" shouted Pierce. "Where in the devil's name are you?"
"Yeah, yeah."
Black Eyes stepped out from the entrance, with a dead demon by his feet. He dragged its corpse across the sandy ground, dragging its blue blood everywhere. In one hand, Black Eyes held a pistol.
"Oh!" exclaimed Devina. "Uhh, are you okay?"
"This little demon tried to kill me, I think." he sneered. "Unfortunately, I'm too strong for crap like demons. Not even Fandraxono stands a chance to these abs."
Black Eyes attempted to flex, but all that could be heard was mechanical screeching that felt largely the same as scratching of nails on a chalkboard. The sound was far too piercing for Pierce or Devina for their ears to block, both of them gritting their teeth as they tried to withstand the noise. Larry's crying only got worse.
"Okay, I'll stop because the baby's annoyed." murmured Black Eyes in disappointment. "So, do we just rest on the rocks or...?"
"Here's my suggestion." offered Devina tiredly. "Black Eyes sleeps right on top of me while I sleep on top of Pierce and the baby is secure in Black Eyes' mouth. But if you do anything to that baby Black Eyes, I am going to be the one haunting YOU."
"Sounds good, no one's going to think about taking away a God." sneered Black Eyes as he already laid right on top of her, picking up the baby and putting it in his mouth. It activated his blood lust engine but he dared not puncture his teeth into Larry's flesh. "I mean, I am willing to affectionately protect my friends."
"Whatever you say Black Eyes." muttered Pierce as he drove himself to sleep, trying really hard not to feel crushed underneath them. "Hey you two, can you lose a few pounds before you guys sleep on me again in the future? Thank you."
"H-hey, that's not nice!" growled Devina before quickly feeling the need to sleep. "Okay, I need to sleep anyway... good night..."
"Good night, princess." smirked Black Eyes.
Of them, only Black Eyes remained awake, with Larry having finally gone silent. He chuckled to himself, although tried to keep it minimal so he didn't potentially drop the baby. He was thinking about that whole Silent Cafe thing, though... interested, he got up, spitting the baby into his hand. Miraculously, it had fallen asleep.
"Might as well look in that building again..." he said to himself as he got up, attempting to kiss Devina's forehead before walking off on his own. "I mean, a demon did attack me so... what mysteries await me in there?"
Black Eyes walked into the neon-lit cafe building, calmly holding Larry in his hand as he peered around the building with his gold-lit eyes. He was staring into the darkness of the building's interior and finding no answers, and got no further than he had started with when the front doors closed on them with magic.
"I don't know who's in this place..." began Black Eyes in a whisper that gradually became a louder series of smirks and mischievous giggles. "...but if you think you can mess with me, you're mentally dead."
Suddenly, Black Eyes felt himself trip with the baby, with Larry vanishing into thin air. Black Eyes was really startled and was starting to feel nervous motions as he looked around for Larry. Devina was going to murder him if he didn't have him when she found him.
"Good lord, give me the whining baby and I'll do what you want." he said in an irritated fashion. "You don't have to play dirty with me, I was curious as to why this building was recommended to us when there were already some signs that things were going off the wrong foot for us."
"Alright." boomed a sudden feminine voice from below him. "How about you take that elevator, ride it to the basement, and we'll talk about the brat and what's up from there. You are the Fandraxorcist, right?"
"Ma, there is no other voice quite as sexy as my own." boasted Black Eyes as his mood slowly drifted away from seriousness. "I don't need the damned elevator."
Black Eyes teleported in the room below him, which turned out to be a secret floor not registered by the building in any way whatsoever. Standing in front of him was a lustrous, bikini-clad orange demon lady with red hair flowing down her sides, complete with jewelry coating her arms and legs. In those tender arms was none other than Devina's child.
"You're going to explain to me why you have that baby and why things are already looking quite grim for us." he said in a calm tone. "And if you don't, I have authorities and life insurance to back me up."
"Oh hush." spoke the lady. "Name's Janet, the local owner of the entire Typhoon Island. And... you're right that things are quite going off the wrong foot. But that's because there's some unusual energy here that was coupled up together earlier in this building, which I live under. ...Some of this mysterious energy I could sense from the baby and also from your friend Pierce."
"You mean their obnoxiousness?" asked Black Eyes, trying to sniff at where she was getting at. "Or do you mean their birth status? Because they both have unusual genetics in common, what's it to ya?"
"People of those kinds have been forsaken from coming on the island for years, so we have been trying to kill them." she explained. "Tribes used to live here with similar conditions that have threatened our demonic kind because we were taking land that was rightfully ours. However, we have recently decided to spare you four on the condition that you guys follow some of the things I had in mind."
"Cool, lay them out."
The lady took a deep breath before unrolling a really long line of parchment.
"We are a lovely resort, and would love it if you all stayed at the Silent Cafe for the night." she smiled sultrily. "However, if you refuse to obey these conditions, we will take the baby's life and Pierce's as well. And believe me, demons aren't nice when they're hungry for new genetics."
"Cool, but on a condition." said Black Eyes smoothly. "I'll bring the baby back to Devina, and then we can engage in some things if ya know what I mean. I'm wasted and I really need to feel."
"You're... not even properly equipped for that kind of thing." she murmured, looking up and down at him. "But you know what? What the hell, I'll go get the condoms."

Devina woke up hours later in total bewilderment.
"Larry!?" shrieked Devina as she woke up with a jump, falling down on Pierce and causing him pain. While he was in her lap and Pierce was aching below her, Black Eyes was nowhere to be found. "Damn it Black Eyes! Of course you'd disappear in the middle of the night, man."
"Whutttsss happennin'?" murmured Pierce as he attempted to shake himself awake in spite of his sudden pain levels. "Dev, are you okay?"
"I'm not okay until I find out where that sack of sorry bones is!"
"He's a robo-" began Pierce before his mouth was cupped shut by Devina.
"Shut up Pierce."
The two stood up, with Devina holding Larry in her arms. Instinctively thinking that Black Eyes would be at the cafe as he expressed interest in going there, Devina ran into the building along with Pierce. They could hear all sorts of noise happening from below, particularly metallic growling and drunk singing on Black Eyes' part.
"Oh lord." whispered Devina. "Well, at least we know where he is and what he's doing, right?"
"Can't say I'm surprised that Black Eyes got himself caught up in this." spoke Pierce as he rolled his eyes. Just then, Black Eyes' voice stopped and his head suddenly popped out from under the floor. "WHOA!"
"Hey you two." spoke Black Eyes, somehow panting from his metallic body. "So I checked on this place in the middle of the night and they did indeed plan on killing us. We just have to stay in this cafe and sleep in it every night so we can avoid it, I trust them to not do anything too stupid. But just keep on alert."
"O-okay." said Devina. "So who was down there with you?"
"A thot."
"Come on Black Eyes, you're more mature than that."
"Oh alright." he sighed. "Her name is Janet and she's the manager of the whole island. Just a sexy demon that got my bones rattling if you know what I mean."
"I just got through telling Devina that you're a robo"
"Shut up Pierce." sneered Black Eyes.
Black Eyes fully ascended from the ground, leading the way up a set of stairs. The two followed him, with Black Eyes swinging a key around one of his spiny fingers.
"We got a room, and apparently we share it with a guest, so just treat 'em well okay?" spoke Black Eyes as he walked up the spiraling steps with them. "I wouldn't but... y'know, I can't be a disgrace to mother nature nowadays you know? I have a different reputation set up now."
"I got it, horndog." spoke Devina in a teasing, yet irritated sort of way. It was an interesting clash of moods as they climbed the marble stairs.
As the four walked into their room, labeled "420" (and prompting Black Eyes to make a weed joke), they saw their guest sitting on the bed that they would all end up sharing together.
"Hey there cuties." came the sarcastic laughter of a really tall man, who had electric black-and-red hair, mechanical arms, and a tight business suit covering his front. "So, I know we haven't really met but... I'm Shredder, a typhoon tracker and a man that exchanges goods for friends."

Chapter 3

Devina, Pierce and Black Eyes stared at disbelief at the businessman resting on their bed. Shredder, the well-dressed man, simply grinned as he looked between his three new roommates and the sleeping baby. Devina was sweating from a case of pure nervousness, deeply unsettled from the huge, menacing electric arms on the man's arms, each rusty and bronze with blue electric bolts traveling between the ends.
"Excuse me?" said Black Eyes after a rather brief moment of silence. "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my house?"
"Your house, huh?" sneered Shredder. "Pretty sure this place belongs to Mr. Matthew down at the administrative building, is that not right?"
"Yeah, Mr. Matthew." nodded Pierce. "I was told about him when Katrina welcomed me to the island."
"Wait, so does this place belong to Matthew or Janet?" questioned Black Eyes. "Do you know?"
Shredder went silent as he stopped to think, dropping his right hand above his crotch and electrocuting himself before he got a chance to speak. After a few moments, he weakly got up and looked at Black Eyes.
"Mr. Matthew hosts the resort while Mrs. Janet is controlling of the entire island." explained Shredder weakly as he breathed somewhat obnoxiously. Devina started to cough from rapidly building dusty conditions. "Mr. Matthew hired me to track any typhoons that may just by random chance drift ashore."
"I mean, I guess that makes sense..." spoke up Devina. "I mean, this is the Typhoon Resort. But it's not like there's a hurricane coming, right?"
"Ye- no." spoke Shredder quickly, looking a bit alarmed. "It's a just-in-case kind of th-"
Shredder almost immediately felt himself get picked up by Black Eyes' huge, steel arms. To the robot's surprise, Shredder was really light, and upon closer inspection found that he looked rather starved; with his bones and ribcage in particular showing through his skin.
"Black Eyes!" hissed Pierce, immediately waving a thumbs down gesture as Shredder's maltreated body went quite limp in the robot's arms. "Put him down!"
"Why so flustered?" teased Black Eyes, rattling Shredder's poorly shaped body. "Not telling the truth, eh?"
"L-let me go!" choked out Shredder as he squirmed in the robot's grip, weakly kicking his legs back and forth as he struggled to escape the robot's grip, only to feel his body get even worse. "A-aughh!"
"Put him down!" commanded Devina in a fierce tone, grabbing Shredder's legs. "Let him explain his story and we can ask questions when we're done! How many times have I told you to not act stupid around society?"
"More times than you can count." spoke Black Eyes bitterly as he suddenly loosened his grip on the businessman's body, watching it crash to the floor. "I think this is the fifth time."
As Devina tried to prepare an insult to reflect back on Black Eyes, Shredder got back up and immediately stretched himself out. He looked at the others in a state of confusion, bleeding from the areas that Black Eyes had just been pinching.
"So what I was trying to sa-" began Shredder before he vomited on the ground in front of him, causing Devina and Pierce to quickly step back. "What I was trying to say was a typhoon's not coming, I'm just making sure there's not one and to prevent anyone else from going after one in fear that they might die doing so."
"Couldn't the demons look over to see if a hurricane was coming?" spoke Devina curiously as she started hearing ominous smacking from the floor. "Why do they need a tracker like you to do that?"
"Just trust what I say and we're good." said Shredder. "It's not lik- ARRRGHHHH!!"
Instead of backing away moments before, Black Eyes had slumped to the ground and consumed Shredder's vomit, smacking on it vigorously. Totally disgusted, Devina and everyone's eyes turned away from the robot, with Devina holding her stomach in fear that she might throw up and see Black Eyes eat her own puke.
"What the LIVING HELL, Black Eyes?" screamed Devina as shivers boosted up and down her spine. "W-what the hell!? W-why would you consume that??"
"Human testicles, human vomit, human heart, what's the difference?" laughed Black Eyes as he stood back up. "All just fuel for that horribly gruesomely handsome part of myself."
Pierce, absolutely disgusted, flinched and left the room. They could hear several doors shut before they could hear him drop the F bomb very loudly outside the cafe.
"K-keep it d-down Black Eyes..." murmured Devina. "P-please... d-don't take away our special vacation b-by doing things like t-that..."
"Alright, alright, fine." scowled Black Eyes, feeling his eyes glow dark. "Disrupt my typical meal consumption cycle, will you? But I will recede from doing it... for you. And only for you."
"Okay, thank you."
Shredder closed his eyes as he held his (deactivated) electrical arms in front of them, laying back on the bed as he attempted to regain his composure as soon as possible. The baby woke up and started to cry, causing a racket and getting everyone agitated.
"Damn baby!" cursed Black Eyes. "Why didn't Pierce take him with him! He was the one who brought the stupid child here to begin with!"
"Hey, don't insult Larry like th-" began Devina before she started showing annoyance as well. "Please stop Larry... shut up..."
"Both of you shut up!" spoke Shredder fiercely as he sat back, fully energized and ready to continue the conversation. "Let's stop doing filler and get into what we're supposed to: what I need you two to do while we share this hotel room together."
"You mean us four, right?" said Devina in an attempt to correct him.
"No, I mean you two!" smiled Shredder in a malicious way. "I am reassigning rooms for that weird-ass boy and the baby so that it's easier to carry conversations between you two. You two are important for me to talk to because you both have to do with my typhoon plans."
"...Plans?" spoke out Black Eyes. "We didn't come here to do work, you know."
"...That can be rearranged." spoke Shredder, his mouth forming a devilish, toothy grin. "I'm sorry that you fell for the trap."
Devina and Black Eyes simultaneously slapped their foreheads as they were told that they chose a trap rather than a paradise. Shredder appeared to sympathize for them, as his smile faded away and became a look of melancholy and sadness instead.
"Look on the bright side... it's just some testing work." said Shredder. "You two just have to test rides and test the stuff we've prepared for this resort. What do you two think? I mean, it's a requirement if you want to stay on this island but I think it's a good treatment."
"Mehh, fine." spoke Black Eyes as he rolled his eyes. "If I was good enough to be trapped, then I guess there's a reason to serving this island. Is it just Devina and I or...?"
"Yeah, just you two." responded Shredder. "Pierce and Larry will have other things set up for them. Trust me, everything will be fine according to the executor Matthew and from the information I got from assistant Felix."
"I...I don't trust you or any of the demons with t-the baby." spoke up Devina, her lip quivering as she thought of her baby getting demolished. "H-how will I know if it's safe?"
"If I have to send in a demon here to help you and Black Eyes relax-"
Black Eyes suddenly roared in laughter.
"I'm already relaxed, you just got no chill." grinned Black Eyes as his mischievous behavior returned. "But I agree that you should help Devina relax. But I'm not leaving her in a room full of things that'll torment her. That's my job!"
Devina giggled a little, but still showed concern as Shredder tilted his head.
"Fine, you can stay in the room." said Shredder before directing his eyes on Devina. "Devina, to help out with you, I'm going to send in the demon known as Carol who will help ensure that everything's going to be fine. Black Eyes, if trouble starts, just leave the girls to it. They can solve issues on their own without you calling them names."
"It's fine you twit, I can crouch in the corner and consume whatever comes out of my rec-"
"Black Eyes, if you need to eat something, eat animals off the beach." said Devina sternly, weakening from the idea of a demon girl in her room. "G-good god."
"Alright, fine." said Black Eyes, yawning. "Well, might as well bring the demon in. I want to make sure that both this 'Carol' person and I are in agreement with each other before any other arrangements are made..."
Shredder smirked.
"I'll go call for her." grinned Shredder mischievously. "I won't return tonight, but Carol will ensure that Devina is more than just well-rested and happy by the time tomorrow begins."
Before Black Eyes could add a comment, Shredder dashed off and out of the room, dropping a bunch of papers. Muttering a string of curse words under his breath, he was able to pick up all but one, which Black Eyes snatched in the middle of the confusion. Shortly after picking up the rest of the papers, the businessman made haste, secretly carrying away the baby.
"I'm a little nervous about h-having someone over that I-I'm not even remotely familiar with." stammered Devina a bit as she shivered. "Do y-you think it's a bad idea?"
"Well, obviously I can't stop it..." began Black Eyes, trailing off. "...but I don't think that it'll be a bad experience. Trust me, I think you'll be fine. Just remember that you are you and your body is yours, and you have control over yourself. You don't get that advice from me very often because I'd only give you actually useful advice."
"T-thanks." smiled Devina, embracing Black Eyes. "Tomorrow, umm... I guess we'll be doing that theme park testing stuff? I hope w-we can enjoy it together..."
"Meh, maybe." shrugged Black Eyes. "Your armpits smell real good."
"That's n-not a compliment!" shrieked Devina in embarrassment. "I-I..."
Dashing into her pockets, Devina popped out a thing of deodorant and rubbed down her armpits with grape lotion. A thousand times better. Black Eyes looked moderately enthused.
"Aw. But raw garbage is a great smell."
Before the two had more of a chance to settle down, Devina's mouth went agape at the figure awaiting at the door. Red in color and wearing black, this demon stood at a height taller than Black Eyes' 7'0" self and wore very Gothic clothing, wearing an extraordinarily clean pair of spectacles and the finest of black hair, which was puffed out in all directions and spiraled down her back. Devina gulped as she started sweating hard.
"Hey thot." said Black Eyes, knowing that Devina wasn't going to care when she was this nervous.
"O-oh no, d-did you see t-that whole scenario?" whimpered Devina as she started sinking away at how beautiful this demon was. "Y-you're not Carol, are you?"
"I am Carol, yes~" she smiled, immediately teleporting over to Devina. "I saw, honey... it was cute to see you all flustered like that in front of your boyfriend."
Black Eyes chuckled mechanically as Devina wore a strong blush, looking away from the demon. Carol slid her fingers down Devina's backside, calmly massaging her as she leaned her front across her backside. Devina shivered from the demon's cold touch, but started to relax in her arms.
"What a neat woman you picked up sir..." grinned the demon as she stroked Devina's neck. "Where'd you find her?"
"Down in Blackstar City for the cheap price of $24.99, immediately agreed to being my wife." grinned Black Eyes. "My name's the Fandraxorcist, but you can just call me daddy."
"...I never suggested you were hot." frowned Carol, getting Black Eyes to freeze with embarrassment. "But nice attempt! You might just attract the ugly."
Black Eyes practically fumed with embarrassment and building anger as Carol embraced Devina, taking her into her arms and cuddling with her on the floor. He had to admit though that it was nice that Devina wasn't getting tortured or otherwise deceived. He started to notice that he was feeling tired...
"I'm going to sleep, good night Dev." said Black Eyes, yawning as he flopped over and slammed his metallic front against the floor, causing a shake good enough to slightly lift Devina and Carol into the air. "See ya in the morrow."
"Night..." whispered Devina, her breath thinning as she relaxed in this demon's cold hands. "T-thank you... I don't deserve this treatment."
"Oh, of course you do..." spoke Carol in her tender, soothing voice, giving Devina all the attention she believes the poor woman needs. "You're just as special as anyone~!"
"Hahh... okay..."
Carol kissed Devina's cheek, getting onto the bed and pulling her up onto it, securing her in her arms to the best of her ability. To Devina's surprise, Carol felt...warm to cuddle against even if her touch was a totally different story. Maybe it was a temperature difference between the different parts on her body.
"So Devina... I heard you get stressed easily..." whispered Carol, playing with her shoulders and neck comfortably. "What removes that stress from you? What's the missing puzzle piece?"
"I... I just like being loved..." sighed Devina dreamily, starting to feel sleepy in Carol's arms. "I... why do I feel so..."
Carol slipped her way into Devina's mind, putting it to ease. The love was so real here that everything but Carol faded from Devina's field of vision. Carol's mind... it wasn't possessing anything malicious, that's something that the writer of this story can promise. Carol is just a succubus, and a gentle and caring one at that. She loved how innocent Devina was, how warm she was to hold...
"There, there... everything's okay Devina..."
"Okay... hahhh..."
Devina felt a vision. There was something snapping inside of her that felt so... good. She could see her old girlfriend again, prior to Black Eyes tearing her apart. She could see that girl... was her name Holly? Her mind was a blur as she tried to think more clearly about it.
"I know you miss her..." whispered Carol, massaging behind her ears. "But... nothing much can be done about it anymore. Just believe me that things will get better... and you will find someone you like."
Carol kissed her cheek.
"But I'm afraid that we will be sleeping now..."
Carol squeezed Devina's stomach, hugging her and spooning with her.
"Good night..."
Even though Devina was lost in thoughts, she was able to utter a good night as her mind was peacefully rested. Carol smiled, sleeping in with her.

"What are you doing with the baby?" asked Pierce as he struggled to make it out of his chains. "Tell me, now or I will... rise up to do something violent..."
"Maybe you'll understand when I read this paper..." smiled Shredder. "So, the beginning of what I'm going to do very soon i- where's the first page??"
"You lost your plans?" muttered Pierce, almost laughing. "How cute, Shredder."
"I lost the very first page!! How?"
"You probably dropped it." said Pierce, rolling his eyes as he chuckled away. "Maybe you should look around to make sure you don't miss something next time."
Shredder was about ready to raise his fist before he sighed, pulling it down.
"Perhaps I'll beat you another time." responded Shredder in an angry tone. "But I can't execute these plans without the paper... how about you two get soft drinks or something? You can get them in the hallway."
"Don't mind if I do, thanks buddy." grinned Pierce as he dashed out of the room with Larry. "If only I could escape this damned building..."
"Heh, don't think about it."
Little did Shredder know, that clutched in Black Eyes' claws, was the first sheet of paper.

Chapter 4

"Devina, you awake?"
Devina was just barely able to open her eyes and immediately flinched when she could make out Shredder's shape and vaguely hear his voice. Now on alert, she scuttled awake, rattling in the bed and disturbing the sleeping Carol right next to her.
"Devy..." murmured Carol as she yawned, opening her blood-red eyes. "What's wrong hon?"
"I suppose it's the pure shock that someone as ugly as I am is right here." responded Shredder. "I mean, I wouldn't want to wake up to see me either. Anyway, you need to get the hell out of bed, Devina."
Devina grumbled as she stumbled out of bed, shakily putting on her shoes as she tried to keep her composure. She had completely forgotten that she was in the newly formed reality where she must test out some rides for Shredder, and now sorrowfully missed the warm arms that had been around her just less than five minutes ago. Black Eyes also stirred, his eyes booming right open.
"Why five in the morning?" inquired Black Eyes as his mechanical innards shook around, his head making a whirring noise as his teeth cleaned themselves. "You're going to give Devina sleep deprivation."
"Y-yeah..." said Devina, tweaking her glasses and blinking. "Good lord, Shredder."
"You guys slept in at like 6 at night, you just had eleven hours of rest!" hissed Shredder as his patience suddenly wore away. "Jeez, you guys are greedy."
"Maybe less so than your mom." snickered Black Eyes, laughing as if he had told the world's best joke and made money off of it. "I mean, why else do you have eleven siblings?"
"Look-" began Shredder before he quickly paused. "Wait, how do you know that I have that many siblings??"
"What don't Gods know, Shreddy pissbag?" laughed Black Eyes, folding his arms and locking them together. "I can't read one's thoughts unless they express fear, but I have knowledge of family history through an extensive database! Being an indestructible robot is a total blast!"
Shredder sighed and chose to not respond to Black Eyes.
"Anyway." he said, ending the meaningless conversation he held with Black Eyes. "So you two are going to test the park rides and stuff today. But... I've had something of a change of heart. I just want you two to test the rollercoaster here in the resort and that's it."
"The rollercoaster?" laughed Black Eyes. "You mean those things that go up, down, all around, and upside-down?"
"Ohh, this is bad." smirked Shredder. Pulling a gadget from his pocket, he smirked at the two. "Just look out the window and see for yourselves."
Devina, shivering, walked over to the window with the definitely more comfortable Black Eyes. With the click of the red button present on Shredder's device, a huge steel track, colored in red, grey and blue, rose up from underground, circling the mountains and coming with many steep drops and inversions. Devina gulped as the ride showed off a 150 degree drop, with Shredder smiling at them both.
"Ride this monster and prove that it works!" grinned Shredder slyly. "I promise you that you won't die on this, but you may be feeling quite dizzy afterwards! Just leave anything else to us."
"O-oh my god..." whimpered Devina, hiding in Black Eyes' shower. "N-no! I won't..."
"Now that's what I call a rollercoaster!" beamed Black Eyes as he smiled wide in delight. "We'll take this baby on!"
Shredder evilly grinned.
"So it's settled." said Shredder as a final confirmation, with Devina opening her mouth but not objecting. "Great. You two will be led by Carol down to the dock. Carol, lead the way."
Without even remotely objecting to the idea of sending Devina and Black Eyes to an unarguably very dangerous rollercoaster, Carol skipped ahead of them, racing across the beach.
"Well, we're s-screwed." murmured Devina. "I-I... w-why didn't you tell them t-that we weren't g-going?"
"I'm pretty sure the demons can mess around with us if we don't." said Black Eyes, looking at her sternly. "Trust me, I knew what I was doing."
"H-how can I trust y-you when you were trying to s-sorta k-kill m-me not t-that long ago??" she said, enraged. "Y-you got us into this m-mess and... and..." she vented on, her voice trailing off. "And... n-now I have to r-ride that stupid rollercoaster..."
"Well, we're not going to die Devina." responded the robot, trying to reassure her. "Look, if things go wrong, I will take responsibility for saying that things are going to be fine. But I am highly positive that things are going to go just fine. I know I've done wrong things before, but give me a chance. If I really wanted you dead, I could honestly do it right now."
"You say that, but the last time you reassured me, things were still going horribly!" she hissed. "Come on Black Eyes! Do the right thing and let's stay off the ride!!"
"Worthless drama." responded Black Eyes, starting to lose his patience. "Look, you need to realize that we should do what they say or things will get worse. We would have to get off the island, but how? By swimming? Total rubbish, I'd rust away and you'd drown.
"Black Eyes, you damn well listen to me!" she fired up, ignoring what he said. "What about Larry? Pierce? We can't just leave them here, what if something bad happens to them?"
"Something bad will happen to them if we resist anyway, we need to just take the ride and we'll go home and play billiards." he said, trying to keep himself nice and calm. "Look, just know that things are going to be fine, more than you can imagine."
Devina took a long, deep breath.
"Hey you two, you're holding stuff up!" shouted Carol from up ahead. "I can't start the ride if you two aren't there!"
Devina and Black Eyes exchanged angry, but silent glances before racing forward to meet up with Carol. Devina's heartrate pumped to higher levels as they approached the gigantic steel train, with the rails glittering in the just-visible rays of light. Devina shivered as she climbed the platform steps.
"You two..." whispered Carol. "So, umm... I need to talk to you two about something regarding this ride..."
"What?" whispered Devina. "What's up?"
"The ride... doesn't connect to the end of it." spoke out Carol quietly. "I mean like... you'll just be tossed off of a cliff and into the sea. Granted, you two would be safe with only minor injuries, but it's all just a diversion to buy Shredder some time. He can't find a sheet of paper that's connected with his plans, so he's trying to get rid of you two so you two don't get in his way."
"Rude." spoke out Black Eyes. He touched the coaster itself, looking at its sleek, flame-based design. "Shame that this awesome skull-like design got wasted though."
"I'm glad we don't have to ride it..." murmured Devina. But right after she said that, her body fizzed out. "Wait, we don't have to ride it, right?
"I'm afraid you two actually have to..." whimpered Carol, shuddering from the idea. "I'm so sorry, but I can't get you two out of this one. You'll just have to face the music."
Black Eyes' hollow eyes suddenly lit up.
"Wait, he's missing a piece of paper?" piped up Black Eyes. He quickly unfolded his hand, revealing a crumpled, almost torn sheet of paper. "You mean this garbage?"
"Ohh!" said Carol in surprise. "Can I have it? I promise to deliver it back to Shredder and we'll both cancel this operation."
"Hmm..." said Black Eyes in thought. To the horror of both Devina and Carol, he lifted the paper to his mouth and crushed it apart with his wide jaws. "Nah. I ain't giving him the pleasure of what that paper had written down on it, and I'm not telling you what was on it either. I don't trust you demon lady."
"Ugh, Black Eyes why??" screamed Devina from the bottom of her lungs. "God!!"
Carol frowned as she looked down at the ground, shaking. Black Eyes had destroyed something that could prove fatal if it wasn't handed over to Shredder. Yet, with the contents of the paper unknown, Black Eyes could have potentially done something good too? It was impossible to tell -- but Black Eyes had confirmed that he's read it at least once.
"Well, no need to talk about what was on that paper." said Black Eyes after a moment of cold, awkward silence. "What matters, however, is that we get off this part of the island and take the other two with us. But first off, we're going to raid the Silent Cafe and rob it of some of its possessions so that we can still have fun on the island. It's not too late for that."
"Black Eyes, we're going to die!" shouted Devina angrily. "You KNOW the demons are strong and you're going to try and STEAL from them?? Get the hell out of my life."
"If it weren't for me, you wouldn't be so CAUTIOUS about every little thing!" he hissed. "I gave you life by allowing you to live. I'm a demon and you damn well know it! I could rip you apart! But no, I'm trying to be your friend! Stop doubting everything I say because I actually know what the hell I'm doing! Nobody's going to stop me, because I'm damn perfect for crap like this!"
"Oh yeah, you being perfect." spat Devina, getting all up in his face. "I have some news for you, then! YOU'RE NOT INVINCIBLE TO EVERYTHING JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A DAMN GOD!"
"YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER STUPID MORTAL!" shouted Black Eyes, raising his fist. "LISTEN TO ME, DAMN IT!"
Black Eyes looked as if he were about to strike, but his fist and connected arm shook, as if he was being hesitant on the idea of attacking Devina. He put down his clawed arm, simply breathing heavily.
"Devina, you can be stubborn all you want, but I want you to go fuc-"
"STOP!" shouted the shrill, weak voice of Carol. "You two want to steal? Go right ahead, I'm going to help you two and help fend off any demons that try and stop you!"
"What do you kn-" began Black Eyes, but reconsidered his words just before continuing the rest of what he had to say. Subsequently, he felt himself calm down. "Eh, forget it. Welcome aboard, thot."
"Thanks." said Carol, standing by their side. "Look... I know that everything's in a rough spot but I don't want you two to leave this island. Please don't... I can't bear being lonely any longer."
"What?" inquired Devina, also managing to lose her steam. "What do you mean?"
"The demons..." whispered Carol. "They've made me do countless work for the visitors that come here. Nobody is caring, and all those people die anyway. I can't lose people I really like, my choices for friends are super limited..."
"Wait, hold up!" said Devina. "Do you mean that everyone you touch dies?"
"T-that's not what I mean!" stammered Carol. "What I meant is that every year, a typhoon comes aboard the island and smashes it up, killing all the tourists! The tourists' souls go down to this demon below the island that collects them and uses them to make continuously stronger typhoons year after year! And the one he's going to unleash this year is really big!"
Carol sighed and shivered. Devina slowly embraced her, with Black Eyes standing against the rollercoaster's cart as he watched the demon cry black blood.
"You two don't know how much danger you and everyone else here is." she continued. "Once the huge demon comes up from below, named 'Perfect Storm', he's going to send this huge hurricane that'll sweep every land and travel out of the planet to destroy the rest of the Zaxinian Lifts!"
"Oh dear." spoke Black Eyes. "It's a shame that we don't got any immortals around here... oh wait! We have my sexy, able-bodied self!"
"You can't stop it you fool." responded Carol. "To defeat the demon down below, you need to make a really unwanted sacrifice of something you really love. But it has to be incredibly strong and something that you will really, really miss. It can be anyone, but the person performing the sacrifice needs to have been kissed by a demon here, or the giant won't listen... and because I rebelled as of now..."
Carol gave Devina a huge kiss on the lips, with the young woman squirming as she blushes in surprise.
"...You can be able to give that sacrifice. You will be able to, right Devina?"
Devina paused. But what could she sacrifice? Not Larry, obviously... that'd be extremely selfish... but what can she really do now that she's trusted to destroy this demon with an incredible sacrifice? She doesn't know, she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to find out...
"I think so." said Devina after a moment of thinking. "Let's do the raid, pick up Larry and Pierce, and wheel out of this part of the resort."
"We can go to the ruins on the other side of the island, that area is generally abandoned." spoke Carol, clearly in deep thought. "There's a lady there known as Arikan, who's been majorly responsible for a lot of provoked attacks on the Typhoon Resort and is a good reason why demons generally fear her and her kind..."
"What can that douche even do?" questioned Black Eyes, showing an unusual level of concern. "I mean, she tried to kill Devina and I as this huge multi-headed shark shortly before we even came to his miserable island..."
"She can give us help on how to deal with the demons, given that she's survived them for years." responded Carol. "We have little other choice, just don't let her looks fool you or deceive you in any way and you're good. Also only talk to her outside of her house, you only need to see what you actually need to."
"What do you mean by that?" asked Devina.
"You're better off not knowing, I've lost my sister that way."
Carol got up, offering the two her hands.
"Ready to head back to the cafe?" questioned Carol. "We should get there as soon as possible if we want to save Pierce and Larry together."
"Let's go." spoke Devina, quickly grabbing her hand and racing across the beach with her. "To freedom we come, to freedom we come~"

"Blast it!" shouted Shredder in frustration as he threw the rest of his papers down. "How do I start my plans without the LITERAL FIRST STEP?"
"Just release us already, you psychotic maniac." fussed Pierce, trying to fight his ropes. "You've already done enough to Larry and I..."
There were several scars all over his body as well as Larry's, with both of them having sustained heavy, painful injuries from getting whipped by other demons present in the room. This included Katrina and Janet, two ladies met earlier on in the adventure.
"You two don't understand a single thing." laughed Shredder. "Understandable for Larry, but don't you see Pierce? We're supposed to... be able to set off the storm by killing you two in a specific way, but I don't remember how it starts! So until we can get that paper, we're going to keep whipping you two. Free brownies afterwards!"
The two received heavy whips from Janet and a demon known as Wilma.
"I feel like this is somebody's nightmare come to life in article form, specifically my nightmare where I'm at the circus and a bunch of clowns keep feeling me up while speaking in Spanish." spoke Pierce as he felt heavy pain from the burns in his ass. "But I'm more amazed at how these demons are whipping me using only one hand."
"You have the stupidest thought process in the world." said Janet from behind him.
"Wait!" said Pierce as Katrina whipped him hard across the back. "ACKK! H-hell... Shredder, w-why are you suddenly evil? You used to be n-nice!"
"Oh, I just got a pay raise. That's all."
Shredder felt this buzzing noise in his pocket.
Shredder chuckled, holding out another device with a red button strapped onto it.
"I warned you three to heed my commands..."

Chapter 5

It didn't take very long for Devina and her trope to return to the Silent Cafe. There, they found it seemingly empty, with not a single light turned on and no voices to be heard. The early morning air smelled just like cinnamon... a strange scent, but it was a pleasant one for Devina.
"Smells like the cinnamon buns my mother used to make." whispered Devina as she gazed up and down at the cafe's front. "Come on, we have a job to do."
With no objections, Black Eyes and Carol followed this young lady inside. They quickly got to work, with Devina racing over to a kitchen and stuffing a nearby bag full of jars of honey and bags of bread, taking a butter knife and holding up her bags. The gigantic robot stormed down the hallway on his light toes to search for Pierce and Larry, his hollow eyes full of bright light, using them like searchlights to find Devina's friends. Carol contributed by hijacking a jeep from behind the building, bringing it to the front.
Devina filled another bag with board games and their appropriate pieces, also putting in some bowling pins as she stacked the bag on top of the other. Devina may be more cowardly than the rest, but there was no denying that she can be pretty strong. Carol aided her directly by putting a big bag around the food and the games, keeping them together so Devina could hold it more easily. They didn't hear anything but their own footsteps and their own humming. Occasionally they could hear Black Eyes' miniature growling; meant to scare off small animals like rats.
Black Eyes walked back, empty-handed as he stared at the two. He was kind of stunned at how they were able to complete their jobs but he wasn't able to handle his own mission. He was the first one to speak after the prolonged silence.
"Haven't found either of them." said Black Eyes as he watched Devina struggling to hold up her big bag. "But my nose can catch their disgusting mortal smell... have you ever eaten dead human bits? They smell far worse than they taste."
"Eugh, don't describe that." responded Devina as she used her free hand to plug her nose from the thought. "They have to be here somewhere then if you can still feel their presence, though. You sure you checked everywhere?"
"I've only checked the ground floor, but there seems to be no passage to upstairs." he said. "The demons might have sealed away the entrance to the stairs."
"That's unfortunate." said Carol. "Well, they might have become the demons' fodder now. Maybe Shredder finally remembered what was written on the paper."
"That nonsense is stupid." remarked Black Eyes, folding his arms as he put on a cocky smile. "I know what was on that paper, and Shredder would need remarkably good memory to know what he wrote on that crap. And it was really stupid anyway..."
"What did it say?" inquired Carol.
"I ain't telling you!" exclaimed Black Eyes, suddenly pushing his arms out. "What if they have security cameras latched all over the place? I know Shredder would need it by now!"
"Let's not turn this into a pointless argument." said Devina as he headed towards the entrance. "Look, there has to be a way up to the next floor. Wait, aren't you a demon Carol? Bring us up there!"
"O-oh right!" said Carol as she whipped out a thin staff, the wand glowing at its white tip. With a bit of incomprehensible muttering, a lock could be heard breaking and a staircase formed right in front of them. "O-oh whew!"
Wasting no time, Black Eyes and Carol ascended the stairs. Black Eyes turned his head 90 degrees to face Devina, who was waiting at the bottom.
"You stay outside." he said to Devina sternly in a loud tone. "You really don't know what's up here, our immortal selves will live through any trap set up here. I let you help on the bottom floor, but I didn't realize what real dangers could be lurking around. Leave the building and evacuate, the four of us will catch up."
"But what about Larry?" said Devina with her hesitation pronounced through her teeth. "I can't leave without my baby now, you know!"
"Your baby's going to be fine." he said. "Trust me. I'm your friend now."
Without even saying something like goodbye, Black Eyes vanished into thin air, leaving behind no trace. Knowing that she better bolt out of the building as Black Eyes told her to do such, Devina heaved her heavy bag into her arms and dashed right out the front doors, just barely missing them shut right behind her.
"I-I hope they're going to be okay..." breathed Devina, leaning against the front doors. "O-oh F-Fandraxono, why a-are t-these things happening? W-why don't you d-do anything to help those in need of h-help?"
"I guess your friend didn't make the right decision." whispered a voice into her ear all of a sudden. Her anxiety totally triggered, Devina swerved her head to the right. There was no one there. "It would have been a better idea if you went with him..."
"P-please unveil yourself." whimpered Devina as she backed up against the door. "O-or leave me alone!"
"What fun would there be in doing that?" giggled the soft voice. "Oh, you silly mortal~"
"I-I will get Black Eyes to destroy you if you don't leave me alone!" shouted Devina, although all her efforts to break free were futile. "Stop!"
The clinking of glasses could be heard, and orange hands held themselves around Devina. Devina was starting to show heat in her face, totally embarrassed as bits of a demonic body held themselves around her. Devina was having a really hard time resisting.
"W-wha?" gasped Devina weakly.
"Alright..." announced the sweet, lustrous voice. Without warning, the door behind Devina was forced open, with Devina falling onto the floor of the cafe and an orange demon lady materializing in front of her. It was Janet, but Devina couldn't recognize her given she's never met her. "Mmmm... y-you seem a little flushed, dearie..."
Devina could not help but flinch as the demon lady bent down to caress her cheek. She was practically frozen to the door; she could not get up at all.
"You're vulnerable, hm? Attracted to those different than the kind you are?" she grinned, tickling Devina's sides. "It's so shameful that you can't keep that away, huh?"
"No, please s-stop!" exclaimed Devina in fear, writhing under the demon's control uncomfortably. "Stay off!"
"Mmmm, I think there's more things I want than you just on the ground..."
Devina's face was burning hard, trying to divert her attention away from Janet. It was really difficult to, with her eyes constantly flickering towards Janet's emerald ones. Janet could really tell that Devina was struggling to keep control over herself.
"I'll give you your two friends back if you meet my conditions..." mewled the demon. "You five can obey my every whim until it's time for you two to go back home, or you can have them killed and you can live here as my personal wife... I need that something... that oomph, and I want you to give it~"
"N-No!" said Devina sternly, starting to show signs of overthrowing Janet's control. "Too many rapey things have happened to me before for me to fall for this one."
"Hmph, should have figured for someone who's lived with that Black Eyes fiend for a while." scoffed Janet as she laid down on top of Devina. "Come on, just take my offer and you're going to be happy... I'll be happy... whether or not those others are happy doesn't matter because they'll all die anyway..."
"Hey, how about you stay the hell off of me?" said Devina, showing much better resistance as she used both her feet to push Janet off of her and into the wall. "You get on me again and I'm going to show far worse!"
Just then, several demons entered the room, on Janet's side as they faced Devina with aggressive expressions. But this didn't seem to scare Devina in the slightest; if anything she showed more determination, taking a glass bottle of water out from her bag and smashing its edge against the floor.
"What?" exclaimed Janet in a sort of fear as the sharp end of the bottle was held up against the demons. "H-hey!"
"You touch me, you get hurt." warned Devina. "But touch my friends, and there'll be a bloodbath in this room!"
Janet slyly smiled despite her newly formed nervousness.
"What do you plan on doing, killing us with a sad bottle?" she cooed, trying to put Devina off her newfound confidence. But it wasn't working out for the demon. "O-oh?"
Janet and the other demons, instead of backing away, instead chose to close in more on Devina. Now she couldn't escape just by pushing through -- knowing that escape was limited, Devina held her bottle close to her own face. When a male, muscular demon made his way towards Devina to knock her down, Devina immediately smashed its sharp blades into his face.
"A-ARRGHHH!" roared the demon as he stepped back, clumsily knocking over other demons. "H-HELL WITH Y-YOU!"
"W-what??" gasped Janet as she cupped her mouth. "B-but we're immortal!"
With little warning, demons apart from Janet started heading towards Devina, hands outstretched as they readied themselves to put her down to rest. With no hesitation, Devina slashed her bottle in two others' faces, screaming in a war cry as she started fumbling around for other water bottles, tossing them into every face she could see. Countless blood flowed from the cut-up, internally bleeding demons as they fell down around her, with demons starting to trip over each other as they all tried to go in for the kill.
"No, f-fight!" said Janet, watching the battle with horror. "Fight, my demons! It's just some mortal!"
"S-she's too empowered with r-rage!" screamed a demon as he went down. "S-strong emotions can actually a-affect demons if b-blows are made!"
Janet, pissed off, went in to attack Devina herself, but quickly found herself thrown down onto her feet as she tripped over tossed chess pieces, falling onto a bunch of Lego bricks. Struggling to get back up, Devina put her foot on Janet's head, pressing it down as she knocked the remaining demons unconscious with her fists.
"N-no!" squealed Janet in fear. "P-please, have mercy!"
Using her rage, Devina tied up Janet in rope, just as Black Eyes and Carol came down the steps. The rope, powered with the young woman's sudden burst of rage, prevented Janet from being able to escape. Devina taped her mouth shut, picking up the squirming body.
"Wow, is that Janet?" said Black Eyes, grinning as he walked down the steps. "Damn, what a weakling."
"Devina must have found the strength to take her." explained Carol. "Mortals are typically no match for demons, but Devina must have... built something up. It must have been great rage."
"I don't know about all of that, but what matters is that Janet is captured and that most of these demons are unconscious." said Devina. "Do you two have Pierce and Larry?"
Just as she said that, those two descended down the steps, with Pierce grinning as he saw the almost-perfectly-fine Devina standing with the horrid demon in her arms.
"Devina!" shouted Pierce with glee as he held the baby in his arms, racing down the steps to hug Devina real tightly. "God, we missed you!"
"Oh my god, I missed you two as well!" grinned Devina. "Glad to see you two back!"
"Yeah, they were totally unguarded by the time the alert for you in the lobby was sounded on the top floor." said Carol. "Pierce said they were going to be terminated today because the paper Shredder was missing was still not found... for obvious reasons."
Black Eyes burped.
"Yep." confirmed Black Eyes. "Larry's fine, too. But Shredder is still around, and Matthew knows that the five of us are going to escape. Although, may I question what happened, Devina? I told you to go outside."
"This demon lady..." said Devina. "Janet, her name was? She dragged me back in and got these demons in after saying that I could be granted the safety of you guys if she was allowed to do anything she wanted with us, or me in particular. But I refused."
"That's horrible." whimpered Carol. "But we can't leave her here... we might as well take her body with us."
"This thot?" said Black Eyes. "No way... you won't believe how great that sexual intercourse was when my chainsaw ripp-"
Devina put a hand over Black Eyes' mouth.
"You don't need to explain. We know."
"B-but I don't know about t-that-" began Coral before Pierce cupped her mouth.
"You don't need to know." said Pierce.

Having prepared resources, the five climbed aboard the Jeep still waiting next to the cafe, with Black Eyes in the driver's seat and Carol holding Janet's body.
"Oh hell no, you ain't going to drive Black Eyes." said Devina with alarm as she pushed the robot into the opposing seat. "If you drive, you're going to take this thing forward at a hundred miles an hour and smash it into a tree."
"Well, duh."
"We won't live though!" hissed Devina, but their minor dispute was quickly stopped by Pierce offering to take the wheel. "Good idea, Pierce! You can actually see where you're going."
Pierce prepared to start the car, but realized that there was actually no key in the ignition -- and that there was no key in the Jeep.
"Damn it!" yelled Pierce. "There's no key to this Jeep!"
"Oh no." said Devina. "Carol, do you know where it is? I know this is demon's property, so I'm wondering...?"
"I think Janet has it..." said Carol. "Look away, please..."
With no explanation and some aggressive muffling noises from Janet, the key was given successfully to Pierce. The Jeep started, going off at 50 miles an hour as they sped away from the cafe.
"Where are we going?" said Pierce to Black Eyes, who was cleaning his mechanical insides. "Please do not do that."
"Other side of the island, where uhh... there's ruins and stuff?" he said, looking back at Carol. "Oh, errm... I didn't need to do see that. But can you confirm that there's ruins and stuff there?"
"Yeah." said Carol, looking away from Black Eyes. "You're... right."
"Gotcha." said Pierce. "Past that mountain?"
"Past that mountain."

Over the mountains they drove, under the bridges they traveled, and demons they swerved around. The road to the other side of the island wasn't a very rough one, but it certainly required endurance, with the riders getting continuously more bored as time went on. But they were getting closer.
"I'm sorry for acting so stubborn over the course of our vacation." murmured Devina to Black Eyes. "I shouldn't have gotten so riled up."
"It's okay Dev, just know that we're not enemies unless you want us to be." he responded, grinning. "But hey, I'm happy to be your friend and I think that we got something good going even if we're, like, totally different people at heart."
Devina smiled.
"You're so twisted but I love you." said Devina, holding his shoulder. "Erm, maybe not in the romantic way but... I think you're a good friend for sure."
"Cool." grinned Black Eyes. "I think you're a rad friend that's there to help balance me out. There has to be checks to the things I do sometimes, once I started living with you I wanted to start getting more reckless because I loathed not having it with me."
"And I get to have a few adventures." grinned Devina. "I love that I get to have some fun with you now instead of... you know, running away from you all the time."
"And it got tiresome not catching you." he replied. "Jefferson Jackson was a lazy homo, Dysini was horrible, Mallory's ghost was pathetic, and the Echeno was surprisingly ineffective. I got bored, so bored! It was fun to stalk but I lost having any enjoyment in doing it. And now I just admire you above everyone ever for having the courage to keep you and that baby alive for so long..."
Devina laughed, hugging Black Eyes' shoulders from behind.
"I mean, it was really spooky!" she exclaimed, shivering a little. "But I think I can look back on those as the adventures of a lifetime instead of mental torment. Maybe we should go to Channel X another time and have some fun there, maybe some hide n' seek?"
"I love that idea." responded Black Eyes, cracking a big grin. "You make me kinda happy, I'm happy to have a good sport like you. You should become the next 'Black Eyes'."
The team eventually arrived in the town of Herma, on the side of the island opposite of the Typhoon Resort. Upon them exiting the jeep, they were surrounded by various women and men, all of them wearing loincloths and wielding great spears. Every single person was equipped with bottles filled up with what seemed to be milk'.
"Who goes there?" shouted a voice from afar.
Coming over to the gang of six was none other than Arikan, who cupped her mouth at seeing who the recent guests were.
"Oh, hello!" she cheerfully sang. "What brings you guys here? ...And w-why are there two ugly demons in the back?"
"We need to talk, Arky, and now." said Pierce in a serious tone of voice.

Chapter 6

Arikan sat down across from Devina and her friends at a long table held in the middle of the Herma village, with Devina's team looking stern (although really they're just tired) and kind of restless. Arikan was helping herself to a beverage, which she kept hidden from the others in her shell-made cup.
"What brings you all out here so suddenly?" perked up Arikan as she sipped from her strange cup. "Weren't you all supposed to be vacationing on the other side of the island? What happened to that?"
"It's a trap." said Pierce bluntly. "They've apparently captured everyone aboard the island to feed their souls to a demon below the island with the power and blunt of a hurricane while they make sure that the residents are unaware."
"And i-it's a really dangerous situation too." said Devina as she twitched nervously. Being around sensual demons was one thing, but being around a bunch of happy hermaphrodites was a whole other kind of experience. "And we came here to... continue our vacation and figure out a way to stop the cyclone."
"And Devina almost took a real beating." said Black Eyes. "Like, she was about to get raped, she broke from the demons' control, and then she took them on singlehandedly before they could hurt her too much."
"You have to believe what we're saying because it's honestly a rather harsh reality." said Pierce, holding Larry in his arms protectively from the villagers staring at him. "Uh, so that's it."
Arikan could only start giggling.
"What the hell is so funny?" asked Pierce, an angry glint now present in his eyes.
"I knew it was a trap, but Black Eyes wouldn't have believed me if I told him it was~!" she said, clapping her hands out of enthusiasm. "See, nobody listens to us! They just care about how forcibly sexy the demons at the beach are! They're mischievous heaps of garbage that do awful, awful things!"
"Devy's witnessed it first-hand." said Black Eyes as he impatiently tapped the table with his steel fingers. "She could tell you just how terrible that tied-up Janet is."
"Oh, that's the leader of the whole island right?" said Arikan as her body started jolting up and down. "Y-yeah, that's Janet isn't it? Why are there demons with you?"
"Well, the red demon rebelled against Janet and is going by our lead." said Black Eyes. "She's promised to come after us to help deal with the whole demons thing and she's pretty cool. There are no suspicious thoughts I could detect from her."
"And I captured J-Janet so she couldn't c-chase us down." said Devina, burying her head into her arms to break off eye contact with all of the people staring at her. "A-and umm... w-we don't k-k-know what to d-do with her 'cause s-she could b-break out soon..."
Arikan lifted an eyebrow before weakly getting up from the table, wobbling over to Janet and easily throwing her into her arms. The witch examined Janet's body all over, flopping her over as she exchanged glances with Black Eyes and Carol.
"I suppose we can throw her into the jail, where we can keep an eye on her." she said after a few minutes. "We're going to work on the process of de-demonizing her so that her powers are removed. We can do that with a special tool that demons lack without persuasion and highly advanced techniques."
"And what methods are that?" asked Pierce, looking a little nervous as Arikan's face started to flush, rolling over the once-threatening demon in her hands. "...Arikan?"
"O-oh." said Arikan in a low voice as she took some deep breaths. "Sorry, a little distracted. "Well, I can't tell you because it's a secret that only our tribe is allowed to know. All demons that go through the trial forget the process when they go through our methods."
The witch giggled as she swung some house keys around her index finger, looking and nodding in the direction of her fellow tribe members. She plopped Janet's body into the hands of two particularly strong looking women, looking at them with a glint in her eyes.
"Put her in our prison." she said in a sudden snake-like, almost incomprehensible voice. "Don't let her escape, don't let anyone see her but our tribe members. Keep in mind that this is the leader and that de-demonizing her is very important."
Despite the heavy emphasis on the snake-like noises put up by Arikan, her two friends seemed to perfectly understand what she said and immediately dragged Janet to another place, skidding off. Satisfied, Arikan moved back to the gang's table, sitting down.
"It's all taken care of." smiled Arikan, cocking her head around to face Carol. "So! Normally we are rather hostile to demons, but we'll let you stay on a few conditions. Do you want to hear them?"
"I guess." said the demon, biting her lip. She had heard very bad things about these demons from her peers, including severe life-changing stories. But they were all just rumors, so are they as bad as they say? "What are they?"
"You must remain within our grounds or with this group, for one." smiled Arikan sweetly, with her grin cracking into a devilish one. "And the other condition is that you get married prior to permanently leaving."
"W-what, why?" jumped Carol, totally alarmed. "Why that?"
"This way, we can track where you are, and you can't cause any harm." said Arikan. "If you have one of our herma buddies with you, we can guarantee that you won't do anything stupid. We don't trust demons, see. However, if you're afraid about those rumors the demons spread... don't believe 'em. You'll have a normal... are you straight or gay or...?"
"I guess I'm both." shrugged Carol, still a bit shaken by the sudden news. "I haven't really gotten to explore though, so I don't think I can have much of an opinion. But maybe a nice boy..."
Arikan smiled as she blew on her whistle, a somewhat skinny, yet fairly muscular boy coming about, almost devoid of all body hair as he ran over to Arikan and the table. He looked a bit shaken too. Despite a young appearance, he was nineteen, judging by his overall size and his matured expression.
"I would like it if you stayed, Carol." grinned Arikan in a roguish way. "I think that Adam would really appreciate you for company... he gets lonely nowadays because he's fallen out of high school and doesn't do much. At least I think that this Adam's been through... we named all our males Adam. All the typical females are named Eve."
"H-how do you tell them apart?" said Devina as she looked between all the Adams and Eves around her. "Do you know how to manage their names?"
"We use two Greek letters to differentiate them and give them different hair colors." she answered. "This Adam would be referred to as 'purple Adam Sigma-Beta'. Confusing, but it's easy to understand if you live in our world for a while."
"S-so ho-"
"ENOUGH!!" shouted Black Eyes in a burst of rage, his eyes blaring red as he snorts fire all over the table, practically everyone backing away from the table in alarm. "Hell with your hermaphrodite and demon lives, where can we stay and where can we get food?"
"Goodness my, how rude!" said Arikan, her mouth cupped as she gracefully stepped back from the table. "Unfortunately... your stay here may be meaningless if you're looking for food. We only consume a single drink that provides enough nutrition for our bodies in a way that's sort of like photosynthesis for plants. And it won't work on you guys except potentially that cute boy with the brown hair."
"I ain't cute." grumbled Pierce as he shot a glance at Black Eyes. "Thanks for burning up that table by the way. If they treat us like we're savages, it's on y-"
"You're not savages~" smiled Arikan. "Perhaps your friend just needs a rest break. But on the plus side, there is a coffin north of here that leads directly into a secret tunnel that leads into a village full of normal people. They're welcoming to guests. It's just a few miles off, just take a few lefts."
"T-thanks." said Devina, her head still hanging low as her body was lifted into Black Eyes' arms. In them, she looked just like a ragdoll. "I think... we should be on our way now."
Arikan smirked, walking over to Devina and shaking her hips all about. Wow. Devina could feel the tension in her body, she could feel the teasing again... first with Carol, now Arikan? Why is everyone so interested in her? Maybe she should just unfold the question already...
"Why is everyone so interested in me?" said Devina as she shriveled in Black Eyes' arms. "I mean, there's a fire-breathing robot here and a super-tough psychic that could beat a-anyone's ass here!"
"You're well known for your Black Eyes adventures." said Arikan, her smile curving out more. "And it gets me curious in just how strong a woman can be... and I think you frankly deserve better than all that torture and torment you've suffered. But I don't want to make you uncomfortable so...~"
Quickly and gracefully, she bent down to peck Devina's cheek.
"Good luck honey, you'll need it~" giggled Arikan as she saved them off. "Although, Devina... may I see your baby? I see some unexpected potential in it..."
"The hell?" said Pierce, immediately objecting as he snapped his fingers. "No!"
"U-Umm, what do you mean?" asked Devina, blushing profusely as she stared between the pissed Pierce and the captivating Arikan.
"It has the potential to... I can see it..." she smiled. "I have the perfect plan... I need to have Larry until the upcoming hurricane attacks. Is that okay~?"
"W-wait, it's c-confirmed?" choked Devina suddenly, glancing at her with eyes wide like dinner plates. "Y-you're kidding, right?"
"Oh please, D-Devy..." whispered Carol as the Adam massaged her shoulders. "You knew that it was going to get planned out pretty soon."
"It's a serious situation, kiddos." she laughed. "And we hermas know everything about that Irma-skirma. Granted, it's not formed yet, but such a hurricane is indeed going to happen. Shredder's made it clear to use that the hurricane is going to destroy our tribe... but the fool doesn't understand that we can live out water~"
"Because we live out other things." giggled one of the many, many Eves around.
"Hehe... so I need that baby..." began Arikan slowly. " see if he's actually a boy. I don't think that's quite right honey... I need to have him until the hurricane's over so he's in safe hands and so that I can discover if he could be part of our clan... and if we raised him to be part of this peaceful, happy clan, would you be okay with that?"
"I can't just give him away, you know..." said Devina, biting her lip as she stared downwards to the ground. "I mean, I worked hard to just protect him from Black Eyes' jaws..."
"And the baby isn't going to become a dispenser and you know that." said Black Eyes, gritting his teeth. "I certainly wouldn't make this exchange."
"I don't think molesting a 2-year-old is a good idea." scoffed Pierce as he crossed his arms. "What are you, twelve?"
"Oh, those silly demons with their foolish wives' tales..." laughed Arikan, harder than ever before. "No, see there are five sides to our town of Herma, and I can fully confirm that sort of stuff doesn't happen. I mean, I guess you could get someone's consent to use them that way, but it's not like we do that as the stories suggest."
Arikan yawned.
"But you should be content with the idea that the baby's going to be fine. It's better than leaving it in the hands of the demons. If you really feel stubborn about it, you can leave Carol here to protect the baby in case someone does try and do something stupid. I mean, Carol's supposed to get married anyway."
"I-I--!" began Carol before she stopped. "E-ehh, what the hell, Adam's kinda cute anyway. Might as well... get used to it I guess."
"It's your choice Devy." giggled Arikan. "But really, after you make your decision, remember to go up north to a coffin passage after taking two lefts. That's where you can find food and a shelter and try to live out the cyclonic winds. I'll probably visit later with the lovely wedded Carol and purple Adam Sigma-Beta."
"If you leave Larry with this thot, I have a right to gorge your eyes out." threatened Black Eyes as he held a claw to Devina's eye. "He may be your baby and I may have once been hunting him down, but I strongly advise against this decision! I don't trust anything she says, especially as she has me locked out of her mind!"
"Devina, please!" said Pierce alarmingly. "It's not something you consider! Say no!"
Devina and the others weren't able to say anything more as helicopter blades suddenly ripped overhead, with ladders descending and lots of demons and soldiers hopping out of them. Carol took the baby and ran away with Adam, with additional guards running after them as miniature fire bombs were fired over the city, which was starting to catch flame.
"What the actual hell!" yelled Devina as she backed into Black Eyes, who was firing bombs up into the air. "N-no, get back here Carol! CAROL!!"
"You can spare your hermaphrodite buddies if you just do something so simple..." laughed Shredder as he poked his head out of the lead helicopter. "Give up being a rebel. Our plan is so exploitable... and I finally figured out that you -- or one of you at least -- had possession of the first sheet of my plans. But change of pace, losers!"
Shredder eagerly hopped up and down in excitement, looking like an overgrown child as he laughed maniacally.
"We formulated a new plan, and this one is about sacrificing a pure soul to the demon below." he giggled, almost in a chaotic manner. His hair was frizzy and messy and his general suit looked very damaged, and he had that psychotic look to him. "And we chose your soul, Devina! I feel like the Perfect Storm would enjoy your gift! Mr. Matthew, too. He's on your case as well!"
"You aren't getting anywhere close to her body." said Black Eyes firmly, clenching Devina's body with her claws. She's going to be safe and dandy in my care."
Black Eyes lifted Devina and formed a mouth in his stomach, holding Devina captive in it as he stared up at Shredder with his two free hands.
"And if you take away Devina, I'll take away your face." he continued. "That's what decapitation is for me, and it's all in the name of fun. And in this case, pleasure!"
"Why did it take you forever to show up?" complained Pierce as he avoided multiple fire bombs. "You weren't there for like a whole chapter of this crazy island adventure!"
"I was busy getting laid, okay?" he admitted guiltily. "But I'm back in action! H-hey there down below, slow the hell down! I can't concentrate!"
"More like still busy." muttered Devina to herself. "Okay Black Eyes, Pierce -- our main option is to get in the damn Jeep. Like it or not, the baby is theirs for now."
Black Eyes nodded as Shredder quickly reorganized his memory, preparing several missiles to go their way as he held his breath, muttering 'losers'. The trio dashed forward, running around a few buildings to escape Shredder's assault of missiles. Devina yelped as she was just fast enough to avoid the slow-ass missiles, which instead bumped into buildings and caused them to either collapse into each other or inside themselves.
"Devina!" said Black Eyes in a state of shock as he smacked her back.
"WHAT THE HELL, BLACK EYES!?" yelled Devina as they dived into a safe spot with Pierce quickly joining in. "What the hell was that for!?"
"There was fire on your back." said Pierce, shivering. "Your clothes were burning apart and you weren't even noticing it?"
"...Thanks..." said Devina, looking down and sighing. "Sorry, I'm just real peeved right now. How did Shredder even find us?"
"I guess it was just instinct, like he was like...'duhh....'" explained Pierce, making a silly face to get his comrades to laugh. "Stupid moron doesn't even know we're good at hiding."
Like lightning, the three burst out of their hiding space, fully recovered from sudden sprints as they scrambled into the jeep. To the sinking of Devina's heart, the key was not in the ignition and it was not in the car or with Pierce and allies.
"Damn it!" she hissed. "The jeep's key isn't there!"
"We'll have to leg it away." said Black Eyes. "But we can only leg it to that dock... and we can't swim very fast..."
"Whoops!" came the swift, menacing laughter of Shredder as they heard a huge clunk right behind them. "Here comes beloved daddy!"
Coming up from right behind them was Shredder, whom was moving a spider-like mech towards them. Laughing, he descended from the vehicle with fully electrocuted arms, a demon woman of blue color falling limply from the vehicle's side as the businessman came towards them.
"Time to initiate my plans." smirked Shredder, walking over to her. "I could have just finished you off with a festival of missiles or a parade of bombs, but I'm just going to take you out personally. That soul belongs to the Perfect Storm and my crappy job here will finally be over with. The latter matters more to me."
"Hey, no." said Black Eyes. "Back the hell off. I don't think you know whose brain you're messing with. And if you really don't, I feel so sorry for you."
But Shredder didn't move back. Instead, he used a lot of his electrical discharge to boost over to Devina, grabbing her neck and putting jolts through her body. However, he found himself face-to-face in mere seconds with Black Eyes, who was giving him a deep glare that was never more intense. Black Eyes was always really intense, but the mechanical whirring in his mouth and the pitch-black eyes of his were horrifying to look at up-close.
"Let go of me!" grunted Shredder as he tried to back out of Black Eyes' grip. "A strong one, aren't you?"
"I'm not much more than a real strong God, but that says a lot about how wimpy you are when compared to my awesomeness." snorted Black Eyes, gripping his neck. "And it's time for you to say goodbye. You ain't going to have the last laugh, either, scum."
"Let's see about that!" grinned the fully in-pain Shredder as he pressed a button. "Begone with you, thot!"
Without any warning, Black Eyes immediately started sparking all over, his body fully being captive and subject to the painful electrical bolts as he spiraled to the ground, shaking all over as if he were having a major seizure.
"FANDRAXORCIST!!" screamed Devina from the bottom of her lungs, reaching over to try and get him out of it. "Stop it!! Y-You need to b-break from this! Y-you're a God! P-please!!"
"Goodbye, Blac- ARRRGHHHH!!"
Shredder was succeeding until Black Eyes started flashing his eyes multiple colors, taking down Shredder as they both took in a lot of physical and mental pain, screaming loudly as bolts started bursting from Black Eyes' body, knives and sharp pieces flying off and severely injuring the nearby Devina and Pierce.
"O-owww!" screamed Devina again as she almost tumbled off of the dock. "N-noooo!"
When the shaking finally stopped, Black Eyes' severely damaged body sprawled across the dock. But when his claw finally lost grip over Shredder's neck, the man was almost decapitated by the brute strength of the robot's protective claws. Pierce and Devina exchanged nervous glances.
"I-is he really gone?" whispered Devina in a frightful whisper. "O-ohhh nooooo... h-he was all the real protection I had from the d-demons..."
"No, because Black Eyes is a God, and gods just don't die." said Pierce, pointing to a black mass crawling across the deck. "Look, he looks like a spider!"
The little black, inky spider immediately jumped onto Devina, getting below her shirt and pressing against where her heart sits. Devina felt herself shiver badly from just how cold the soul was, but eventually felt it pass into her.
"D-Devina? Y-you're changing a little..."
Devina went from seeing a world in all sorts of vibrant colors to duller versions of them, with new levels of energy bursting inside of her. She looked a little more menacing, with her eyes able to adjust brightness and her body already boasting signs of Black Eyes' powers. But what's more: she could hear Black Eyes inside of her own mind.
"I apologize for the disturbance, but your body is the only host I'm comfortable using." explained Black Eyes inside of her. "My body, my powers... they're yours until I can get that body to work again. If you pick up the suit, you can wear its different parts for any and all reasons... imagine it like a battlesuit."
"Can you hear me?" asked Devina in a whisper. "Can you actually hear me?"
"Yes, and my God, you're loud."
Devina quickly tore out the mechanical insides, starting to put on Black Eyes' suit. Even though she had felt the armor several times, she never noticed how rough it was on the exterior nor how long it would take for her to be fully dressed. Within half an hour, however, she looked roughly like Black Eyes, although with quite a bit of skin and a lot of the body was split over the dock.
"Holy crap Dev." said Pierce. "You look awesome now."
"He's probably right." said Black Eyes. "Now, the body's no longer good doing anything when you're not considering using it as a battlesuit, so you can use it to swim. Nothing's going to be able to eat you through that suit, it'll break shark teeth and whatever. But remember that, as you now possess my demonic soul, you're also completely invulnerable. Think about life that way until I can get my sexy self back."
"The Fandraxorcist?"
Devina wheeled around to see a really tall man with a very thin appearance, with brown hair, a baseball cap, buck teeth, and a baseball bat. He looked like a kid, just really tall and almost skeleton-like in appearance.
"I'm Matthew, and you're arrested for killing an innocent man on our own terf. Sorry bud, but it's against the rules."
"Crap." groaned Black Eyes from inside of her.

Chapter 7

A long story told short, Devina and Pierce were dragged away. Despite having gained Black Eyes' powers and suit, she was unable to master them and Black Eyes wasn't able to channel his powers through Devina like he could do in his mechanical suit. As they struggled to work in sync, they were being towed off in a ship back to the area where the Silent Cafe is, with Matthew intending to throw them in prison.
"Looks like y'all ain't got the talent ter outdo meh!" chuckled Mr. Matthew as he watched over them ominously, his shabby buck teeth glittering in the sunlight. "Ya could take 'own some demons n' negotiate with 'dem ratchets but not defeat some tubby man like me? What baloney, folk!"
"You can cut it out with some of the weird speech impediments." spoke Black Eyes through Devina's tongue, her tongue flickering like a snake's as he does. "Where in the hell are you taking us, I will haunt your mother for eternity if you lay a finger on us before we're able to get off this stupid ship."
"Oh, I don't care 'bout dat hoe, already give 'er the time of her life." yawned Mr. Matthew drowsily, rubbing his own stomach as he smacks his lips in an annoying manner. "Ya folk ever do that?"
"You're a sick sack of sh-" began Pierce before Devina smashed him into the front of the cage, completely focused on a newfound rage. "OWWWW! B-be careful, this cage is BARBED!"
"GROSS!" shouted Devina, quickly overpowering Black Eyes' thoughts as she attempted to shake her way out of the cage her body was trapped in. "If you had it with your own mother, then I don't want to be anywhere near your sorry ass! I'm going to make an effort to ditch you, any last words you dirtbag?"
"What the actual hell is wrong with you?" said Black Eyes sternly, brightening Devina's eyes from within. "I don't think you know exactly how stupid you are for thinking that's okay. And this is coming from the true god of arson commitment!"
"Y'all think that's bad?" cackled Mr. Matthew as he looked at them. It was testing every nerve of Devina to not straight up try and punch him. "Hurricane's coming this way now, it's forming miles away in the ocean. Just a simple tropical depression, really."
"Damn it!" hissed Pierce as he looked soullessly at Matthew. "Why did you do this, you stupid moron?"
Using his psychic powers, Pierce attempted to burst out of the cage, but felt himself tumble back when the sudden power shield on the cage forced him down with double the strength.
"Pierce kid, you alright?" said Black Eyes through Devina's mouth. "...Pierce? Damn it, Matthew!"
"Ya folks didn't think I was prepared?" laughed Matthew rather heartily. "I reckon that yer time in prison will be a long one if yer not good enough at tryin' ter escape that thing."
"Well, I reckon your face isn't good enough for a girl anytime soon." scoffed Devina as she rattled the cage. Despite the cage having rebounded Pierce, Devina's true immortality allowed her to survive the blunt of the magic force. Still, it couldn't be pushed off. "What in the name of hell did you even use to power this thing?"
"I got permission from ol' Lucifer ter get his magic to put this together!" he laughed, watching Devina visibly struggle on the floor as Pierce whimpered, attempting to get up. "How sad it is to see you both like this! Just wait 'til nature calls."
Devina knew she was unable to break through the power, so she just sat down and put her arms around her knees. Matthew was audibly giggling, in a Satanic-like way as he watched her kneel uselessly to the ground. Black Eyes hated being at a disadvantage, but knew that there was nothing they could do about it.
"Look on the bright side, Dev." whispered her demon friend into her brain. "At least he's not attempting to sabotage you directly or take away any part of you. Matthew just doesn't know whatever the hell he's doing, really. Don't let him get to you."
"You're right." whispered Devina to him. "We'll just wait it out."
"E-euuhghhh..." groaned Pierce, struggling to get up. He had sustained massive damage from the extremely strong, bone-shattering rebound. "H-how come Matthew's so damn strong... I b-broke my arms with t-that force..."
"S-stay calm." said Devina to Pierce, quickly holding her massive robot arms around his neck. "Everything's going to be fine, you hear?"
"I-I'll try to be." coughed Pierce, mucus and blood being upchucked from his throat. "I... ouuuuch."
Mr. Matthew smiled as he looked upon them. He laughed and went off, leaving Devina and Pierce stranded in the cage. From there, he clumsily went down the steps of his ship and laughed maniacally as he started hearing the mechanical churning from inside the ship's control from. There, a sight only he was aware of was there.
"A-auughhh!!" screamed a shrill feminine voice from deep within the ship. The thick steel walls prevented these itches for help from escaping the innards of the ship. "S-stopppp!!"
"So, how's it going?" asked Mr. Matthew in a suddenly more gentleman like voice, his body changing to be a bright red in color, gaining black hair, fangs instead of buck teeth, and a ferociously muscular and even fairly handsome appearance as he started upon the whole room in front of him. "How much work has been done?"
"E-enough sir!" said one of the demon women. Her hair, as well as all the others in the room, had their heads and legs attached to strange plunger-like devices connected to generators held above and below them. Their bodies all pulsated in sync with each other, with fluids of red, white and green colors escaping their bodies into a giant machine held in the back of the room. "W-we have enough f-for another drop, Lucifer!"
"Excellent." said Lucifer. "The fools won't know what hit them. Deflate the generator and send it right down to Perfect Storm or I will see to it that you and your mother end up in the same room, in the same bed with the same objective. You got me?"
"G-got it!" she whimpered, escaping her machine to head over to do calculations on the machine. "I... I miss Carol... I miss it when our lives weren't... this trashy..."
"And these days won't end until the world is ours." he remarked. "I promise you... a world of freedom, where you can do whatever you want as we go for world domination. A simple plan, but it works within the context of our goals. Who wouldn't want this world anyway, Sarah?"
The demon sighed as she did the calculations as soon as possible.
"We never owned this world, Lucifer." she said sternly, not daring to turn her eyes from the screen or her fingers from the keyboard. "What we own is our own souls, and you're abusing them to accomplish a goal that we don't need to set for you. Yet, you threaten us with obscene actions..."
"Perhaps it's time you looked at life from a new perspective." he said haughtily, cackling a little in his signature light tone. "As long as you have a master, you have no real choice but to follow him. Not doing it will result in consequences. And do you really want the consequences? No, so just follow my lead."
"You're disgusting. I'm glad you don't throw us away for insulting you."
"If I threw people away, that's less help I can get." he said. "Besides, I'm lazy and don't feel like doing all this dirty work myself, so I'm abusing my powers as the leader to get you all to do what I want you to do! Do you even realize the point of Typhoon Resort...?"
"No." said Sarah as she finished the computer task, wheeling around to face Lucifer, her long black hair falling over the side of her face. "Please tell me why it's just a torture zone more than an actually fun place to be."
"The idea of the Typhoon Resort is to capture souls from guests following a great hurricane that tears the island apart, and to feed the Perfect Storm with them." explained Lucifer. "And we use the beautiful scenery and lie almost entirely about the idea that everything gets hit by typhoons to keep them there. Excellent service from you demons... nothing goes wrong until the hurricanes go around."
Lucifer licked his lips, much to Sarah's disgust as she goes back to her place to get the energy sucked away from her. She knew that if she didn't, Lucifer would punish her. And all that energy would go down to her worst nightmare ever...
"How stupid." she scoffed.
"It's brilliant if you look at it from my point of view." he said gleefully. "That hurricane... it's strengthening for sure. Perhaps he'll awaken fully when the hurricane finally slams into the coast and kills everybody. Are you ready for vacation, honey-boo?"
"Never, ever call me that again." she said sternly, her voice and body generally weakening from everything being sucked away from her. "U-ughh, my stamina..."
"That's right, dear." smiled Lucifer. "If you're dying, then you weren't working hard enough. Work harder to get all that energy out from underneath your fat stomach. What a waste of my time..."
Sarah hissed with rage at him. What an offensive person behind the times... will they ever be able to escape his lethal grip? She struggled thinking of every muscle she used to try and put up with the high workload she and the other demons had been through. She could feel their struggling with all the painful groaning the demons were letting out, male and female.
"Y-you'll regret this..." said Sarah, flipping up the middle finger to him.

A few hours after the downsending of power to Perfect Storm, Devina and Pierce were finally wound in prison. Locked behind a cage with the power reflection magic onto it, these two had no feasible way to escape as far as they were aware of. And that hurricane... it's going to hit in less than a week and neither of them are prepared to take it on with their full blunt. And Devina had to make sure that her way of putting down Perfect Storm worked...
"Ughhh!" groaned Devina as she shook the jail cell she was in. "I had it this time!"
"What can we actually do about this?" questioned Black Eyes to himself. "Obviously, I no longer have the power to be able to break us out of this mess. And Pierce almost killed himself trying to get out of the one on the boat. I wasn't looking to be in a prison with a bunch of nerds."
Devina looked around, with Black Eyes peering through her eyeballs with his soul. They could both see the various roped up men and women tied in their cages or otherwise standing up, smoking cigarettes or scratching themselves or eating what was barely food off the floor. It was a disgusting sight.
"Blehhh." said Devina to herself, hugging her legs in misery. "I really don't like this at all."
"Me neither." said Pierce, biting his lip. "I think we've been caught for good. I don't see just how we're going to be able to escape this trap."
"Well..." said Black Eyes to himself, making 'ticking' noises inside of her. "There has to be away. Look around Devy and Pierce, there has to be a method of escape. We can't just be sitting ducks and acting like we're playing Cookie Clicker on mobile phones without a care in the world."
"When did you get so smart recently?" asked Devina as she looked around the building. It turned out that to her left and right were ends of a hallway, with the end on the left being much closer to her than the one on the right. The left one was locked, so perhaps the right one is the entrance to the building.
"Who, me?" said a shirtless man in the cage right next to hers. She ignored him.
"No, but your mom was stupid if your actions took you to prison." said Black Eyes in an insulting, condescending manner. "Mindless fool."
"Burnt..." said Pierce in a quiet voice.
"Anyway, I was always smart, Devy." laughed Black Eyes. "It's a pity you don't see that my true genius is always active. Putting a baby in my mouth guaranteed it would be protected. Not even Jerry could get past my pearly whites."
Devina noticed that there were two guards next to each door -- and the ones in front of the open door had keys. Perhaps they led outside, which would be the ticket to freedom. Yet, she couldn't really just get out, grab the keys, and get the hell out of the prison. She wished life could just be that easy...
"Those keys..." whispered Devina.
"Damn right, the keys to the virginity of freedom." said Black Eyes. "Kirk's wah pedal wished it had the keys to escape its master's house like that."
"What the hell are you talking about?" whispered Devina.
"Nobody will ever understand my cultural references." mumbled Black Eyes to himself (although Devina could clearly hear it). "Hell with it, though."
"Anyway, we need to snatch those keys and they're out of our range." said Black Eyes, lifting Devina's arm through body manipulation to point her fleshy finger at the guards. "We need to find a way to get their attention and get their keys without stirring up anything against us."
"You fool!" whispered Devina in a loud tone. "We're a God that's just limited! We just need to figure out how to get this cage open... and we can lure their attention for it!"
"Ohhh!" said Black Eyes, rather loudly in surprise. "You're right! We just need to figure out how to do it quickly enough, however."
The three could hear some really audible coughing from the cell directly across from them. When they looked over, they saw a red-haired woman that looked roughed up and beaten up, with a lot of ruined makeup across her body. She sported a ruined, otherwise really nicely done dress. She was spitting blood.
"You two..." she coughed. "I recognize you from somewher- *bleh*. My name's Veronica Silversweet, I've known about this place for a while. I roughed up a few officers to get imprisoned on purpose because I have a perfect plan for people who'd dare to g-get the keys... o-of course, I mean strong people and you look sexy right there~"
"T-thank you for your compliment." smiled Devina. "So, what's your... perfect plan?"
"Easy, just say you have to use the restroom." she smiled. "And when you're done using the bathroom, give 'em a knock of your tools and set us all free. I'll pay handsomely~"
Devina nervously coughed and rattled on her cage for the guards' attention. As she hoped, the guards easily went over to her, unaware of the "perfect plan".
"Yes?" said the first guard. "What is it that you need, worthless scum?"
"I need to use the bathroom and there's no toilet in here." she said. "Do you really want my crap to stink up this place? I think you better let me go."
"Jeez, go ahead." said the first guard, opening the cage. "Come right back though, okay?"
Immediately, Devina rushed into the bathroom, locking the door and sitting down on the toilet. Obviously for the sake of keeping this even somewhat friendly, we're not going to be describing the number two business. I mean, that's kind of disgusting.
"I can't believe that worked." said Devina. "Wait a damn minute, I just realized that you're in the bathroom with me with my pants down!"
"Just don't look down because it'd be torture to look at you from the thighs down." muttered Black Eyes. "Just do your thing, describe nothing, and we'll be out of here and on our way soon enough."
"J-just so... ewwww..." murmured Devina. "Just don't do anything stupid or it'll be the end of you!"
"How should we take care of them..." started Black Eyes. "Chainsaws? Nailing them to the cross? Unleash burning piss all over them? Vore?"
"Uhh... how about laser beams?" shrugged Devina, trying really hard to finish up. It was really hard to with a god in her body, though. "Those are cool, right?"
"That's in any generic villain's starter kit, but whatever. It'll work."
After business was done, Devina stepped out of the bathroom. Black Eyes, now having adjusted to Devina's body, fired lasers from the girl's eyes to annihilate the guards and the jail cells across the hallway. Everyone was freed after a few laser fires, with much of the metal bars having gotten destroyed.
"Hell yes." said Black Eyes, grinning as he noticed that everyone was freed. "Okay Veronica, you and all your jail friends are freed now I guess."
"Eeee, I'm happy~" giggled Veronica. "Come on, I'll meet you guys outside."
Quickly, Devina took up the keys and dashed with Pierce, Veronica and the other prisoners to the doors. After unlocking them, they found rays of light. It was the outside world!
"Awesome, mission complete." beamed Pierce.
Unfortunately, when the doors finished peeling apart, they found that there was a whole twisted world of metal ahead of them. Devina bit her lip as she noticed that the skies outside had gotten dark.
"...Mission incomplete." sighed Pierce as he corrected himself. "And the darker skies mean that the hurricane's definitely out there..."
Every prisoner had themselves surrounded by demon guards. Devina looked around at them all as she grunted in anger, with Pierce weakly at her side. The demons were all equipped with pitchforks and torches.
"You guys are nuts." said Black Eyes through Devina's voicebox. "Look, don't you see that your master, Matthew, is a total dimwit? People like Carol are tired of his crap, aren't you?"
The demons were attempting to attack them, trying to stab them back into the jail corridor from which they came from. Pierce grunted as he charged himself full with psychic energy, tossing many of the pitchforks out of the demons' hands and looking at them all aggressively.
"Damn you all for being so ignorant." grunted Pierce. "Violence doesn't solve anything, you fools! We're in danger of this damned hurricane and all you care about is some world domination?"
"We're just following Master Matthew's orders!" yelled one of the demons, particularly a muscular white one. "Leave us the hell alone and get back into your jailcells or he'll threaten that our family will get mercilessly raped!"
"Hey, that's not cool of him!" he hissed. "Not cool of him at all! How about this: I'll go and try and stop him!!"
"What can you do, shortie?" sneered the demon as he glanced up and down at Pierce. "Just a stupid hermaphrodite, you seem to be."
"You don't have to insult me because I'm different." fizzed Pierce angrily as he used his psychic powers to slam the demon down into the ground, his rage giving him power over the demons. "Listen, I don't want to fight and I'd rather not hurt anybody. How about we work for a better cause?"
They were still rioting, especially with one of their friends down. They started attempting to attack Pierce and Devina among the others, closing in on them more than before.
"Well, you know what they say." sighed Pierce bitterly, taking a torch from the downed white demon. "Fight fire with fire."
Pierce swung around his torch, causing the demons to back off as Pierce's rage got really intense, becoming strong enough for any blow from him to become a blow to perhaps even Lucifer himself. The demons all backed off, but still growled angrily at him.
"Oh, stop teasing them!" yelled Veronica, pulling a thumbs down at Pierce. "Let's just finish them off!"
"Listen, they're souls under attack." grunted Pierce as he gave Veronica a glance. "They're people too, you know. Twisted, mangled souls haunted by the threat of Matthew. I bet they're all mistreated like Carol was."
The demons seemed to grow silent at this. They certainly weren't trying to attack anymore after that, anyway.
"You guys wanna give a go at Matthew, or do you just want to down us so you just please his orders!?" shouted Pierce above any and all noise. "You want freedom from this crappy idea of a resort!? You just want to watch the people you worked your asses off to please die YEAR AFTER YEAR?? NO MORE OF THIS MADNESS!! HOW ABOUT YOU GET YOUR ASSES OFF YOUR GROUND AND FIGHT HIM A DAMN FIGHT!"
The demons were starting to nod to this very idea, looking at each other and giving each other positive glances. Suddenly, they were finally on Pierce's terms, rooting for him.
"GOOD!" shrieked Pierce above all the new cheering. "Now, let's take on his elite forces as soon as possible and show your master just what the hell you're made out of!"
"Make your master proud of how strong he's made you..." said Black Eyes from the core of Devina's body. "...By using it against him. Bash all that strength he's given you into his men and make them plea for mercy like the thots they all are. There are good demons and bad demons, and you guys are all on the good. Let's trash 'em."
With more hollering, the demons started helping by crashing down the doors of the building, offering Pierce, Devina and Veronica among countless prisoners their freedom as dark skies had truly fallen overhead. A bunch of metal structures were shaking a little at first, and then there was some really strong rumbling.
"W-what the hell is this??" yelled Devina in surprise. She felt the earth almost split underneath her feet. "F-Fandraxono, it's so shaky r-right now!"
"It's an earthquake, dumbass." replied Black Eyes as he was shocked by the brute power of the quake. Whole structures had fallen down and much damage had started to show, with pieces of land lifting up and down with dangerous, varying levels of elevation changes. "A-although, this is really strong..."
"Perhaps..." said Veronica, looking down. "Perhaps the Perfect Storm monster is almost ready. You know, the god waiting below the earth?"
"It just needs many souls." muttered Black Eyes. "Come on, we need to start showing those demons our power before it's too late. We need to divert the whole hurricane disaster or we'll have hell above the ground."
As the earth shook, the skies got progressively darker, with thunder booming overhead and lightning sparsely spread over the skies. It was starting to become a furious, horrible sight for them.
"This is bad." said Pierce, almost unfazed by the quake's power. "But we need to move ahead, now. Come on, let's try and catch up with the joined forces of prisoners and demons."
"Aye." nodded Veronica. "Let's move it, lads~"
Devina, Pierce and Veronica quickly made their way to the others, with the changes of elevation only barely impeding their progress as they tried to be quick about catching up. At the end though, was a sign they've never wanted to see.
"Expecting me?" cackled a familiar feminine voice.
Standing right in front of them now was a really powerful Janet, who had her arms folded and her whole body covered in golden gloss, and an apparently lighter skin tone accompanied by strong muscle.
"I have mastered both being intersex and a demon!" shouted Janet, pointing a wand at them. "And I'm tired of you impeding on Matthew's plans... so to start, I'll do something with this..."
Pulled out of Janet's dress was Larry, whom started crying as Janet's eyes lit up with a great amount of mischievousness.

Chapter 8

Devina and Pierce stared at Janet, their jaws dropping as Janet gently caressed the baby, forming horrid black magic with her wand as she prepared to unleash it upon the baby. Before she did such, she glanced over at Devina and grinned a mischievous smile.
"Any last words before I curse this baby with death itself?" she cooed in a teasing, yet rather mocking way. "Because I don't have much room for mercy otherwise... I can give your baby back, safe and sound, if you let me control your life from this point on..."
"Y-you have my baby?" broke down Devina nervously as she glanced at the newborn threat right in front of her. "W-where's Carol?"
"I killed her for the sake of having this baby." she laughed in a really sadistic manner, her hands on her knees as she stared lustfully at Devina. "Sorry~"
"I..." breathed Devina nervously. "I... hey, if you spare the baby I'll d-"
"NOT A DAMN CHANCE, DEVY!" yelled Black Eyes as he forced her body to wind up a punch towards Janet's face, pummeling her away. "No!"
"AUGH!" screamed Janet as she bounced backwards, dropping the baby. In the midst of the confusion, Pierce went in and used his psychic powers to restrain Janet's arms. "Damn it, just let me win you heartless mortal! Things won't go your way forever!"
Desperate to hold back this clearly bad woman, Veronica did a back kick, pushing Janet's body down to the ground and attempting to beat her with Pierce so she's too hurt to move.
"Devina, you can't just give yourself away because she has your damn child." scolded Black Eyes, trying to reach his fists forward again. "That child's been doing too much harm to you for your own good because you're letting them use it to manipulate your sorry ass!"
"Maybe, just maybe I have feelings for someone I spent nine months forming in my body!?" reveled Devina angrily as she attempted to pull back her own fists. "Knock it off, Black Eyes!"
"Go to Hell!"
The two wrestled for control within Devina's body, knocking the heavy shell to the ground as the arms and legs struggled in a wrath for control. As she watched them struggle, Janet threw Pierce and Veronica off and started tapping her own shoulder with the black magic, cackling.
"Stop it you two!" yelled Pierce as he pointed at Janet with the wand. "Look at what Janet's going to try and do! Don't let her do it!"
"It was a horrible idea to share your body with a horrid man like that..." said Janet in her soothing voice, a terrible grin stretching on her face. "This is where the ends begins..."
"Nobody calls him horrible but me!" yelled Devina as she got up from the ground, slugging Janet in the stomach with anger. Unlike the beating she had taken before, this one actually hurt Janet and got her to release a cry of pain from her tender lips. "That's right, stay down!"
"Getting impatient, are you?" smirked as Janet got back up quickly despite her pain. "What a pity that you want to destroy yourself like this. Here... here's a deal. I'll put the baby down, and whoever wins gets to get the hell off the island without they love and must go emptyhanded. Including without clothes."
"You do realize that with that deal, you'll probably be embarrassed wherever you go?" snapped Devina, looking at her. "That's foolish."
"I love being naked, so no worries." cackled Janet, smirking a little. "Arikan unwittingly taught me a few moves that would make me popular off this damned island... anyway, how about we start?"
"This is a terrible deal." remarked Pierce. "You'd have to intentionally lose, and who knows if she's lying?"
"Don't you know?" smiled Janet. "If a demon lies, they are destined to suffer a worse life. And I don't think things should get any worse for me... so this is my deal."
"You still don't want this for you." said Veronica, shaking a little. "Imagine going home naked. You could become a target for the dangerous people who live on the streets."
Devina sighed as she looked at Janet in the eyes. Janet put on a really fake smile.
"Then let it begin." she said, shaking. "I'm going to take the abuse just so I can have Larry peacefully."
"Hmph, you're on." cackled Janet, more loud than ever before. "Alright, let's break some bones, Devina. I've been looking forward to finally breaking you."
With her might, Janet rushed towards Devina, with her fists out as she got ready to pummel her. In advance, Devina knelt down, holding Larry closely in her arms as Pierce and Veronica deliberately sprung in front of Devina, shielding her from Janet's wrath.
"Hey, back off!" growled Janet as she quickly peeled them apart. But, within moments, they already scampered right back in front of her. "I said, get out of the way!"
"You actually said 'back off'." teased Pierce, laughing. "No, but you can't just take her life away just because of this stupid-ass deal you made to yourself. Are you just that wanting to beat her up and watch yourself later get teased from the stuff you involved yourself in?"
"No, but I'll pummel your ass, sissy kid." grumbled Janet as she forcibly lifted Pierce. "Do you want to mess with me, kid?"
"Maybe Veronica does." choked Pierce as he struggled in the air. "L-let go!"
"I'd take anything you got~" giggled Veronica as she danced in place, getting herself all scantily clad as she cupped her own chest. "How about you get me then?"
In her fury, Janet grabbed Veronica and attempted to crush her neck in her fist.
"Once you're down, you're going straight to the dungeon!" threatened Janet. "Cease your teasing and you'll be on the better end of things!"
"So, is this all about revenge?" spoke Black Eyes suddenly from Devina's body. "Revenge brings you nothing good. Trust me, I've tried to have revenge and I ended up just being miserable. Sometimes it's better to just make friends out of your enemies then let them haunt you forever. You're just making things worse for yourself."
"Shut up Fandraxorcist, you've had your time and you spoiled it." grouched Janet as she shoved Pierce and Veronica down to the ground. "Couldn't get your hands on the baby, so now you're just feeling sorry for yourself..."
"That's not true." hissed Black Eyes angrily. "And don't call me that name, it's edgy as all hell."
"You're already edgy, you jackass." cackled Janet in a loose, psychotic manner as she slowly walked over to Devina. "Explain to me how it isn't true, Fandraxorcist~ you edgelord..."
Black Eyes took a long, deep breath through Devina's lungs.
"Devina became a better friend to me and now I prioritize her above everyone else." began Black Eyes. "When we finally became friends, we got to know each other over watching Sword Art Online and jamming out in the garage to songs and we didn't know what the hell we were doing. But it was a lot more fun to have fun than keep seeking out a pointless revenge plot. This whole hurricane plan is bull and your reasons for revenge are... bull too."
"What do you mean, my reasons for revenge are garbage?" she spat. "Your reasons were horrid too..."
"I know mine are garbage and I'm admitting to that." he growled. "Your reasons for revenge are godawful because they have little rhyme or reason. Devina kicked your ass because you tried to allure her into positions she was uncomfortable with. I learned from my mistakes, learn from yours or I'll bite your balls off."
"I'm making no mistake here, edgelord."
Black Eyes sighed.
"Very well..." he slyly smiled. "If this is what Devina wants, then come closer."
"Black Eyes don't do that!" hissed Pierce. "You're going to kill her!"
"What other choice do we have?" laughed Black Eyes. "Let's watch the fun die now."
Janet lit her wand aflame with a black magic spell, cackling really loudly as she lowered herself down to Devina's level, holding the torch near her. Janet laughed gleefully.
"Well, this is how it ends, wretched woman." sighed Black Eyes. "I'm sorry Devina that I wasn't good enough for you or really for anyone. I'm sorry."
"It's okay Black Eyes. At least we're dying together..."
"Are you just trying to be edgy yourself?" scolded Black Eyes through Devina's teeth. "Because that's just making you more pathetic."
"You're still the edgier one." growled Janet. "Shut up, you're edgier."
"No you are."
"You are."
"SHUT UP!" yelled Devina as she stared at the demon in front of her with hatred. "Just kill me, why don't ya?"
Janet smirked.
"Then, any last words, Devy?"
Devina swallowed and braced herself as Janet held her wand up high.
"No? You sure, Dev?"
"Uncle." said Devina flatly. This caused Janet to stop and drop her wand. "Yep, I officially declared you a winner in this fight. Congrats!"
"Oh my god." breathed Pierce. "Holy cow, Dev."
"N-no!" screamed Janet. "I-I won't!"
"You promised and you will!" giggled Veronica. "I gotta admit, it's a shame I didn't get to see you actually lose, but congrats on winning!"
"Gotta follow that promise, Janet." laughed Devina, standing proudly. "Goodbye!"
"So long, sucker!" laughed Black Eyes. "You don't stand a chance against us."
"Damn you!" shouted Janet, waving her arms. "I'm not going down without a f- ARRRGHHHH!!!"
Janet screamed as a bolt came up from Hell, dragging her along the road and stripping her down onto a sudden raft, drifting her away into the approaching hurricane. Devina swallowed as she noticed the hurricane come closer to land.
"That was... anti-climatic." said Black Eyes as he watched the hurricane come over land. "Sensors indicate... winds reaching over 370 miles per hour. That's extremely strong, let's move the hell out of here!"
"W-WHAT?" spoke Devina loudly as she made a struggle to get up. "THAT FAST!?"
Devina picked up Larry quickly, running with Pierce and Veronica among many others and running as fast as they could to run up to the island's volcano, where they could hear powerful groans.
"The Perfect Storm, is it?" spoke Black Eyes in a tone of worry. "Damn, this is gonna be a close one."
"We have to hurry." said Devina. "If we don't stop the Perfect Storm then everything's going to go in ruin..."
From out of seemingly nowhere, a droid came out of the blue, displaying a screen showing a severely damaged Shredder head atop a regenerating machine.
"I've learned lots from our last encounter, and I want to say that this was far out of my control." he said suddenly, in a sullen voice. "I've made many, many mistakes."
"No foolin'!" yelled Black Eyes. "What's your plan now, genius?"
"Go to the Perfect Storm and drop this into him!"
Shredder unloaded a bomb onto the floor. Devina looked at him suspiciously.
"How do I know you're not fooling us, Shredder?" questioned Devina. "You're going to probably nuke us all with that or something like that..."
"I promise, it's nothing bad!" he hissed loudly. "Just chuck it into the volcano and your problems aren't going to be nearly as bad! If all else fails, sacrifice something into the volcano!"
The screen disappeared as the winds were starting to catch up, immediately ripping apart the machine, prompting Devina and friends to scramble up to the volcano. It was time to end this fiasco once and for all... when Devina looked back, she saw many buildings flying around and falling over and many trees getting snapped from her roots. It was making her sad... but she knew that she had to continue forth and onward.
"Syi?" spoke out Veronica on her phone. "I'm fine, I'll be home for you soon baby!"
"...Valerie?" said Devina. "That's you?"
"Ummm, let me explain later, mmkay sweetheart?"
"Pha ha." laughed Black Eyes. "Should have guessed."
Things seemed to not get any better, however, as they were finally faced with a thick plastic wall that prevented them from moving forward. Devina bit her lip.
"Crap!" yelled Pierce.
"Damn it, how are we gonna cross this thot?" growled Black Eyes. "If only... wait. Devina, shoot your beams into the wall, now."
Doing as told, Devina fired off beams from her eyes, stacking them against the wall. Two years' worth of energy made a sheering noise as it flowed endlessly into the wall, eventually burning it to death.
"Thanks!" yelled Valerie as she zoomed up the volcano, with the others in close pursuit. "I can hear this weird thing... talking and mumbling. I wanna frick it."
"Of course you do, of course you do..." groaned Pierce uncomfortably.

Chapter 9

It's easier said than done when it comes to scaling a volcano shortly before getting hit with winds that reach EF5 tornado conditions. But that's what Devina and her friends pressed on doing; even though the hurricane was creeping up on them, they were quick at hopping over the rocks and picking up their pace over the gaps in the ground. None of them could afford to fall behind, yet didn't have much time to be careful. Either way could result in a perishing like never seen before.
"--Devina!" yelled Pierce as he was just barely able to hold onto her hand. Right below Devina was a small canyon filling with lava. "Get up, get up now!"
"O-ohh!" screamed Devina as she dangled uselessly before putting her hands up onto the continuously crumbling cliff. "H-help!"
"We don't have time for this!" hissed Pierce as he used his telekinetic powers to throw her above his body, Devina quickly scrambling to her feet as she started running. "Run, run!!"
Devina didn't even have the time to thank Pierce as she started trying to reach her top speed, Larry bawling as they group continued attempting to scale the mountain as fast as their puny human legs could carry them. If Black Eyes' body hadn't been ripped apart by Shredder not 12 hours earlier or something along those lines, they could all be at the top by now, but it was too late to do anything about it. They had to hurry.
"Hurricanes shouldn't be coming along this fast." noted Black Eyes, talking mostly to himself as Devina carried them over long distances. "This had to be pushed by the Perfect Storm, although it's weakening over land... as long as we keep moving, the hurricane will be too slow to properly catch up."
Valerie hopped from ledge to ledge, making use of her extraordinary athletic ability to hop from wall to wall, ascending areas that would otherwise take too much time to climb over. As she made it through with great speed, her long red hair jiggled around rather loosely and her jewelry clashed against each other.
"Damn, sick moves." complimented Black Eyes as they kept running for their lives. "How'd you learn to pull such tricks off...? No one in Hisplit can do that I think."
"Practice, lots of it." panted Valerie as she did a leap towards them, now running right alongside Devina. "I needed to energize myself right there so I could withstand a blow from a hurricane this tough."
"There's a wall!" yelled Pierce as he blasted it apart quickly with his psychic abilities, Devina firing off eye lasers to melt down subsequent walls ahead of her. "Who set these up!?"
"I bet it was Shredder before he reformed." panted Devina as she kept running along, trying to soothe Larry as she kept going and going. "I mean, think abou- WUHHH!"
Devina tripped over a tree stump, dropping Larry. Larry landed safely in Valerie's arms, the torn businesswoman reaching down to lift Devina to her feet, all of them now racing for their lives to outspeed the hurricane. Devina can't afford any more trips right now.
"You need to be careful!" hissed Pierce as he looked into Devina's eyes. "If you're not, you could put all of us in danger! Remember that you're the one who has to make that sacri- AAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHH!"
In a moment of irony, Pierce himself tumbled into a fissure vent, lava spewing from it as he fell into it. Devina and Valerie could not stop; they had to keep going or the hurricane would wipe them both out from existence. Strangely, however, they did not hear a thump.
"PIERCE!" screamed Devina as she kept running, holding her elbow over Larry to keep his crying from getting unbearable. "G-God!"
"Just keep your eyes open!" yelled Valerie through the howling winds. "Look out for trouble!"
Devina felt like she had just lost a loved one, thinking intensely about Pierce as Black Eyes seized control of her legs, propelling her forward as she started crying. This vacation has been nothing but a disaster to her and everyone else involved. It was all Black Eyes' fault...
"Black Eyes, never t-take me on a vacation again." growled Devina through her tears as they kept jerking themselves forward. "I can't afford to lose another person I love."
"Maybe it's time I told you the truth." sighed Black Eyes as he kept shuffling Devina forward through the fires and flames. "Look..."
"Did you disguise our vacation as one of your many unnecessary field trips?" she hissed through her teeth. "Because if so, damn it Black Eyes! You had one job and you mercilessly ruined it!"
"It's a really deep story and I..." he began. But no words were able to come out of him. "We need to talk about this afterwards, okay Devina? Keep your mind on survival."
"No, damn you!" yelled Devina, suddenly rooting her feet to the ground. "I'm sorry, but I'm not taking any orders from you now!"
"Now you're just being ridiculous!" yelled Black Eyes from within her. "You're going to kill your baby with that level of stubbornness!"
"Shut up, SHUT UP!" she screamed, getting the robot to shut his trap. "How about you redirect all your lies to someone else for a change?"
"Get off my case on something you know nothing about!" screeched Black Eyes from within her. "If you don't start running, Larry's going to die! He's your son, don't you care? You spent weeks trying to keep him away from my fang-filled mouth and you're quitting over something as dumb as this?"
Devina sighed before taking a running start, trying to not center her thoughts on Black Eyes as she kept going through all the flames. She reached through the fires, screaming to herself as there were many times where she temporarily caught onto flame.
"E-EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU T-TOOK ME HERE!" screamed Devina in burning pain as she kept moving in spite of everything happening to her. "W-WHY YOU'RE MAKING U-US SUFFER THIS HELL, A-ANOTHER BAIT TRAP!"
"Calm yourself." spoke Black Eyes simply, trying to keep control over himself. "Please keep steering yourself forward and I'll explain as long as you remain quiet."
"...Okay." sighed Devina, continuing to jump across pits and scamper her way over pits. "Please... tell me why you thought any of this was a g-good idea."
"I wanted..." started Black Eyes, before sighing making a hollow 'crying' noise inside of her. "I wanted to prove many things to you, like how I was never a totally harmful person. I knew this island was going to go through some major crap and I wanted to be the superstar of the show... Through this adventure and others we've had before, I abandoned my wild, brutal tactics to live as a more caring being... yet, I never have felt accepted by you or anyone of your kin."
Devina listened, almost starting to cry again as she kept scrambling her way to the top of the volcano. She was over halfway there, with her thoughts both on Pierce and Black Eyes. These were feelings of fear and rage, initiated by all that had gone on in recent times. Larry seemed to cease crying, instead looking at his mother's eyes like they were shining gemstones.
"And, I never felt like I could be happy with myself." he continued. "People struck me across for my shabby appearance and usage of language that humans themselves have taught me to use. Everyone has awful things to say about me, even you, the only person who has ever been able to remotely like me before. I can't find anyone I could treat as a lovely wife... because who would marry this demon?"
"Are you just trying to guilt-trip me into marrying you like before?" spoke Devina in a gentler voice as she kept going forward in spite of all her searing pain. "I-is that it?"
"No, it's clear that it would never happen and I'm not even seeking it anymore." he replied, his metallic hollowing becoming even worse. "I'm a soul who has never quite gotten to feel right with the world when I was born into a time and place where I couldn't ever be liked. Not even the nastiest of villains want to get anywhere near me."
This woman tried to come up with a response as she kept leaping across the chasms. She had completely forgotten about Valerie, who was still running alongside her and going towards the top of the mountain. Her mind was now fully focused on Black Eyes...
"Hatred, sadness, and rage. Those were the only three things I was allowed to feel and bring out as a result. I was tired of following the same beaten path. I only did things like wound your father and haunt your baby to satisfy my boredom. If I ever got ahold of your baby, I would have simply vanished it away. I don't have the time or patience to really kill anybody for the past 500 years... those people just live in darkness and I tend to them once a week just so I didn't have to feel so lonely..."
"The worst of it all was after the time I had with Silver and Mallory nearly a thousand years ago. Yes, they were siblings. I'm reveling this to you now because I trust you to not say it to anyone else, it's a complete secret that only three people other than you know or something. After the world reset to the Lifts, I longed for some company but nobody wanted me. Not a single damn person could care less about me. I could rot away and it would only be met in celebration."
"I guess it was deserved of me, I did too much haunting for my own good. I tried to satisfy this endless greed of adventure that my mind wanted me to fulfill, and I did even more damage than I wanted to. I'm not welcome even in the horror land for nightmares like me: Channel X. Jefferson Jackson, the Echeno, whoever really, they all consider me outcasts. And I haven't even bothered going to Earth or beyond the Lifts because I think the chances of someone liking me outside of here are even less."
"Zyvoline was a mistake. I hated being part of it. It was boring and exhausting to kill people, and I was tired of doing it. People don't know that I chose to try and make myself a better person because they solely focused on what I looked like on the outside and the actions I've done since modern history began for the Lifts' people. For the people who remember me as a part of Zyvoline, I'm a reckless monster that won't bat an eyelash if I saw someone dangling from a cliff. For people who know me now, I'm just a heartless wreck."
"I'm not attempting to say I'm the best person out there because I know I'm not. But I am tired of people saying that I'm just a poor excuse for a person, just a nightmare with no soul. It's not true and it never will be. I'm a valid person and yet nobody's going to cut me slack because of the thot I made myself into. I kept up this attitude I've expressed over the past few weeks just so I could prevent anyone from seeing into these parts of myself. I'm opening myself up personally to you because I have no choice."
"Forgive me instead of torturing my heart. What's left of it, anyway."
Devina sniffled.
"You're my best friend, Black Eyes." choked Devina as she and Valerie finally reached the top surface of the volcano, where they were starting to really feel the heat. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I kept invalidating you over the course of this adventure."
"It's fine..." sighed Black Eyes from inside of her. "I'll just die as an empty shell. Or not, because I will have to live forever. This God can't possibly die, meaning that the suffering is permanent. But on the bright side... that's the volcano, right there."
Devina and Valerie stared into the volcano, where they saw a black, awakening figure of immense inside of it, letting out some loud grumbles as rocks started tumbling down the sides of the massive volcano. The two found it really hard to keep their footing, Devina holding onto Larry tightly.
"Mortals above!" shouted the monster from below. "I am the Perfect Storm, and all life shall parish when I grind this hurricane across the entire world! I need to be free, to be free... however, a sacrifice, a powerful one, can prove to me that human life is worth keeping. Do you have one at hand?"
"Y-yeah." spoke Devina as she looked down at the being. "Black Eyes, I need you out of my body. Vero- I mean Valerie, I want you to hold the baby."
Black Eyes' spidery body quickly crawled out of Devina, crawling up Valerie's leg as the businesswoman was given the small baby. Devina looked down at the God waiting down in the volcano.
"I suppose you know what you have in mind?" spoke the Perfect Storm. "You have about fifteen minutes before the volcano blows. Know that you must have a meaningful sacrifice if you want to save humanity for all its worth..."
Devina responded by throwing all her clothes into the volcano. Black Eyes kept himself from whistling as she stared down at the Perfect Storm. The God lifted its mouth in a lustful pleasure before it re-assumed an intimidating gesture, looking at her sternly.
"Ooooo~" giggled Valerie to herself. Black Eyes shot her an eight-eyed death glare. "S-sorry."
"Beauty alone won't save the human race, you know." spoke the Perfect Storm loudly and sternly. "Do you even know what you're doing?"
"I know what I'm doing." responded Devina as she peered down into the volcano. "I'm going to do this jump. Not for the sake of just throwing myself down there, but to save my baby from an unforeseen death, to save humanity from the clutches of bad luck, and to help highlight the Fandraxorcist as a true hero. Nobody here today truly deserves death but the wretched Mr. Matthew."
"But that's not his name." chuckled the Perfect Storm. "You almost had it, but you need to have his real name, you know..."
"It's not Mr. Matthew?" gasped Devina, looking down at the being. "Are you telling me that I got ready to take a skinny dip to death for nothing?"
"It's Lucifer." spoke a feminine voice behind her.
From behind her, a green-haired woman, also completely nude and scratched up to hell and back, walked to Devina and Valerie. Both looked stunned.
"Who're y-you?" spoke Devina quietly.
"One of Lucifer's workers, but we got angry at him. I'm Sarah." she smiled. "After we heard you got this far whilst still being rather safe, we rebelled and sunk his ship. Give Lucifer the ol' one-two!"
"Thank you." smiled Devina, turning to the storm's embodiment. "Ready?"
"Ready as that One Piece marathon when I return to Hell." spoke the Perfect Storm.
"Very well." she nodded. "I'm going to do this jump. Not for the sake of just throwing myself down there, but to save my baby from an unforeseen death, to save humanity from the clutches of bad luck, and to help highlight the Fandraxorcist as a true hero. Nobody here today truly deserves death but the wretched Lucifer."
"The sacrifice may be made."
Without a single word of objection, Devina skinny jumped into depths of the deep volcano, dropping right into the lava. Her body burnt and churned in the lava before ultimately falling apart, the Perfect Storm descending right down with her. The lava started pouring back down into the chambers below, with the hurricane getting sucked down into the volcano with it, abruptly ending the hurricane altogether.
"It's done." spoke Black Eyes. "The deed is done... but... Devina why y-yourself?"
Larry bawled under the suddenly clear skies, with Valerie stroking his hair as Black Eyes looked with dismay at the now inactive volcano. He put on what he could of his robotic suit, mostly restoring his looks as he sighed.
"What can I do without her?" he said to Valerie in concern. "She was the only person I could relate to."
"Think deep about it and you'll find the answer." she responded. "I don't know enough about that weird deity stuff to have a clue on how to help you."
Helicopters descended down from above, taking the group up the ladders and hauling them off to the Silent Cafe. But that's not where we're going for now. Our step into Chapter 10, the final chapter, instead looks towards the Fandraxonian Temple where the deities normally sit and have tea...

Chapter 10

Devina had just been burned to death from her miraculous sacrifice, but her adventures were in reality far from being over with. The deed she pulled off was done with a pure heart and with such good intent that her soul didn't decimate with her body, instead heading off into places undocumented to what the naked eye can see. Her soul traveled a route that can only be described if you truly experienced it; it's an extremely powerful invisible stream that moves pure souls from their deathplace to the Fandraxonian Temple.
Devina felt herself sort of "wake up", as if she were just asleep for a long time.
"What is... going on..."
She didn't have the consciousness to experience the stream, but she knew that whatever was happening, her movement speed was insane. If her "eyes" were open, she would have seen herself traveling at speeds comparable to that of light. And that would have scared the hell out of her. Devina could not seem to remember anything at the moment, not even her death, as her soul moved incredibly fast. She wanted to scream, but couldn't as there was nothing for her to scream through.
The journey... it was a strange one like no other. Her thoughts started to piece together when her speed started to considerably slow down.
"Where is... Black Eyes..." she murmured in her mind as she kept zipping along in zig-zags, making the strange road to the Fandraxonian Temple. "The baby...? Where... is everyone..."
Without any prior warning, an incredibly loud explosion occurred right where Devina was. While she didn't hear it whatsoever, she felt its effects as she started slowing down more and more, feeling the vibrations from it quite well. She felt like she was going to split apart, yet had no body to speak of...
"A-ahhh!" she screamed in her head as she kept zipping forward at uncomfortable speeds. "M-MAKE IT STOP!!"
But nobody could hear her.
"Let me breathe!" she yelled out, only for nothing to directly answer her. "Stop the movement! Let me see again, let me see again!"
Again, nobody could hear her. She could feel her face peeling right off, except she had none to begin with right there. Her limbs felt about to pop, although they were just fragments of her mind's imagination. Just before it felt like her whole non-existent body was going to pop, she felt her body lurch right to a stop. Her consciousness fully returned to her as she came to be still.
Where she was at that moment, she was in an ancient Mayan-like temple, with statues of Zaxinian deities hanging about, ones of Fandraxono and Zodiez in particular filling the place. Rivers flowing through the place were an odd green, with souls traveling through them after arriving from a speedy light journey to the temple. Among them was Devina's soul, memory not damaged after such travels.
"D-Devina?" was the first sound Devina could ever hear while simply traveling as her soul. "Devina... oh my gosh... do you remember me..."
This soul gently touched against Devina's, both of them blindly traveling within the stream. Devina felt an exceptional level of warmth through this embracing.
"I'm Holly..." she said in a tender, almost heartbreaking voice. Devina hadn't heard it in a long while, and it had startled her emotions. She was so happy to hear the voice, yet sad that she couldn't see her... "I could feel your presence nearby... I've learned to recognize souls while down here..."
"Holly..." came Devina's voice through the soul. "I missed you so much... but I don't want to be in a world of darkness... I want to see you and embrace you..."
"That will be tough..." sighed Holly as her soul wrapped around Devina's. "Perhaps... our meeting can be done in another way, another time... but I know we should get out of these soul gutters..."
"S-soul gutters?" asked Devina curiously. "S-so are we just... l-lone traveling souls?"
"Yeah... but hopefully not for long..." came Holly's sweet, wholesome voice as it bristled against Devina's emotions. "I missed you..."
"I almost died, so many times..." came a happier voice from Devina. "I died eventually, but for a good cause. But I survived so much and kicked ass as you told me to..."
If Devina could cry, she would have so many tears running down her bruised cheeks. So much hatred and sorrow over the past few years of her life that she had forgotten the joy of even having a girlfriend. This woman, once going to be her wife, had perished under Black Eyes' arms... out of a revenge he couldn't keep manageable.
"Holly... I still love you..." cried out Devina, feeling Holly's soul squeeze against her. "H-hey... I f-feel like... something's pressing... i-inwards..."
"I'm going to infest your body..." responded Holly gently. "I'm going to merge with your soul so we escape together... and then I'll find my body and marry you with it..."
"Okay..." came a rather enthusiastic voice from Devina. "P-please do..."
Without hesitation, Holly entered Devina's soul, merging with hers and causing a noise so loud that some dishes from far off fell to the floor. They couldn't hear it, however.
"A new traveler?" came a gentle, yet eerie voice from not far off. Even though Devina and Holly couldn't hear just about anything, that voice seemed to be heard by their merged soul. They heard the voice get louder as she arrived closer. "Interesting... wait... I recognize you... tell me your story..."
"My name's Devina Olivia Kilmister, a traveler from the Planet of Hisplit." she replied in an automatic, yet silvery tone of voice. "My death was due to a sacrifice I performed to save the people and my friends from heartless destruction. My pure soul emerged from that powerful event, and I separated from my body following its collapse in the volcano of Typhoon Island."
"And who's inside of you?" came the voice. "This is a dual soul, so I want to find out more..."
"My name is Holly Switchblade." responded Holly in an also automatic tone. "I received death from murder by an individual known as Black Eyes. I was given consent to escape with Devina."
"That's a unique story..." came the now somewhat lustrous voice of the figure. Devina could feel herself get squeezed and carried around by the inky hands of a really tall goddess. "It's reasonable that we get you a new body to pour your soul into now... you still deserve life. There are people who love and adore you to death."
Devina felt her soul get carried away by the goddess, feeling her soul receive a chilling massage as she was carried over to a stretcher. She felt herself get put down onto a long, fuzzy platform, with the body of her "captor" laying right atop her.
"You can't see, correct?" came the somewhat cracked voice of the goddess as she gently held down on her soul. "Can you?"
"It is impossible for us right now." came Devina's automatic voice. "I can only feel tough, but otherwise can't use any of my other senses. I can only hear you through a link to my soul and other souls within my vicinity."
"That's normal, honey." smiled the goddess. "Just relax a little while we restore your vitality... we can't get your old bodies back, but we can replace them, just give us some time..."
With that said, the goddess walked out of the room. That gave Devina and Holly plenty of time to talk and relax from the whole goddess experience.
"Holly... why did you want to come out with me?" whispered Devina to her, feeling Holly split from her soul so they could better communicate with one another. They felt their souls touch together. "It's been so long, and I'm so different now..."
"I've been bored for the last couple of years because I wasn't treated very normally by that son of a bi-" she began, stopping only because she felt some kind of regret towards saying it. "They didn't let me escape because of my strange sex life, and how I've been convicted of some other murders. But they let me have my way this time because I'm traveling with a friend."
"Did you just use me to escape?" breathed Devina, ready to give up just in case.
"No, I wanted to be able to live with you again..." whimpered Holly as she snuggled her soul around Devina's. "I missed you so much, living in there for years and years was hell. What happened to the guy that killed me, anyway...? What happened with him?"
"He's a generally good person now." responded Devina, much to Holly's shock.
"He spent his whole life miserable and many of his moves were out of a desired need to satisfy himself rather than for maliciousness." she explained. "A hard life caused him to do a lot of actions I personally believe to be unthinkable as well. He has about as much emotion as we do, if not more."
"You can't just go around forgiving people because you feel sorry for their past." grumbled Holly. "The past is the past, they're different people now. You just have to try and stay away from them by that point. Why didn't you?"
"Because people can change and you know I've always been overly forgiving." came Devina's now stricter voice. "I hate making enemies, I refuse to make any and having powerful allies like Black Eyes have helped me more than not. I will remain by my voice. He didn't even want to kill you."
Holly sighed.
"I guess you're right."

"How did the soul checkup turn out, Zodiez?" said Remembra as she watched the inky deity walk into the main room of the Fandraxonian Temple. It looked more or less like an old bar with a throne made from beer bottles at the very end. Remembra flicked her red hair and shook her dark body outwards as she gave Zodiez a strange look. "You look rather intimidated."
"Devina Olivia Kilmister had perished and is waiting on the Lifebringer cot." shivered the deity, biting her fingernails as she spoke. "I wasn't expecting for her to appear of all people."
"Oh, how so?" replied Remembra, popping a biscuit into her own mouth. "I mean, if she didn't tell you then you don't have to tell."
"She sacrificed herself to save the general world of Hisplit as well as her surrounding family." whimpered Zodiez, twitching her fingers. "As her body burnt to a crisp, we don't have a real replacement option or any hope on restoring her body."
"That is a dilemma." came Phoenixea's voice as she blew air over her coffee, setting it aflame. "I think if you ask any of her close friends, they may have something vital for restoring her DNA. I mean, she's got to at least have a few hairs left out there."
Zodiez sighed, looking straight down.
"I'm afraid not, those would take forever to find." replied Zodiez. "And I'm not taking any chances either, I could give her a body like John Cena's by total accident."
"Better than the time you accidentally restored that one dude as that one Unten dude." laughed Phoenixea, gulping down her coffee. "But hey, maybe they can use... different bodies now."
"You look distraught honey." came the really high-pitched voice of Killjoy, her scarecrow head turning to face her. "Something wrong, hon?"
"I can't restore Devina Olivia Kilmister or Holly Switchblade to their old bodies because they've burnt and rotted respectively." sighed Zodiez, cupping her own face with her inky hands. "I don't think I can really do anything about this, mum."
"It's okay." smiled Killjoy, patting Zodiez's head. "Hey, on the bright side... at least it's not you being those tormented souls!"
"I guess, but it's still worrysome." came Zodiez's bitter voice. "Ugh, sorry. Just frustrated."
"Maybe let Oyster take them in for a bit." suggested Remembra, putting her finger on Zodiez's nose. "Don't you worry hon, because Oyster would take care of the souls just fine. She's done it before, although she's had something of a history of accidentally trapping them in drinks when drunk..."
"...Maybe if she knows these two, it won't be so bad." said Zodiez. "Maybe I'll do that... does anyone have any objections to that plan?"
"No." replied Phoenixea as she accidentally sneezed fire on the wooden bar. "Damn it, not again!"
Rabine warped in, spraying water from the palms of her hands to put out the fire. Consequently, slime was left over where the fires once were.
"No on the objection." came Killjoy's sweet voice. "If Fandraxono were here, I'm pretty sure he would agree with that decision as well."
"Where even is he?" complained Zodiez. "It's been a while since I've seen his sexy fi- I mean, his ugly, old-man skin."
In another place, Fandraxono was playing lyre to death metal tunes, keeping the Zaxinian Lifts intact as he happily banged his head up and around. Nobody could hear it as Fandraxono was several floors below and had soundproof walls.
"I'm gonna kick his ass to the next century." yawned Zodiez. "Well, I'll go tell the two souls that's where they're going... thanks for your feedback, guys. Also, you're suspended from having beer for another week Phoenixea."

"Thank you for letting me come with you." smiled Holly as she kept brushing her soul against Devina's. "To be honest, I was worried that you didn't really love me anymore, following how much time there's been between the two of us..."
"I wouldn't lose my love for you over anything while I was gone." smiled Devina, giggling a little. "But admittedly, I wasn't sure if you changed for the worse then... glad nothing much has changed."
"Me too." grinned Holly from ear to ear. "You know, when we go home in our bodies, should we try out that thing we kept meaning to do? With the ro-"
The doors suddenly flung open, with Zodiez's voice heaving over to the two of them as she quickly interrupted anything Holly (or Devina for that matter) had to say.
"You two won't get your bodies back, first of all." coughed Zodiez violently, stopping to catch her breath. "Sorry about that, but it's not the end. We're sending you two down to this bar in the capital city of Zonar... the beloved city of Naxaz. There, you will meet Oyster and be kept down there until we can create lookalike bodies for you both. Is that reasonable?"
"I guess." came Devina's voice. "I just wanna get out of here as soon as I can."
"You won't believe how happy I am about finally escaping~" cheered Holly as Zodiez picked up their souls. "I'm so ready to go back..."
"Just remember that you two must stay intact in Oyster's bar." instructed Zodiez, squishing together their ball-like shapes. "I'm going to let you two see, smell, and hear everything around you now."
With a snap that sounded like a lock getting loose, the two were able to get most of their senses back. They couldn't see each other, but they could finally see who was holding them the entire time.
"Holy hell, I miss being able to see." blinked Holly. "But where is Devina...?"
"You two can't see each other, that's right..." sighed Zodiez, snapping her fingers. "There! Now you can, although you're both just blobs."
"I hope you two have fun at Oyster's." smiled Zodiez weakly.
With not much more than a bang, the two were sent down a shaft that resembled a garbage can, with Zodiez dusting off her hands. The two fell down to Naxaz by magic, falling into two glasses within Oyster's bar. When they were able to actually see where they were, they rose out of the glasses, fully assuming their old human shapes.
"I can actually see the world again..." grinned Holly. "Oh, I can see you now!!"
Devina and Holly gleefully hugged, although Devina quickly backed away and started to show signs of pain.
"Oh no, what's wrong?" asked Holly, bending towards Devina and stroking her hair.
"I miss Black Eyes..." sighed Devina, hugging Holly tightly. "I hope I get to see him again some other day. I hope that where he is, he's not suffering..."

"You'll be fine." sighed Mallory as she pat a particular green robot on the head, over and over again. "Good god, I don't even care Black Eyes, you're choosing a horrible person to cry your troubles to."
"I don't know what I can do by this point!" hissed Black Eyes, holding Mallory's stomach really tightly. "Devina's gone, I'm lost, and you're a thot. What the hell can I do anymore? Life's no fun to just crawl around in by this point, what's the deal? I can't even die if I wanted to!"
"I'm pretty sure you can find love if you tried." murmured Mallory tiredly, smacking her dry lips. "Come on, waste someone else's time. The time we had together was over, and now I need to do things concerning my plans for world domination. Get lost, kid."
"If I had the heart to obliterate your mind I would." growled Black Eyes as he stopped leaking oily tears over the carpet. "I'm more heartless than you are and I was about to find at least some appreciation. People would like you more if you weren't so damn selfish."
"Well, crawling back to me isn't doing you anything good." grunted Mallory, smacking him right across the cheek. "Here's my tip: shatter every bit of your robot suit and just give your powers to me. That's death for you, and it's also gain for me."
"I'm not going to help a brat like yourself." sighed Black Eyes. "You know what? Fine. If I can't find a soul to pour myself to, then I want to just do anything by this point to stop suffering it. Let's strike up a deal: I'll give you my powers if you let me die."
'Then it's a deal." smiled Mallory, stroking his head. "Here it comes..."
Mallory smashed her body into him like a truck, tearing everything off of him as he heard nothing but distorted laughter, eventually hearing just his own deep screams. It was then where he collapsed out of his bed, sprawling across the floor.
"Devina..." sniffled Black Eyes as he got up. He sat down on the edge of the bed, kicking his legs around. "This foolish man misses you. I don't know if I'll ever see you again, but I hope that you're in the land of the rising sun now. I'm having nightmares that stem from how badly I miss you already..."
"Please, Devina. Don't let anything worse than me step in your way. You don't need that torment anymore."
"I love you, you're like the weird sister I never had."

to be continued