Darkest Omniverse is a multiverse containing two distinct worlds with multiple timelines within those worlds that are linked to the Mysterious Multiverse.



Has been destroyed by a trans-dimensional space elephant and torn into fragments. It consists of the games:

(In chronological order.) After the destruction of the Crystalverse, there are only two survivors: Junko Enoshima, who has travelled to the Mysteriousverse, and Homura Akemi, who is bouncing between the Mysteriousverse and Cosmoverse to try and find a solution and fix her universe.



Timelines linked to the Darkest Omniverse

These are timelines affected directly by events, or characters in the Darkest Omniverse.


Both Homura and Junko have significant impacts on the Mysteriousverse prime: Homura assembles the Mysterious Seven to use them as pawns to help save the fragmented Crystalverse, and Junko attacks the Mysterious Five only to have her memory erased and join them.

Despair Mysteriousverse

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