First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 4

Latest appearance: Fighters of Lapis 6

Dark Palutena is a dark clone of Palutena created by the Mirror of Truth. She appears in Fighters of Lapis 4 as a villain turned friend. She is one of the many dark characters introduced in that game, although she, along with Dark Patrica Wagon are the only ones that have not appeared in any media prior to Fighters of Lapis.


Dark Pit

She likes to call him a huge dork, which he is. Generally Dark Put tries to ignore her, but she constantly jabs at everything he does anyway.


Being her dark version, she doesn't like Palutena that much and sees her as the clone. After Fighters of Lapis 4, the two have become friends.


She and Palutena joke a lot around him.


  • Standard Special: Dark Staff - Fires an dark projectile from the tip of her staff -- although these come one at a time, they home.
  • Side Special: Monoeye Summon - Summons a Monoeye to attack.
  • Down Special: Dynamite - Sends out a lit dynamite stick that explodes.
  • Up Special: Rocket Jump - Creates an explosion that boosts Dark Palutena upwards and damages nearby enemies.
  • Super Move: Wings of Darkness - Her wings spread out and black spills from them, engulfing the screen. Only Dark Palutena can see, and she gains more powerful versions of her attacks.


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