Dark Empress Ballgum
First appearance: Grand Theft Gumball

Latest appearance: World War X (as Omegaverse Empress Ballgum)

Dark Empress Ballgum is an alternate universe version of Gumball Watterson who desires to become the prime being of the omegaverse by destroying all universes, dimensions, and realms.

Her first general appearance was on a Fantendo project known as Gumball: Double Trouble, but it never saw the light of day. About a year later, Lone Planet Productions gave Overclocked permission to use Ballgum in Grand Theft Gumball.

Grand Theft Gumball

Ballgum is the "puppetmaster" in this game, where it is revealed that she was locked in an asylum due to her similar state to Gumball's violent behavior. She learned how to escape her universe using dark magic, so she manipulated Gumball into destroying the Titans so she could collect energy from them, thus becoming almighty and powerful.

World War X

Ballgum is a secret boss, appearing as Omegaverse Empress Ballgum.


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