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Damnation: A Syande Project is a third-person action video game developed and published by TimeStrike for The V², being an entry in the Zaxinian Lifts chronology. Unlike many games that the company made in the past, Damnation has both a focus on combat and on stealth, in contrary to their often average platformers or fighting games.

Despite having relevance in the Zaxinian Lifts chronology, the setting of the game takes place on Earth, and (rather indirectly) precedes the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. In particular, the game takes place in the lost continent of Xan, and features the vampire Syande as she tracks a mysterious "thief" down to the planet, who then challenges her to find every part of her soul and destroy them before she envelops everything in darkness in the timespan of three days.


The vampire and general Syande is the sole playable character in Damnation. Her gameplay is very quick paced and focuses on getting from the beginning of the level to the very end while battling hordes of enemies in her way. Thanks to the level design that requires players to be quick on their feet and the fact that players have to very carefully time her jumps and flying capabilities as well as controls, this game is recommended for those looking for a challenge, instead of casuals.

Her levels tend to be very large in size, but are remedied by the fact that Syande's movement is very quick paced and that if she's controlled just right, she can blaze through the levels quickly.  Despite the fact that her levels are often quickly done, the player can branch off on longer paths on purpose to take more challenging routes to collect greater awards, and most levels have various paths for the player to take, adding replay value.

Syande's health is a special case. She cannot regain health normally, she can only obtain it by killing her enemies, which drops blood for her to absorb. Her health is rather low at first, but as the player destroys the parts to the Mistress' soul, she receives much larger amounts of health. Losing health only happens when she hasn't had doses of blood for a while and for when she slows her motions. If Syande loses all her health, she falls to the ground, defeated, and the player must restart from the last checkpoint they hit.

One of Syande's main abilities is the one to slow down her motions via slowing the time around her, which the player can activate when she needs to go slow. By slowing her motions, everything seems to slow down slightly, which gives the player the advantage of avoiding otherwise impossible obstacles. She cannot do this forever though, as it drains at her health, and time will automatically resume to normal when she falls. Slowing time also allows Syande to beat up on larger enemies with less issues, and also attack chains of enemies much easier.

Beyond this supernatural ability, one of Syande's gifts is her ability to fly. She can fly for up to ten seconds, the player having to hold the jump button to do such. When that duration ends, Syande resorts to gliding, and slowly descends through the air. Syande can increase her jump height via doing normal jumps multiple times in a row, her height achieved increasing with each bounce. Syande's fighting abilities aren't just limited to the ground, Syande can hover in place for a short amount of time and beat up on any enemies in her way, and fly from enemy to enemy as she goes in for the kill.

When Syande comes to contact with a wall, she'll instantly grab onto it and be able to climb it. She can also grab poles and suspension bars to get around more. Much like Knuckles from the Sonic Adventure games, the vampire can drill into the ground from the air or dig straight into the wall, and she can find treasures this way. Some surfaces cannot be dug in though, and a few types of walls can't be climbed. To ensure that Syande doesn't have total control over the landscape, some of the walls have gimmicks to them that make it difficult for the player to use to their advantage.

In terms of combat, Syande uses her recently equipped Shredder Claws to attack enemies up close, and can also bite into enemies to do massive damage. From a distance, Syande can conjure magic to damage enemies that are immune to her typical methods of causing damage. As there are multiple types of enemies, the player has to learn how to use both Syande's physical and special attacks in combination to take down the toughest of enemies. As the player progresses, they can upgrade the Shredder Claws, the Fine Fangs, and the Ember Wand to be more powerful and more useful.

Unlike TimeStrike's past combat-focused games, the player can tilt the control stick as they attack, able to slash or bite in different directions and angles, which allows her to hit enemies in all directions.  Additionally, as Syande's fighting skills enhance, she'll be able to hit enemies harder and take out weaker ones faster.  However, like previous combat games, Syande can chain her attacks, especially on larger enemies, and in some cases they're the only ways she can take out enemies, as some of them have auto-heal capabilities that can override normal damage output.  Some of Syande's attacks aren't just used in battle too, she can use some of them to maneuver through her stages.

Boss battles take place in arenas in comparison to the very large, somewhat linear levels. Bosses are generally enemies, but colossal and have tons of health, and require different strategies to defeat than the usual enemy, as their weak spots are normally not available straight away. The player must make the best use out of Syande's abilities, as the bosses are generally difficult to defeat and will often utilize the skills that she recently learned. There is a boss that can be fought after every two stages.

If a stage isn't followed up with a boss fight, it's followed up with a bonus stage, which make use of Syande's abilities for fun instead of action. Often, the stages provide bonuses or secrets that the player must try to nab, but also have ending points that signify the end of the level. All bonus stages are built on a certain theme, such as pinball or slot machines. If Syande falls in the bonus stages, she will not lose a life, and will actually be brought back to the last checkpoint that was touched.

Upon clearing each stage, bonus stage, or boss, the player's score is tallied up alongside three bonuses: enemy bonus, time bonus, and health bonus. The final score will be listed as a percentage that goes from 0% to 100%, with the former being the worst possible and the latter being the best possible. The higher the percentage, the better the letter ranking the player will receive, with 0-40% giving the player an F, 41-55% giving a D, 56-70% giving a C, 71-80% giving a B, 81-90% giving an A, and 91-99% giving an S. If the player receives 100%, they receive an X, a very exceptional rank. Rewards can be received upon getting higher ranks.

Before actually playing the game, the player can choose a difficulty level for their save file: Simple, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, or Master. The normal difficulty is Beginner by default. The higher the difficulty is set, the more enemies and obstacles there will be, and the weaker Syande's abilities become. Playing on Simple difficulty prevents Syande from actually completing the game, the game in that setting changes the plot slightly so that the main antagonist wins.


Character Description
The sole playable character, and a loving and carefree vampire, Syande was a war general that quit her job when she got into disputes with her siblings, and is a freeroaming character who doesn't seem to really give a crap about anything.  Having been challenged to track down pieces of a thief's soul before the world goes into darkness, she eagerly took on the bet and is currently traveling with her "sidekick", Malice.
no art
A witch that prefers to be quiet and keep her voice down, and not directly communicate with anyone but her best friends, Malice is the helper to Syande and likes to travel a lot with her, following her everywhere as long as the vampire doesn't object to it.  A very powerful user of magic, Malice can use all kinds of curses and jinxes to mess with her opponents, and is more than eager to help take on the action with Syande.
no art
Syande's rival in the game, Werine also has been challenged to find the pieces to the thief's soul, and as such, she often clashes with the lead vampire.  Having been driven somewhat insane by red energy, she doesn't tend to be nice to Syande at all, and actually appears a recurring boss.  Underneath her wild exterior, Werine is a fierce and loyal defender who fights for her friends, even if she can be really nutty at it.
no art
A malicious vampire that hailed from Vampire Valley, Oscade is the brand-new king of the area, and to be quite honest, he's really more of a tyrant.  Having been enraged following his defeats from a familiar businesswoman, he is now seeking out Syande to capture her and imprison her.  Shall Syande wait in place too long, Oscade might sneak behind Syande's back and steal her, causing the player to lose a life.
no art
An old, animatronic bear that escaped from a museum after being reprogrammed by an unknown being, this brown mess of cogs and gears is on the loose, actively tracking down its master.  If it catches Syande, it's immediately a life loss, but the player should take advantage of when its around so that they can find and hit the master for extra lives.  It's rather rare.
no art
A mysterious thief no one seems to really know, Tlice  randomly appeared to Syande -- or so it seems -- and challenged her and Werine in two separate locations to find all the pieces to her soul before everything falls into darkness.  Why would she suddenly give away something like that to them?  What is she doing hanging around rather harmlessly on Earth?  There are so many things to discover.
no art
Originally the fierce and proud Sun God, Sol has been locked into battle with the Moon Goddess, and the two are fighting thanks to something that Tylice has to do with.  It seems that Sol remains a good God, and gives Syande tips via telepathy.  It seems to hurt Syande to get tips from him though, as very harsh sunlight can pierce Syande's defenses.
no art
Originally the calm and respectful Moon Goddess, Luna has been forced to fight with the Sun God, somehow thanks to Tylice.  Luna seems to have her align changed, and doesn't seem to notice Syande, not caring about what she destroys...on the bright side, being in the Goddess' presence allows Syande to heal via moonlight.


The first level of the game, and a rather simple one in terms of design, being mostly straight forward.  Syande can grind on vines and trees that pose as rails, swing from vines dangling from the ceilings of the jungle, and skid above the swampy waters.
The second level, bosting multiple paths.  Each large path presented leads up to an Indiana Jones-esque escape sequence, but feature different obstacles and rewards.  Syande can climb on the walls and activate switches to switch between routes or open up shut doorways.
Capricious Carnival is a straightforward level at the beginning, featuring Syande taking many carnival rides such as roller coasters, but midway, the power blacks out, forcing Syande to try and navigate her way through the carnival maze.
Consisting of multiple routes, Hell's Highway is a very long level that has the player dodging cars and trucks carefully while being able to choose between taking the longer route to get rewards or the shorter route to get to the goal quicker.  The highway has some parts break off later on.
The Zesty Zoo is the most maze-like level early on, and features Syande going from exhibit to exhibit while avoiding the wild animals and the animal pouchers which will try to shoot her down.  Syande must deactivate security gates in order to pass onto more areas in the zoo.
Taking place on a few obselete atolls, Syande must rush from isle to isle, skidding across the water while avoiding animals such as savage sharks and piranhas.  On the islands, Syande must navigate through thin jungles or attack animals such as cheetahs on the shores.
In Desert Death, Syande can take many, many routes, but some are risky, some are rewarding.  Along the way, Syande can run through pyramids or rush through dust storms.  As she goes, she must avoid scorpiosn, walking cacti, and more.  The level ends with a great, towering base.
The eighth level, Bullet Base features Syande climbing a large base, avoiding bullets, turrets, and more as she attempts to disable the whole base.  Trains often roll around the place, suspended in the air and on the ground, and will instantly knock out the vampire on contact if speeding.
The Frozen Foundry is a large maze of icy structures and designs, the player has to recognize landmarks in order to help Syande escape the maze.  It is also quite a mechanical level, featuring freezing machines, crushers, and many death traps.
A much more straightforward level than others, Windy Way is a level that makes the second most use out of Syande's platforming talent and intelligence, and features harmful tornadoes, thick fog, and currents that will either shove Syande forward or push her back.
Vampire Valley, the eleventh level, is a level that relies heavily on the player's instincts and survival skills.  The level features the most combat around, so the player will have to wrestle many vampires, some stronger than her, and make it out alive.  Hardly any platforming areas.
Molten Mountain is straightforward, but has many splitting paths, and like Hell's Highway, some are risky but have good awards at the end.  This level has several areas where Syande flies or glides, and has plenty of combat with ancient spirits and the like.
As Syande climbs aboard her thirteenth level, Airship Assault requires that the player is excellent with the vampire's talents, as they'll have to soar over, under, and in/out of airships, and avoid much gunfire that can send her falling down.  She must cut through to get to the mothership.
Her final level, Techno Turmoil has a very healthy mix between combat, platforming talent, and path taking, as well as puzzle elements.  Techno Turmoil, however, has quite the fierce time limit -- she must make it to the end quickly, or miss her chance to get to the thief.


TimeStrike unveiled the composers of Damnation a month before its Japanese release, each chosen from specific games that leader Athena Hawkins liked. These specific games turned out to be Sonic Heroes and Metroid Fusion. The chosen composers were Jun Senoue, Naofumi Hataya, Teruhiko Nakagawa, Fumie Kumatani, Minako Hamano and Akira Fujiwara. In addition, Athena sought permission from a few different bands to use some of their music, including Avenged Sevenfold and Britney Spears. The songs were split into two discs, "Pure Damnation: Bat Country" and "Pure Damnation: Toxic Territory".

The design of the soundtrack is fast-paced, and has mostly rock tracks and creepy tunes. Most of the songs have some sort of horror elements or disturbing tint to them, to fit with the atmosphere that Syande plays in. The songs that don't fit under either genre are usually jazzy or sorrow-filled, the former being for character conversations and the latter being for a few specific spoilers in the game. As with the soundtrack's design basis (Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality), the soundtrack received mixed reception at first, but became warmer over time.


Amiibo are usable in Damnation to unlock optional content. Upon scanning a character amiibo related to the Fantendoverse, the Zaxinian Lifts, the RTAverse, Ziama Prime, and others, a costume based on them will be in the game for Syande to wear. The first time a costume is unlocked, the game will form a costumes gallery that be accessed before Syande enters her levels. The costumes come in multiple parts, such as headgear, main body, accessories, and more.

If all a costume's parts are on Syande, the player can choose whether or not to change her victory theme and death tunes to suit the person she is, whether or not to use a character's special attack effects, and more.  If only a certain few parts of a costume are on, the player cannot customize these features.  Characters that cannot naturally fly will be given a jet pack or something similar instead of wings, shall a full costume be used.  The costumes do not cover the face, however, so that the player can still recognize her mostly as Syande.

Each costume pack costs $0.99 per character.

Official Costume Packs

  1. General's Crew ~ Scotch, Snickers, Oshelia, Brook, Keil, Mega
  2. Vile Vampires ~ Halloween Syande, Kid Kiba, Samantha Chi, Rubelline

Fan-made Content


  1. Fantendoverse Forces ~ Unten, Rachel, Strafe, PalmMan, Leah, X-Ray


  1. Agents of F.A.N.T ~ Eric Sinn, James Zabrent, Jake Skett, Alena Carter
  2. The Operatives ~ Hugo Logia, Shy Dude, Zane, Blank
  3. Spooky Spirits ~ Smile, Mart, Isabella, Morris, Kurt
  4. Inora Icons ~ Johnny Dog, Peter Pika, Starbo, Sreel, Red, Data
  5. Inora Villains ~ Chaos, Gray Demon, Deathstrike, Sadisilea, Order, Doomulus Strike
  6. Old School ~ Aero, Beam, Blizzard, Mission, Frostburn

You are currently free to add your own character packs.  Please try and keep at least four to six characters in each individual pack.


  • The game takes some inspiration from several works that the creator likes, such as Sonic Adventure 2, Harry Potter, and Bayonetta.
  • The difficulty system was inspired by the Super Monkey Ball set of games released for the Nintendo Gamecube.
  • The idea of equipping different weapons in the middle of combat was actually inspired by Shadow the Hedgehog instead of Bayonetta.

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