First appearance: UmbrellaCalibur

DOA Dancer is a starting character in UmbrellaCalibur. DOA Dancer can be dangerous, but only expert players will be able to use him to great limits. His speed is ridiculously high and he can create great combos, but his air game is abysmal and he's not all that tough.


  • Dancing Gloves: Spiked gloves made for dancing. DOA Dancer's default weapon, they're weak but fast.
  • Disc Blade: A sharp record. The Disc Blade pierces defense and invincibility, but lacks power.
  • Stereo: A large machine. It's fairly slow, but very powerful.
  • DOA Dancer's Umbrella Edge: A wand with a heart on it colored purple. Very fast and very powerful.


  • Spin Me: DOA Dancer spins right round like a record, creating a small tornado and redirecting projectiles and breaking guards.
  • I Want Your Love: DOA Dancer lures the foe towards them, no matter where they are.
  • Finger Wag: DOA Dancer immobilizes the foe for 5 seconds, though this move must be re-charged.

Other Moves

  • Stage Entrance: A record spins around and creates a Tornado, which DOA Dancer hops out of.
  • Taunt #1: DOA Dancer blows a kiss.
  • Taunt #2: DOA Dancer tosses the foe a record.
  • Taunt #3: DOA Dancer listens to a record while dancing.

Umbrella Edge

  • Watch Out, Here I Come!: DOA Dancer traps the foe as the stage darkens, and the screen becomes covered in static, and then goes into a dance room as DOA Dancer spins un-controllably around, doing massive damage to the foe and launching them away.

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