First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Cyber Poison Miku is a variant of Miku Hatsune that can be unlocked in the Mysterious Seven Project. Cyber Posion Miku is a version of Miku that has been made completely deadly with the use of poison barbs all over her body. Every attack she has has a poisonous side effect. Additionally, she can use cyber attacks as well, allowing her to send attacks to the cloud to be used later.


  • Standard Special: Sing - Miku sings, causing anyone in the radius of her singing to be hit. She can keep holding it down but if she holds it down for too long her voice will break. This now has toxic effect on it.
  • Side Special: Toxic Leek Twirl - Miku twirls a leek and has limited movement while spinning it. Anyone in the way of the leek will get hit pretty bad. The leek is now purple and toxic.
  • Up Special: Toxic Sakura Petals - Miku grabs two giant Sakura tree petals and uses them to glide in the air. They now have a toxic effect on them.
  • Down Special: Cloud - Miku sends an charged attack or item into the cloud to be used later.
  • Super Move: Miku Concert - Miku gets onto a stage and starts belting out a perfomance. Notes appear on the stage and tapping them over opponents will cause an explosion that can severely damage them. At the end, Miku releases a super-sonic blast, finishing the concert.

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