Customs 16 is a digital-only umbrella game created by PabloDePablo in 2015. It focuses less on a large scale roster (featuring only 16 characters) and more on each fighter playing uniquely.


Smash clone.

more soon



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01 - Liquid Metal Quencher!

Made from a mysterious liquid metal substance, Pepsiman is truly an enigma. Only one thing is certain - he lives to deliver Pepsi to those in need!

Pepsiman is a medium-heavyweight fighter with a focus on fast movement and combos. He can utilize PepsiCo products and martial arts to fight. His unique mechanic is Thirst: he has to use a certain amount of Pepsi within two minutes or suffer major damage.

Kamen Rider Ghost


02 - Icon! Open Your Eye!
Kamen Rider Ghost

Takeru Tenkuji always aspired to hunt ghosts, and now he can - as the undead Kamen Rider Ghost! To return to life, he must collect the 15 Ghost Icons.

Kamen Rider Ghost is a mysteriously floaty yet powerful fighter. He uses the Gangan Saber and his ability to hover to fight. His mechanic is the Ghost Icons - if Ghost is in battle, these tiny eyeballs drop and change his form for different styles.



03 - Autobot Supreme Commander!
Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is the valiant leader of the heroic Autobots. No matter what form he takes, he stands for justice and freedom for all sentient beings.

Optimus Prime is one of the larger fighters in Customs 16, with a bulky stature and the ability to transform into a truck for combos. His mechanic is Rossum's Trinity, a principle that means if his T-cog, spark, or brain module suffer damage, the other two do as well.



04 - fruitsoftheape100!

A mysterious vendor of fruits who seems to know secrets no mortal should know. He is an ape with a temper, but he cares for his customers and fruits.

Elmer is an incredibly technical fighter, with strange physics and unconventional attacks that trap and befuddle foes. His mechanic is Gunch - if Elmer gets a K.O., he receives a random buff, ranging from vague concepts like speed to resisting specific combos.


Toa Tahu

05 - Master of Fire!

Tahu is one of the six Toa, masters of the elements called to Okoto from beyond. He's a hotheaded leader with impeccable luck and control of fire.

Tahu is a fast fighter who uses his dual swords and control of fire to hit fast and hard. His unique mechanic is his Golden Mask Combo, which allows him to gain a gatling gun and more strength at the cost of an HP drain.


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