Crystal Warriors 2: Dünyanın Sonunda (translated as Crystal Warriors 2: At World's End,) is the sequel to Crystal Warriors. Not much is known about it, but the creator said it will be presented at A3 2014 alongside Malign Quarantine: Resonance.



The gameplay plays like a standard fighting game, with characters performing attacks until one of the fighter's life bar is empty, but uses movesets similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, with four normal attacks (these are usually melee attacks) and four special attacks. 

The game also shares many gamemodes with Super Smash Bros Brawl, such as Classic, Event, and Story Mode.

Starting Characters

Character Series Description
435px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS
Super Mario Bros.
A friendly plumber residing in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario wields a hammer, and throws fireballs or rides karts to attack. He is also very athletic, due to him being in the Olympic Games.
Super Mario Bros. Luigi returns yet again! Luigi's moveset stays pretty much the same from last game, utulizing his Poltergust, green fire, and can jump high for recoveries. 
Super Mario Bros. It's the year of Rosalina, everybody. Rosalina uses Lumas, space magic (what do you THINK she has a wand for?) and her spin attack. She's a more lightweight character, and her recovery is very impressive.
Peach SSB4
Princess Peach
Super Mario Bros.  The damsel in distress is back for more madness! Peach uses a parasol, a frying pan, sports items, and is quite athletic. She can also throw turnips at people.
Super Mario Bros. 

Lakitu is the camera-man of the famed Mario Kart races, but now the little turtle dude joins the fray! He uses cameras to attack as well as throwing spineys down at foes.

Raymond CW2
Hanabi Games
The herald of supreme magical girl god Dyland, Raymond attacks with bad humor, his scarf, and can throw his hat as a projectile weapon.
Madoka Kaname
Madoka Kaname
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A young girl who naively signs a contract turning her into a magical girl. She uses a bow and arrow as well as magical powers in battle.
Pit R
Kid Icarus Efnewcomer

The Angel servant of Palutena. Pit is a common site in umbrella games, but he makes his Crystal Warriors debut here. Pit uses his 
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger
Shingeki No Kyojin Efnewcomer
A soldier at the Recon Corps, declaring war on the Titan Race ever since his mother got eaten by a Titan. Eren uses his swords for strong melee attacks, and can fight in the air using the 3D Maneuveur Gear, as well as summoning his Titan Form. 
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight Efnewcomer
An affiliate of Raymond, Shovel Knight is a bulky character who uses his shovel as a melee weapon to attack.
Aiden Pierce

A mysterious hacker, Aiden can use a gun to attack as well as use his phone to hack the stage. He isn't a strong character on his own though, and relies on his manipulation over the stage for attacks. 

Ruby Rose
RWBY An energetic young girl, Ruby Rose uses a scythe that utulizetransforms into a sniper rifle as well as her speed. She also can utilize dust abilities.
Weiss Schnee
RWBY Weiss is a seemingly stubborn girl who attends Beacon Academy, using a rapier sword as both a melee weapon and it can generate ice.
RWBY Efnewcomer
An affiliate of Roman Torchwick and the White Fang, Neo uses her umbrella and illusions to fight.
Xero CW2
Agent Xero
The Modifiers Efnewcomer
Agent Xero is a member of the mystery cracking team known as The Modifiers. She uses her disguises to fool people, as well as her partner Mole.
Sayaka Miki
Sayaka Miki
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Madoka's depressed friend who uses water magic to fight. Her abilities aren't as strong as Madoka's, but she is much faster then her.utulize
Mami Tomoe
Puella Magi Madoka Magica An experienced magical girl and ally of Madoka, Mami uses her ribbons which transform into different weapons. Huh, weird.
Dipper & Mabel
Gravity Falls Efnewcomer
Like Pit, this duo has been a common site in many other umbrellas. Despite this, Dipper and Mabel make quite a formidable duo. Dipper uses spells from the books while Mabel uses her GVisualNeedrappling Hook and Waddles.
Gorney FFBW
Gravity Falls Efnewcomer
Gorney is a cheery kid from Gravity Falls who was almost eaten by the Trickster. He uses Summerween Candy and a plastic pirate sword in battle. Also during his time inside the Trickster, Gorney has harnessed some of the dark energies that make the Trickster come to life, and he can use this power for offensive and defensive moves.
Inori M7P
Inori Aizawa
Internet Explorer Efnewcomer
The guardian of the Internet, Inori uses a shield for defense, and can target many different fighters using her tabbing system.
Courage Ze Cowarldy Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage the Cowardly Dog Efnewcomer
Courage is an easily frightenable dog and one of the stars of the original Cartoon Cartoons lineup. Courage uses screaming and shapeshifting to fight. 
Finn the Human
Adventure Time A human boy and hero of the land of Ooo, Finn uutulizeses his swords to fight.
Jake the Dog
Adventure Time Finn's close pal and adoptive brother. I guess even in the distant alien future where vampires and candy people roam the world, a dog will still remain as a man's best friend. Jake uses shape-shifting and stretchy limbs to fight.
Mika sho 2014
Mika Sho
The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho A pyrokinetic red head girl who uses fire attacks in battle. She also can utilize space gear.
Rocket Raccoon
Marvel Comics Rocket returns for another fight, this time as a starter character. He uses firearms to fight, and is a quick and nimble fighter. 
Alpha Season 2
TOME The main protagonist of TOME enters the fray once again! He has fire and lightning based attacks, as well as generating a small shield that can be thrown as a projectile. 
Xenoblade  Efnewcomer
Wielder of the Monado, Shulk can use his sword and change around his stats, making him an interesting fighter.
Flamegirl Season 2
TOME Efnewcomer
A close friend of Alpha and unofficial leader of the hacker busters, Flamegirl uses fire attacks and can also utilize the Anti-Virus. 
Kirbopher Season 2
TOME Efnewcomer
Usually called "Kirb" for short, Kirbopher is a brash little imp wielding a mystical sword, used as both a melee weapon or can shoot wind blasts for projectiles.
Iron Man
Marvel Comics A genius billionaire, Iron Man uses repulsor blasts and can fly, as well as remote control other Iron Man suits to fight for him.
Kirby SSB4
Kirby Don't be fooled by his pink cuddly exterior. Kirby has the deadly ability to steal an opponent's power by swallowing them, using their power as his own. He also wields a hammer and can ride a warp star.
Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 6
Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony Efnewcomer
A strange, reality warping entity manifested in the shape of a cheery pink pony. Pinkie Pie uses balloons, party cannons, her pet alligator Gummy, and breaking the fourth wall to fight.
Naegi Different Whole Body Sprite
Naegi Makoto
Dangan Ronpa Efnewcomer
One of six survivors of the School Life of Mutual Killing, Makoto is a skilled detective and he uses a weapon that fires evidence as ammunition, including his catchphrase "You Got That Wrong!" 
Data No Background
KODE KID Daniel Johnson was once a normal boy until one day some mad scientist douchebags kidnapped him and turned him into a cyborg. Data uses his cyborg arm cannon, which turns into various other weapons, to attack.
669px-Link Artwork 1 (Skyward Sword)
The Legend of Zelda The courageous hero of Hyrule, Link wields a sword and shield, as well as many other weapons such as boomerangs, a bow and arrows, bombs, and potions. Talk about decked out!

Unlockable Characters


Character Series Description How To Unlock
Enoshima Junko
Dangan Ronpa Efnewcomer
The Super Duper High School Level Despair, Junko uses wacky methods of execution and remote control monochrome bears to fight. She also has very rapid mood swings, and is obsessed with despair. 
Win 60 Matches as Naegi
TOME Efnewcomer
A mysterious TOME user who doesn't open up to any of the other players, not even his friends. However, he has strong powers, being able to shift his body to form weapons such as blades and spikes.
Beat Classic as any TOME Character
Minecrafter CW
The customizable character in the game, you can upload a custom skin to use, although the default one is either this or a male variant, which is the default "Steve" skin in Minecraft. You can choose what kinds of methods she/he will use to attack, such as mining, sword fighting, archery, or even redstone. 
Win 5 Matches
Miita knight
Miita Knight
Super Smash Bros.
A cosplayer who decided to join the fight! He uses sword moves and can also fly. Well, his flying isn't all that great. As a matter of fact, his flying kinda sucks.
Lose 50 Brawls
A shy englishman TOME player, Asterob uses a shield which absorbs energy from attacks. Once the shield is fully energized, Asterob can unleash an energy blast from his shield. He also can use decent melee attacks.
Beat Classic as Alpha
Super Mario Bros.
The vicious king of the koopas, Bowser uses fire breath and can throw koopa shells to fight. He is a strong yet sluggish fighter, and can also send out minions to fight for him, but these minions are easy to fight: most of them get killed in one hit.
Win 80 Brawls as Luigi
Kyoko Sakura
Kyoko Sakura
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
An aggressive magical girl who eventually befriends Madoka and her crew. She uses a lance like weapon which extends, similarly to Ivy's weapon in Soul Calibur, in addition to magic powers.
Clear Event Mode as all three Madoka Magica starting characters (Madoka, Sayaka, and Mami)
Mega Man
Mega Man
Originally designed as a house cleaning robot, Dr. Light upgraded Mega Man to make him a super powered fighting robot. However, after his work was done, Capcom decided to demote him back to a mere housecleaner and replaced him with SUPER ULTRA HYPER MEGA STREET FIGHTER FOUR VERSION TWO DELUXE EDITION!!!!!!!!!!! However, now Mega Man is back with a vengeance, using his mega buster and robot master abilities to fight!
Beat Classic Mode as Mario
Optimus Prime

The leader of the Autobots, Optimus uses a sword and lasers to fight, as well as brute strength and his truck transformation.

Defeat him in Story Mode. 
Blake Belladona
A strong yet silent type, Blake uses the Gambol Shroud, a sword/whip/gun hybrid weapon, as well as her Faunus powers.
Beat Classic as Weiss
Yang Xiao Long
The fun loving yet fierce sister of Ruby, Yang uses her machine gun gauntlets to fight. She is quite a strong fighter, but isn't nearly as fast as any of the other RWBY characters.
Win 200 Brawls as Ruby
Cinder Fall
Cinder Fall
A sinister and cunning woman, Cinder uses fire and dust abilities to fight. She also can call upon her two henchmen, Emerald and Mercury.
Beat Event Mode as Blake
Adventure Time
The ruler of the Nightosphere and ally of Finn and Jake, Marceline uses pyrokinesis, her axe bass, and vampire transformations to fight. 
Win 333 Brawls as Finn
Sheik (Hyrule Warriors)
The Legend of Zelda
A mysterious ninja of mysterious mystery and ally of Link, Sheik has ninja-like speed and stealth and uses throwing daggers and a whip to fight. 
Clear Classic Mode as Link
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster
Fairy Tail Efnewcomer
A wizard with ice powers and rival of Natsu Dragneel, Gray uses his ice powers during battle, and is quite a strong character. 
Win 250 Matches. 
Lucy IR1
Lucy Heartfillia
Fairy Tail Efnewcomer
Lucy is a wizard girl and newcomer to the Fairy Tail guild. She doesn't do much fighting on her own outside of using a whip, but she can summon celestial spirits to aid her in combat.
Clear Classic Mode as Gray
Erza Anime S2
Erza Scarlet
Fairy Tail

Feared by many, Erza is a fierce Fairy Tail wizard who wields a sword and armor which can transform into other weapons and sets of armor. Gray is one of the strongest yet slowest out of the Fairy Tail cast.

Clear Classic as Lucy
Natsu Anime S2
Natsu Dragneel
Fairy Tail A Fairy Tail wizard, Natsu uses fire for most of his moves, as well as eating and calling upon his cat friend Happy. Natsu uses dragon-slaying magic that is quite powerful, making him a deadly foe. Beat Classic as all Starter Characters
Homura New Render
Homura Akemi
Puella Magi Madoka Magica A time-travelling magical girl, Homura uses guns and time traveling as part of her moveset, and is one of the more powerful characters in the game. Win 20 Battles as Madoka
250px-Duck Hunt SSB4 Render
Duck Hunt Dog
Duck Hunt Efnewcomer
One of the most annoying Nintendo sidekicks this side of Slippy Toad, Duck Hunt Dog is a bipedal character, who can use the NES Zapper, pounce at opponents, or get help from his Duck pal.
Beat Event as Luigi
Copy of Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr.
Super Mario Bros. Efnewcomer
Bowser's son, (didn't see that coming, did ya?) Bowser Jr. fights in his Koopa Klown Car, and can rain bob-ombs and koopa shells down at opponents as well.
Win 100 Battles as Bowser
Hanabi Games The companion of Raymond, Francesca is more athletic and strong, but has mostly ranged attacks, with the exception of using her javelin. Beat Classic as Raymond
TOME An insane hacker and member of the D-Buggers.Org organization, Rockoon uses his claws and bombs in battle. Win 275 Matches as Rocket Raccoon against Alpha
Marine the raccoon sonic rush adventure pose 3d by nibrocrock-d7jqlfi
Marine the Raccoon
Sonic the Hedgehog Ahoy, mates! It's me, yer old cap'n Marine the Raccoon! I am a quick fighter who can attack by swinging my ol' tail, as well as sail ships and do really swell cap'n stuff, mate! Oh, strewth! You aren't skippin' to the next character now, are ya? Wait! Wait Beat Classic as Rocket Raccoon
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn
Soul Eater A student at the DWMA and weapon partner of Soul Evans, Maka uses Soul's weapon form, a scythe, as her main method of attack. Win 400 Matches
Immortal Requiem Kamina
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann The founder of Team Gurren, Kamina is a manly fighter using his sword, drills, and a mech in battle. Beat Event as all Starter Characters
Leon Kuwata
Dangan Ronpa Efnewcomer
Leon is the first murderer found guilty in the school life of mutual killing. He uses a baseball and throwing round objects as part of his moveset.
Beat Classic as Enoshima Junko
Sayaka Maizono
Sayaka Maizono
Dangan Ronpa Efnewcomer
A childhood friend of Makoto Naegi, Sayaka is the victim of the first murder case, killed by Leon Kuwata. She uses singing as part of her moveset, as well as quick melee attacks.
Win 400 Matches
Genosider Syo
Genocider Syo
Dangan Ronpa Efnewcomer
A murderous...uh, murderer and alternate personality to Toko Fukawa, Genocider uses her two pairs of scissors to stab at opponents mercilessly.
Beat Event as Enoshima Junko
Ice Climbers
Ice Climbers
Ice Climber Efnewcomer
A pair of kids in Eskimos, Ice Climbers are the last characters you unlock. They use their giant, over-sized mallets and animals from the original Ice Climber game. They can also use their tag-team gameplay for tethers and unique combos.
Beat Classic as all the Characters


Stage Description
A stage where you fight in THE FABRIC OF TIME ITSELF. That totally shouldn't cause problems in the space-time continuum. You can change the timeline of the battle, rearranging the order of events, and other crazy stuff.
Sonic Spinball
Spinball Arena
The Sonic Spinball Arena appears as a stage in the game. There are some obstacles in the stage that fling you like a pinball, but that's pretty much it.
Traptanium Crystals
Skylanders Board.... or something.
A plain old boring board filled with skylander toys. One of the Skylanders may come through the power portal and attack you, but their attacks are very weak and can be easily defeated.
Exoskeleton Mark 2
The randomly assembled tower of Exorthica.You can explore the rooms of the tower, and there are hanging pigs off the side of the building that can rescue you from a fall. On rare occasions, the Luigi pixel art just west of the tower will become sentient and attack some of the players. (If Luigi is playing on the stage, the pixel art is replaced with an Alfonzo pixel art.)
Error 404 Stage
Error 404
Error 404. Stage cannot be found. When selecting this stage, the fight takes place in mid-air because, as stated previously, the stage cannot be found. Glitch platforms will also spawn, and you can stand on them, but if you stay on them for a long amount of time you will be infected by the glitching.
A place where players of TOME go to battle and.... I dunno what else really. Miscellanious TOME players serve as hazards, quickly entering the battle and attacking. 
The city where Emmet, the main protagonist of The LEGO Movie, resides. You can break apart and rebuild the stage as you please, but occasionally Micro-Managers will come and use Kraggles to temporarily glue you in place.
Hacked Smash Bros. Stage
The strange thing about the Hacked Smash Bros. Stage is that it's textures change every time you play. The basic stage is the same though. As a matter of fact, the stage uses cool hacked textures to distract you from the fact that the stage itself is actually quite flat and boring. 
Inner Wall AoT
Inside Wall Maria
The city that was inside Wall Maria before it was breached and tooken over by Titans. It is a very normal landscape, but very rarely a Titan might breach the landscape and eat one of the players. 
The End
A strange world where the Endermen reside, hazards include Endermen attacking you and on rare occasions the Ender Dragon will swoop in. Also, if you fall into the void, you automatically lose 5 points. 
DonkeyKongLore 01
Classic Donkey Kong
The first level of the Classic Donkey Kong arcade game! Ladders are climable and Donkey Kong will try to throw barrels at you. 
Fantendo Chatroom
The chatroom where many Fantendo users come to chat about random things. If the chat abruptly ends, you can gain extra points by somehow keeping the conversation going. 
The Helicarrier
A flying vehicle and pretty much the base of operations for S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D. Operatives survey the battle, and will occasionally attack one of the players.  
Toad Circuit
Toad Circuit
Toad Circuit is a racetrack in Mario Kart 7. Hazards include the big Toad statues falling down and smashing you or racers coming by and running into you. 
Luigi's Mansion
The SOSPOOOPYest stage in the game, ghosts will attack you, but you can use vacuums to defeat them.

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