Coup de Grace is the third episode of I'm Going To Hell For This. This episode was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows Louie and Sydney in two different goals revolving around a missing door handle. While Louie goes to replace it with a different door handle at the store, Sydney attempts to find the doorknob thief.


Louie wakes up one morning and eats breakfast and heads out (his destination is unknown) when he realizes the doorknob is missing from both sides. He initially gets mad at Sydney, but he finds that the doorknob wasn't stolen by her.

Sydney heads out to find the doorknob thief, interrogating an old lady, a young kid, and a troublesome teen. Although she doesn't find any clues, she is bothered by the troublesome teen's attitude and scratches his face, which causes him to grab the stolen doorknob and give it to her.

Louie goes to the store and gazes at some doorknobs, and grabs a nice one. However when he does, a bunch of the doorknobs on display fall off, causing Louie to run to the register before anyone notices.

When he gets home, Sydney hands him his old doorknob, which Louie is confused with, as he now has two doorknobs. Louie decides to install both on the door, to make up for his useless purchase.

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