Cosmic Fisticuffs 2: Chocolate Milk Tornado Rising is the sequel to Cosmic Fisticuffs with a silly name.


Part 1 - I Ain't Happy, I'm Feeling Glad

Part 2 - But Now You Can't Tell The False From The Real

Part 3 - Now Let's Be Clear, I'll Trust No One

Part 4 - May Nothing But Death Do Us Part



Character Description
Alpha Season 2
Fighty Umbre - TOME
A shy yet heroic player of TOME, Alpha uses abilities based on the Greek Gods to fight, such as shooting lightning from his fingers, knocking opponents back with a wave of water, or using a discus-like shield to protect himself from attacks.
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu
Fighty Umbre - Danganronpa
Fuyuhiko returns, but on his own this time because spoilers for the first game. He can use a pistol to attack or summon Yakuza goons to fight for him. 
Yang Xiao Long
Fighty Umbre - RWBY
Yang is Ruby Rose's energetic and straight-forward older sister. In combat she uses her machine gun gauntlet weapons to fight. She also gains more power the more damage she takes.
Stamp Guy
Stampy Cat
Fighty Umbre - Youtube
Stampy is the cheerful host of Stampy's Lovely World. He attacks with his sword and bow, can eat cakes to regenerate health, use lubely jubely love love petals or get help from his Minecraft helpers such as Lee, Squid, Amy Lee, or Squashey. 
Fighty Umbre - Metroid
Samus is the famed Bounty Hunter from the Metroid Universe, using her arm cannon as her main weapon. The cannon can launch missiles, lasers, bombs, and more. She also can use the Screw Attack. 
Captain Toad
Captain Toad
Fighty Umbre - Mario
Captain Toad is the only character who can't jump, but his movements influence classic traps and obstacles to appear and attack other players, such as boulders tumbling down towards them. He also can use his pickaxe as a melee weapon.
The personification of Google Chrome, Chromium is a quick fighter who can fire energy blasts that resemble the Google Chrome logo, and she also has anti-gravity boots which can be used to fight. 
Maka Albarn
Maka Albarn & Soul
SSB Soul Eater Series
Maka is an aspiring student at the DWMA school, and uses Soul, her partner who turns into a scythe, to attack, as well as using a book to Maka Chop opponents.
SSB Bionicle
The master of ice, Kopaka is a member of the newly revamped toa team and attacks with his ice powers and can use his big-ass spear and shield in battle. For the most part he is a balanced character, but he can hit quite hard.
Homura Akemi
Fighty Umbre - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A time travelling Magical Girl, Homura uses her guns and can slow down or speed up time to attack.
The sheepish magician and older brother to the spunky warrior Almond, Cucumber can use his magic wand to cast spells or can get help from Almond or Sir Carrot.
SSB Gorillaz
The guitarist for the Gorillaz. Noodle can use a guitar as a melee weapon or use guns to shoot at people. She is quite an agile fighter in the ring. And she gets one chance every fight to have oversized Russell save her if she falls off the map.
Agent Venom
Once a goon for Doctor Doom like Armored Mewtwo, the two of them escaped from a timeline in the Mysteriousverse, not knowing that a strange force of Irregular has followed them into the Cosmoverse. He has low knockback and fair speed. His moves include using his pistol, turning his hands into swords, and turning into Savage Venom for a brief time.
Armored Mewtwo
Has most of Mewtwo's moves but is slower and stronger. In addition, his attacks can also have an electricity base behind it, meaning that all of his attacks have a shock effect.
SSB MysterySkulls
The mascot of a Paranormal Investigation group as well as a member of said investigators. Mystery can pounce or bite at opponents, and is quite fast and can avoid attacks easily. He can also transform into a kitsune. 
Chrom (FE13 Artwork)
Fighty Umbre - Fire Emblem
The son of the legendary hero Marth, Chrom is the newest Fire Emblem lord and uses his sword as his main weapon. He is quite a balanced character and can use strong sword strikes in battle.
Mika Sho-F.U.A
Mika Sho
SSB Fantendoverse
The adventurous mutant with fire powers returns for yet another battle. She can shoot flames from her hands, create geisers of fire to inflict damage upon enemies, or blast herself upwards with fire for a recovery move.
Fighty Umbre - Kid Icarus
Palutena's optimistic and snarky servant, Pit has a variety of weapons at his disposal, but his main weapon that he uses is his bow that splits into two swords.
Fighty Umbre - Kirby
Kirby uses his famous technique of swallowing opponents and using their powers, but that's not all he has to offer. Kirby can use his hammer as a weapon or use copy abilities from his games and heal himself with a Maxim Tomato.
Pinkie Pie
MLP FiM Series
All Pinkie wants to do is make people smile, but what happens when she joins the fray? She uses her Party Cannon, can send people away on balloons, or randomly burst out into song to attack.


Character Description
SSB MysterySkulls
This time I might just disappear....
Former member of the Mystery Skulls paranormal investigation group and owner of a so spoopy mansion, Lewis can use purple fire to attack as well as ghosts and haunted paintings.
Peter Parker was the once nerdy scientist, but now he is armed with spider powers and snarky remarks. Spider-Man can shoot his webs and use them as projectiles or as a tether. He also has super strength and speed, as well as climbing on walls.
Fira Fox
SSB Firefox
The anthropomorphic personification of Firefox. Uses fire based attacks, can switch into different personas to camouflage herself, and can use Thunderbird to send lightning-fast letters at people, blowing them back with the impact.
Inkling SSBV
SSB Splatoon
An Inkling who attacks by shooting ink or turning into a squid. Ika is a territorial fighter, who works best when she has control over the terrain. She can spray ink on the ground to swim in as a squid, but she cannot attack other players when in her squid form.
Xero CW2
Agent Xero
SSB Unavaliable
Agent Xero is a member of the mystery cracking team known as The Modifyers. She uses her disguises to fool people, as well as being assisted by her partner Mole.

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