Cosmic Fisticuffs is an umbrella fighting game set to be released in 20   and is considered the remake of Dimension Outbreak and it's sequel, borrowing a lot of it's content from that game. It has the unique option to play either in 2D, which plays out like a Super Smash Bros. game, or 3D, like in the new DragonBall games. Each games use health bars as well as Smash Bros. style movesets.


The story is split into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 - Nintendo of Americo

The story starts in Dr. Robotnik's lair, where the doctor gets the idea of taking over powerful companies such as Nintendo and Netking Software to use as propoganda in taking over the world. He downloads Ultron's blueprints and uses them to make an army of Ultron Soldiers. The first phase in Robotnik's plan of taking full control over Nintendo is by creating a twitter acount called @NintendoAmerico and tweeting false information about Nintendo's upcoming directs. This is done to get the company's attention. Robotnik then moves on to the next phase of his plan...

Later at the Nintendo of America base, KirbySamusCaptain Toad, and Pit are sitting around waiting to hear about new releases when suddenly Ultron Drones break in. Samus and Pit are sent to fight off the Ultron copies which are being led by Robotnik and Metal Sonic. Eventually, the copies chase Kirby and the gang out as Robotnik and the Ultron Drones take over Nintendo of America's headquarters. 

Meanwhile, Robotnik makes a buisiness deal with the managers of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, claiming that he can help remake all of the Animatronics. However, Robotnik was aware of the strange tendencies of the Animatronics and planned to use them as part of his army. The old models of Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie were sent to be incinerated but Foxy managed to escape and he hid out, avoiding the staff in hopes of not being incinerated. 

A few days later, the new models for the FNAF cast were manufactured, dubbed the "toy" versions by members of the staff. Foxy continued to lay low until one day he was ready to put his plan into motion. Late at night when the store was closed, Foxy leaped out and destroyed the toy versions of Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie. He went looking for his toy counterpart but when Foxy found him he was picked apart and put back together again in weird ways. Foxy and the remains of his toy counterpart, now known as "Mangle," began to fight but before Foxy could finish what he started, Mangle was warped to another planet, and Foxy proceeded to stealthily escape Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. 

Kirby, Captain Toad, Samus, and Pit are chased out into a dark and treacherous forest. Pit notices that the sky is getting dark, and the group spots Herobrine raising the dead. Herobrine summons an army of zombies to stop the group, as well as reviving Celestia Ludenberg as his henchwoman. The four fight off the zombies and the team recruits Stampy CatData, and Yang Xiao Long

Calvin & Hobbes are in Calvin's back yard waiting for it to snow when suddenly a UFO comes down from the sky. A robotic duplicate of Calvin appears wielding his very own Transmogrifier Gun. The duo defeats Robo Calvin and enters the UFO.

Robotnik then brainwashes the three major Fantendo Admins - Lumoshi, Yami No Tenshi, and Arend - and they redesign Fantendo in Dr. Robotnik's image. This catches Fantendo user Hamclub13's attention, but he can't do anything about it since they are the top admins and he is a mere chat mod.

Robotnik, now feeling he has spread out his marketing sufficiently, calls upon Bill Cipher. Dr. Robotnik believes that they should combine wits, but Bill does so literally, fusing Robotnik's consciousness with his own and using a spare Ultron body as a host for their combined consciousness. Bill then uses his powers to bring people from the internet such as players of TOME and Fantendo Users into reality. With all of his cards set, Bill begins building his empire...

End of Chapter One

Chapter 2 - Jailbreak

Hamclub, Alpha, Flamegirl, and Kirbopher find themselves on the Planet Zolara with no memory of how they got there. The group sees White Terra fighting off some Dark Matter spawns. Hamclub recognizes him as his adventures were documented on Fantendo Wiki and Zolara Archives. They find Mangle, who was also warped to the planet. The group defeats Mangle and then they see the UFO containing Calvin & Hobbes zoom past Zolara.

The UFO lands on Zolara and picks up Hamclub, Alpha, Flamegirl, Kirbopher, White, and Terra.

Meanwhile in a prison cell, Celestia is walking over to one of the cells that contains Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu and the ressurected Peko Pekoyama. Celestia states that her master, Herobrine, revived Peko to work for them, and that they will be executed if she refuses. However, Foxy manages to break into the cell and gathers up the other inmates of the prison which include Mika ShoSonic & MegamanBlackstar, and Pinkie Pie to escape.

Calvin & Hobbes land the UFO near the new Nintendo HQ and drops off Alpha, Kirbopher, White. The group discovers that the Migros Kangaroo has been enslaved by Bill Cipher to produce and sell many grocery products to get more power over the industry. Mr. L, one of Bill's servants and the Second-in-Command of Nintendo of Americo, blocks their way to saving the Migros Kangaroo. Alpha fights Mr. L while Kirb and White free the Migros Kangaroo and escape into the UFO. 

In the forest, Captain Toad tries to motivate his teammates to help take back Nintendo HQ. After another battle with Celestia Ludenberg, the group convinces her to join their cause and Celestia joins the group. Celestia uses her powers to transport the group to Nintendo HQ, unaware that Herobrine is watching. 

Metal Sonic is seen guarding the HQ when Captain Toad's group arrive. After a brief battle, Metal Sonic is destroyed and the team enters the HQ. 

Foxy, Peko, Fuyuhiko, Mika, Sonic, Megaman, Blackstar, and Pinkie Pie find the escape route to the prison, defeating the undead guards on their way. They enter a room that has various security cameras. They witness a big battle going on at Nintendo HQ, and discover that they can teleport themselves through the cameras to their location. Foxy, Sonic & Megaman, Peko & Fuyuhiko go look to find an escape route while Blackstar, Mika Sho, and Pinkie Pie teleport to the Nintendo building. 

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - The Battle At Nintendo HQ

Blackstar, Mika Sho, and Pinkie Pie awkwardly enter the HQ during the middle of a big battle between Captain Toad's team and the Nintendo of Americo forces. Stampy greets the newcomers with open arms, despite the situation. 

Mr. L and Pit face off, but the duel ends with Mr. L being knocked out cold. Meanwhile Herobrine, furious due to Celestia's betrayal, breaks into the Nintendo HQ and summons an army of Skeletons. Bill Cipher gets into the fight via the Ultron suit and battles Herobrine while the heroes deal with the skeleton minions. Eventually, the Ultron suit gets damaged and Bill enters the battle himself. Suddenly, a UFO containing Calvin & Hobbes, Foxy, Sonic & Megaman, Peko & Fuyuhiko, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, White, Terra, Migros Kangaroo, and Hamclub13 arrives and it shoots lasers at Nintendo HQ, destroying it. Bill Cipher, in a flurry of rage, destroys the UFO as well as Herobrine. Everyone goes into a strange sort of time limbo which is basically equivalent to death as Bill begins to eat away at the fabric of space. 

Chapter 4 - It All Ends Here

Homura recieves a warning that a dark force is eating away at the universe. Homura, knowing Madoka and everyone else in the world is at stake, Homura locates Bill Cipher and tries to stop him. Knowing that she can't without the other heroes, she goes back in time....

Blackstar, Mika Sho, and Pinkie Pie awkwardly enter the HQ during the middle of a big battle between Captain Toad's team and the Nintendo of Americo forces. Stampy greets the newcomers with open arms, despite the situation. 

Mr. L and Pit face off, but the duel ends with Mr. L being knocked out cold. Meanwhile Herobrine, furious due to Celestia's betrayal, breaks into the Nintendo HQ and summons an army of Skeletons. Bill Cipher gets into the fight via the Ultron suit and battles Herobrine while the heroes deal with the skeleton minions. Suddenly a large blue rift appears and Homura emerges from the rift, guns in hand. She distracts Herobrine so that Bill stays confined to his suit and can't break out. Suddenly, a UFO containing Calvin & Hobbes, Foxy, Sonic & Megaman, Peko & Fuyuhiko, Kirbopher, Flamegirl, White, Terra, Migros Kangaroo, and Hamclub13 arrives and it shoots lasers at Nintendo HQ, destroying it. Bill Cipher tries to destroy the UFO but can't muster up enough power to break out of his suit. It is revealed that the time rift Homura caused has weakened him, as normally he would be able to break out easily. 

However, it's too late. The massive wreck dealt enough damage to the Ultron suit for Bill to break out of it, and time seems to be going in a similar direction. The UFO lands and the inhabitants come out of it, unsure of what to do. Bill destroys the UFO and Herobrine and is about to eat away at the universe again when the time rifts begin weakening even more. It is revealed that Homura has summoned past and future versions of other characters to assist them such as Season 1 Alpha, Classic Sonic, and Marty Stu Terra. This was done to create more Time rifts and weaken Bill. After Bill has been sufficiently weakened, Homura commands the past and future versions of the characters to go back and slot themselves into their respective timelines again before the universe itself breaks.

With Bill sufficiently weakened, the heroes defeat him and send him to the time limbo that he put them in in a previous timeline. Doctor Robotnik is restored, but powerless as he finds out that Bill duped him and his propaganda plan failed. Those who have been brought back to life now must return to the realm of the dead, and Fuyuhiko and Peko share a tearful goodbye as him and the rest of the team (with the exception of Celestia Ludenberg, who also went back to the realm of the dead, and Homura, who mysteriously disappeared,) go out to go to a generic fast food restaurant. 


Default Characters

Character Description
Alpha Season 2
Fighty Umbre - TOME
A shy yet heroic player of TOME, Alpha uses abilities based on the Greek Gods to fight, such as shooting lightning from his fingers, knocking opponents back with a wave of water, or using a discus-like shield to protect himself from attacks.
Yang Xiao Long
Fighty Umbre - RWBY
Yang is Ruby Rose's energetic and straight-forward older sister. In combat she uses her machine gun gauntlet weapons to fight. She also gains more power the more damage she takes.
Fighty Umbre - Kid Icarus
Palutena's optimistic and snarky servant, Pit has a variety of weapons at his disposal, but his main weapon that he uses is his bow that splits into two swords. 
Stamp Guy
Stampy Cat
Fighty Umbre - Youtube
Stampy is the cheerful host of Stampy's Lovely World. He attacks with his sword and bow, can eat cakes to regenerate health, use lubely jubely love love petals or get help from his Minecraft helpers such as Lee, Squid, Amy Lee, or Squashey. 
Captain Toad
Captain Toad
Fighty Umbre - Mario
Captain Toad is the only character who can't jump, but his movements influence classic traps and obstacles to appear and attack other players, such as boulders tumbling down towards them. He also can use his pickaxe as a melee weapon. 
Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie 6
Pinkie Pie
Friendship is Magic
All Pinkie wants to do is make people smile, but what happens when she joins the fray? She uses her Party Cannon, can send people away on balloons, or randomly burst out into song to attack.  
Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ludenberg
Fighty Umbre - Danganronpa
A manipulative gambler and the murderer of Hifumi Yamada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Celestia can use gambling as a means of attack, and can also deceive other players into not attacking her. 
Mika sho 2014
Mika Sho
Mika is a quick and nimble character using mostly fire-based projectiles to attack. She can also use her Space Suit from the second game in her series. 
Sonic and megaman (credit to nextgrandcross)
Sonic & Megaman
Archie Comics
These guys became buddies after the Worlds Collide crossover. They fight as a duo, but one character is in the forefront influencing the attacks more and you can choose between the two to be that character. Sonic's attacks consist of quick jabs and spin dashes while Megaman is more projectile-based, using his Mega Buster, Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, and other Robot Master abilities.
Metal Sonic
Fighty Umbre - Sonic
Metal Sonic plays kinda similarly to Sonic, but there are some key differences. Metal Sonic isn't as fast as Sonic and can't spin dash, but he can teleport, use energy shields, and shoot missiles.
Kirby Wii
Fighty Umbre - Kirby
Kirby uses his famous technique of swallowing opponents and using their powers, but that's not all he has to offer. Kirby can use his hammer as a weapon or use copy abilities from his games and heal himself with a Maxim Tomato.
Data No Background
Can use his arm cannon, which transforms into several other weapons he can use to fight.
Flamegirl Season 2
Fighty Umbre - TOME
Like Mika Sho, Flamegirl is a pyrokinetic and attacks by throwing fireballs. She also can use the Anti-Virus.
Emerald's Edge Foxy
Fighty Umbre - Five Nights at Freddy's
A friend of the Freddy Band, Foxy uses his hook hand as a weapon to attack as well as surprising others with jump scares.
Fighty Umbre - Metroid

Samus is the famed Bounty Hunter from the Metroid Universe, using her arm cannon as her main weapon. The cannon can launch missiles, lasers, bombs, and more. She also can use the Screw Attack. 

Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes are a mischevious and imaginative duo attacking with water balloons, snowballs, and can create living snowmen or use transmogrifier guns and other devices, usually involving cardboard boxes. 
Migros Kangaroo
The mascot of Migros, one of the most successful supermarket chains in Turkey. He can use shopping bags to suffocate opponents or trap them in his pouch. He also can perform melee attacks with his tail.
Homura Akemi
Fighty Umbre - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
A time travelling Magical Girl, Homura uses her guns and can slow down or speed up time to attack. 
Soul Eater
BlackStar's main method of attack is having his weapon partner Tsubaki transform into various weapons such as a ninja star and a sword. His primary weapon is a dual hook blade thing. 
Peko Pekoyama - WearyFuyuhiko Kuzuryu - Cocky
Peko Pekoyama & Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Fighty Umbre - Danganronpa
The Young Yakuza Boss and his hitwoman fight as a team. The player controls Fuyuhiko but whatever he does influences Pekoyama's sword attacks. 
820px-White (Post-AoW.UG)
White the Popopo
Adventures of White
White is the famed hero of Sky City, using his boomstick and fire elemental powers. He also has other weapons at his disposal like his Light Claws and Splash Potions of Ambrosia. 

Unlockable Characters

Character Description
Fighty Umbre - TOME
Rockoon is a hacker known for his crazy behavior and is often confused with rodents. He can use his claws and can throw bombs at opponents to attack. His bombs can also affect the landscape in ways most players' attacks can't.
Discorded Pinkie Pie
Discorded Pinkie Pie
Friendship is Magic
Pinkie Pie when she was corrupted by Discord. Her attacks are mostly similar to Pinkie's but she hits a bit harder.  
A young wee lad from Ireland and well-known user of Fantendo, Hamclub13 can attack with KFC Chicken, Taylor Swift albums, a device that turns people into memes, and can use Porkgroup31 as a human shield.
Kirbopher Season 2
Fighty Umbre - TOME
A snarky swordsman who wields a magical sword. The sword can shoot out tornadoes or be used as a melee weapon.
Terra (AoW)
Adventures of White
Like his partner White, Terra has quite a few weapons at his disposal and can also use his powers of Fire, Ice, and Lightning to attack. 
Mr. L
Fighty Umbre - Mario
Have at you! Mr. L can use green fire in his moveset and also his brobot minions to attack. He plays a large part in the story mode, being the Lieutenant of Bill Cipher's army. 
Emily Hayes
Emily Hayes
Emily Hayes, her brother, and her mother got wrapped up in a crisis involving her great grandfather's legacy and a vilainous elf army after naeivly putting on an amulet, cursing her with strange powers and an alternate personality living within the amulet trying to gain control of Emily. She channels her powers through a staff, and can also the Amulet's power to grab objects (or other players) and toss them around or create shields.
Cucumber Quest
The sheepish magician and older brother to the spunky warrior Almond, Cucumber can use his magic wand to cast spells or can get help from Almond or Sir Carrot.
The Amazing Spiderman
Peter Parker was the once nerdy scientist, but now he is armed with spider powers and snarky remarks. Spider-Man can shoot his webs and use them as projectiles or as a tether. He also has super strength and speed, as well as climbing on walls. 
Mystery Skulls
This time I might just disappear....

Former member of the Mystery Skulls paranormal investigation group and owner of a so spoopy mansion, Lewis can use purple fire to attack as well as ghosts and haunted paintings. 
The guitarist for the Gorillaz. Noodle can use a guitar as a melee weapon or use guns to shoot at people. She is quite an agile fighter in the ring. And she gets one chance every fight to have oversized Russell save her if she falls off the map. 


Starting Stages

Gemini Tournament Arena
Fighty Umbre - TOME
Fighty Umbre - LEGO
Hacked Stage
Fighty Umbre - Super Smash Bros.
Forever Fall
Fighty Umbre - RWBY
Plain Old Plains
Fighty Umbre - Minecraft
Fighty Umbre - Mario
Toad Circuit
Toad Circuit
Fighty Umbre - Mario.
Fighty Umbre - TOME
Luigi's Mansion
Fighty Umbre - Mario

Secret Stages

Fighty Umbre - TOME
The End
Fighty Umbre - Minecraft
Marvel Comics
Tower of Ungodliness
Fighty Umbre - Lapis Wiki
Mortal Kombat
Wily Castle


Item Ability Series
Microphone DO
Allows you to spit some dope rhymes, yo.  Real Life
2000px-Lightsaber blue.svg
A basic melee weapon that can be used to knock people far back. Comes in the colors blue, red, green, purple, and yellow.  Fighty Umbre - Star Wars
200px-1-Up Mushroom Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Replenishes the user's health.  Fighty Umbre - Mario
Yoshi SSB4
When summoned, the summoner can ride it and it will swallow opponents, spit them out, and can use it's tongue to grapple onto ledges and such. Like the Lightsaber, Yoshi comes in many different colors.  Fighty Umbre - Mario
Lucky Block
Lucky Block
When broken, it will give the player a random item or other outcome. It might be tools, it might be a trap that you can't escape from, it might be a tower of clay, or it might even be a zombie clad in diamond armor and a sword, ready to kill you! (Mobs spawned by the block can attack anyone, even the summoner.)  Fighty Umbre - Minecraft
Emits soundwaves that knock the player back a lot.  Real Life
Purple Fedora of Swagger
Purple Fedora
increases your attack strength by 1.5 for 30 seconds.  Real Life
Smart Bomb
Smart Bomb
When thrown it will create a large explosion, doing a great deal of damage.  Fighty Umbre - Star Fox
DustDust gives you a short boost in strength and speed.  Fighty Umbre - RWBY
Diamond chestplate
Diamond Chestplate
Makes you more resistant to attacks, but breaks apart after a while.  Fighty Umbre - Minecraft
Kung Lao's Razor-Rimmed Hat
Kung Lao's Hat
Can be thrown as a projectile. Mortal Kombat
2Burger 250x2501
Replenishes 25% of your health. Real Life

Assist Trophies

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