Human Crim
Full Name Cornelius Blade
Current Age 17
Date of Birth November 4
Gender Neutral
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Main Weapon(s) Snazzy Hair
Cornelius is a musician with the power to use music as a weapon, as well as their own hair. They are an average intelligent human living in the Zaxinian Lifts' office, often seen competing with Fandraxono in the musical field. They are a minor character.


Cornelius has golden robes and hair, plus a silver body and head, having bronze ears. They often have a dumb smile on their face.


Cornelius can use their long hair to distract foes, but it doesn't always work and it can get them into a more tangled situation than before. They are capable of running fast and punching with absurdly high power and they take things very seriously especially in fights. They can also flirt to mess up enemies, but like with hair, it doesn't always work.  They can use a long flute to soothe enemies to sleep, but said flute can also shoot bullets.


Their personality reflects that off of the creator's, but they're more lazy and are way more positive. They likes to play video games and do crazy stuff, but they're practically a massive failure and lack self esteem.  And just like their creator...they're somewhat dumb.

Relationships with Other Characters


They get along pretty well, although are huge rivals still in the musical field.



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