Core Battle
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Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) File:Logo.png
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Fighting, 3D, Umbrella
Series Core Battle
Predecessor Core Battle

Core Battle: Multiverse Meteor is the sequel to Core Battle. The release date has yet to be confirmed.


This game plays similar to the Super Smash Bros. Series. However, it is a 3D fighting game with health bars.

Multiverse Meteor

This is... kind of a story mode. There is a story for each universe, then one final story once you have completed all other stories.

Core City Roamer

In this mode, you choose a character and can wander around Core City, trying to complete all the quests and collect every Core.

Core Carnival

You get to play various minigames in this mode. The minigames are based around the universe they are based off of. None of the minigames have been revealed as of now.

Core Store

In this... shop, you can buy characters, minigames, stages, Core Summons, quests and more.


Name Image Summary Universe
Mario 200px

"Lets a go!"

The main man of Nintendo is back! He attacks with power-ups and by jumping on people's heads. What an ability...

Luigi 200px

"Luigi number one!"

Mario's little brother returns! As well as using the Luiginoids, he can use his Poltergust and summon Polterpup to attack. Arf, arf, boo!

Rosalina Rosalina ws

"Ooh"  *giggle*

The princess of space is ready for her reappearance! She can use her Lumas to attack, as well as her Star Spin and magic.

Classic Tails


"I'm working on it!"

The retro tails flies in! Our second newcomer attacks with his tails (obviously) and inventions.

Sonic 200px

"Gotta go fast!"

Sonic speeds in once again! The fastest thing alive attacks with speed and wisps. He can also transform into Super Sonic.

Sonic Boom Knuckles KnucklesBOOMHOTTY

"Don't get too excited"

This... This disaster... He's just Knuckles but taller and with random plasters! He just attacks by punching. That's it. What else would you expect from this guy?

Kirby 200px


The lovable popopo from Dreamland returns! He can Inhale his opponents to get Copy Abilities and use his Warp Star, as well as the other Legendary Air Ride Machines.

SSB Kirby Series
King Dedede 200px King Dedede returns! He attacks with his hammer and by throwing his minions, including Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Chilly, Gordo, Walkie and Bronto Burt. He can also use his trademark THROW KIRBY attack from Kirby Squeak Squad. SSB Kirby Series
Meta Knight 200px The mysterious masked Popopo can cut people with his sword and is somewhat powerful. His best friend is Kirby and he's back to show his skills! SSB Kirby Series
Rayman File:Ufrayman.png


Rayman is the limbless Ray-Person which can fly by his hair! Rayman has many attacks like flying-kick, high-jump slap and many more.

Megaman 200px Megaman the blue robot-boy is back from his old, retro days and now into the new 3D ages. He can attack by using lots of technics from Megaman 2. He also has normal moves such as shooting. 

Megaman Series Logo

Maximum "Max" Ride 200px

Max is the leader of her Flock, despite being only 14. You heard me right. Flock. The six of them are half-human, half-bird mutants. Or avian-americans. Max is a great hands-on fighter and can fly at supersonic speeds.

Maximum Ride
Angel File:AngelMR.jpg

Angel is the youngest member of Max's Flock. She, like the rest of the Flock, can fly. Angel also has telepathic powers, those being mind reading, mind control, underwater breathing and talking to fish. That probably isn't even it. Her talking dog, Total, can jump uber-high and bite ankles. How many six year olds do you know that can kick butt like this girl?

Maximum Ride
Fang File:FangMR.jpg Fang is Max's best friend / right hand man. He doesn't have any special abilities, y'know, other than flying. He has a blog, telling the world about the Flock's misadventures. Maximum Ride
Steve Minecraft-steve 12

"Steve is the name, Mining is the game!"

It's the player from Minecraft! Most people put on a different skin, but I like this guy! He can use his set of diamond tools, his bow and blocks to attack. He can also put on full diamond armour.

Minecraft symbol
Enderman 200px


Enderman is a hostile mob in Minecraft. Probably in the top two most feared. It doesn't attack. Just wanders around, picking up chunks of the stage. But when you look in its eyes, running won't do you any good! He will teleport towards you, ready to eat you whole.

Minecraft symbol
Pikachu 200px

"Pika, pika!"

Pika, pika! Chu, ka pi! Pikachu is the electric mouse Pokémon. He can use moves such as Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt and Quick Attack.

SSB Pokémon Series
Serena X Y Serena

"This time, I'm gonna win!"

Serena is the newest trainer on the block. She has Chespin, Braixen, Greninja and Sylveon. She sends her Pokémon out to battle while she sits back, giving commands.

SSB Pokémon Series
Mew File:200px-Mew.png

"Mew, mew, mew!"

Mew is the most legendary Pokémon ever. It even has a clone! Mew attacks with every attack known to mankind. Slightly overpowered, I know.

SSB Pokémon Series
Meloetta & Celebi 100px150px

"Melo'" "Bii!"

This duo consists of the two girliest legendaries ever. Meloetta attacks by singing and Celebi has power over time, so you can imagine what will happen. This duo consists of - wait, STOP THAT!!! 

SSB Pokémon Series
Wenlock 200px


Wenlock that London 2012 Olympic games mascot number one is speedy, sneaky and strong. He does look weak, though.

London 2012 Olympic Games
Polar Bear 200px

"Its ever so chilly in here!"

The Polar Bear is one of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics mascots, which can skate, jump high (and belly flop) and sl- should I even say it? Emm, okay then, slide...

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games
Apollo Robbins ApolloRobbins Apollo Robbins is quite a tricky character. He is an excellent pick-pocket, stealing weapons from other players. Also an excellent illusionist. Brain Games
Wander WanderOY

"Aren't you just the cutest thing?"

Wander is an intergalactic hero! However, he doesn't like fighting very much. Instead, he uses his banjo and aggressive handshaking to fight. He also uses cartoon physics, such as having multiple versions of himself wearing different outfits.

Wander Over Yonder
Hercules Hercules My one pet peeve about this guy is that his name is Hercules, which is what the Romans called him. Yet, Disney portray all the gods in their Greek forms. Really, he should be called Heracles. Anyway, he uses his god-like strength and his pet pegasus named Pegasus to fight. Hercules
Mickey Mouse Mickey-2-psd16624

"He-hey everybody!"

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey Mouse is Disney's mascot! He attacks with paint and Pluto. Toodles can also be summoned, it uses Mouseketools.

Finn & Jake 200px

Finn is a human from the land of Ooo who attacks with his sword. Jake is his 20 year old magical dog with stretching powers. It's adventure time!

Pine Twins DipperAndMabel Dipper and Mabel are back in action! Mabel can use her Grappling Hook and Waddles to attack, while Dipper fights with spells from Book 3 and clones. Gravity Falls Icon
Emmet 200px

"Everything is awesooome!"

Emmet is the Chosen, or so he thinks. With the Kragle on his back, nothing can stop him from defeating Lord Business! Except for, well, a lot of things. He is a Masterbuilder and can attack with a variety of builds, like a double decker couch and a giant robot.

SSB Lego
Pinkie Pie 200px It's the fun loving party pony, Pinkie Pie! She loves fun! FUN! FUN! FUN! Pinkie can use cartoon physics and clones to attack. FUN! MLP FiM Series
Rainbow Dash 200px This game is 20% cooler now that Dashie is here! She is a bit of a tomboy and no fan of big frilly dresses. Rainbow can fly really fast and cause a Sonic Rainboom! MLP FiM Series
Twilight Sparkle 200px Twilight is Equestria's newest princess! She can use various magic-themed attacks and can fly, clumsily. MLP FiM Series
Rachel Berry 200px Rachel is a former member of McKinley High's Glee Club. She was the best in the group before she graduated. Now, she is in New York, trying to become a broadway star. She is pretty weak, but if you give her a microphone... Glee
Villager 200px

"Lets go t' downtown, where i can beat you up!"

Villager comes to town! He attacks using tools and can summon his friends to attack.

SSB Animal Crossing Series
Ness Nessness

"I'm ready!"


Lucas 200px TBA 100px
Elsa FrozenElsa Elsa is the queen of Errindale gifted with ice powers. She has various ice themed attacks but is more of a ranged fighter. She can freeze you, and you can only be unfrozen with love. SSB Frozen

Core Summons

Name Image Summary Universe
Matilda 200px Matilda attacks by jumping high into the air (How? Nobody knows) and raining down explosive eggs. Angry Birds
Peach 200px Peach glides onto the stage, then throws turnips at the players. Mario
Iggy File:IggyMR.jpg Iggy, despite being blind, will gaurd the Summoner for 10 seconds. If anybody nears the Summoner, Iggy will either attack the opponent or lift his Summoner into the air. Maximum Ride
Grox 200px This little nuisance will attack other people with laser rays (20% each) for 10 seconds before attacking the Summoner for 5 seconds. Spore
Slime 200px Slime will hop on other players (doing 35%) and eat them. Once all opponents are eaten, Slime will dissappear. Minecraft symbol
Amy Rose File:Amy MS.png Amy is a pink hedgehog who is head over heels for Sonic. When summoned, Amy will use her Piko Piko hammer to attack. Sonicseries
Bronto Burt 200px Bronto Burts are common Kirby enemies. Although it is commonly stated that they are very strong, the heaviest thing one has carried is a missile. They use their strength in this game, though! It will lift an enemy up high and throw them to the ground. SSB Kirby Series
Creeper 200px

Creepers are the mascot of Minecraft. When summoned, they will walk around the stage aimlessly. If a player, item, boss or otherwise comes too close to it, BOOM!


Minecraft symbol
Merida 200px The princess of DunBroch appears! She is very skilled with a bow and arrow, proven when she is summoned. DisneyIcon
Metroid 200px A metroid flew in out of nowhere!  It will attempt to latch on to their opponents and leech them of energy. SSB Metroid Series
Rarity 200px Rarity is a fabulous unicorn who sellc clothes in Ponyville. She throws jewels at foes when summoned. MLP FiM Series
Cutie Mark Crusaders File:CMC.png The Cutie Mark Crusaders consists of Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Babs Seed. They will try to do something random and fail, sometimes harming people. MLP FiM Series
Princess Celestia 200px Celestia is Equestria's favourite princess. When summoned, she will raise the sun, harming your foes. MLP FiM Series
Big Mac 200px TBA MLP FiM Series


Name Image Summary Universe
Tanoomba 200px Tanoomba is a very weak boss, all you need to do is jump on his head three times. But beware, he can turn into Tail Twhomps, Tail Koopas, Tail Cheeps and more. He can only be stomped on when he is a Tanoomba, Tail Koopa or Tail Guy. SSB Mario Series
Bulbasaur File:250px-001Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur's battle takes place in the form of a Pokémon battle, with you and Bulbasaur taking turns. Just lower his health to zero and you will win. SSB Pokémon Series
Bonkers Bonkers Bonkers is a very strong mouse, wielding a hammer. But you've got a hammer too! When he tries to squish you with his hammer, hit it with your own! SSB Kirby Series
Yellow Devil 200px TBA Megaman Series Logo
Pete 200px Pete is Mickey's arch-enemy ever since Steamboat Willie. It's practically impossible to knock him off of the stage, so beat his health to zero! DisneyIcon


Name Image Summary Universe
Pokéball 200px This item can be thrown to release one of many Pokémon. SSB Pokémon Series
Core Orb This item is used to activate a Core Summon. If it is a green Core Orb, you can choose from three randomly selected Core Summons. Core Battle
Wisp Capsule This item can be used to free a Wisp. The Wisp will grant you their Colour Power for a period of time. Sonicseries
Copy Essence This item grants you a special ability until you are hit. The ability depeneds on the type of Copy Essence. SSB Kirby Series
Coin 200px Coins can be collected to increase your power. When you are hit, you lose some coins. SSB Mario Series



Copy Essences




Name Image Summary Universe
Core Temple A temple with no gimmicks, other than there being more Core Orbs than in other stages. Core Battle
World 1-1 200px A sidescrolling stage and the first level in Super Mario 3D World. Gimmicks include Cat Goombas and more Super Bells than other stages. SSB Mario Series
Comet Observatory 200px A large stage, consisting of Rosalina's famous Comet Observatory. Star Bits will fall from the sky, harming you. You can also use Launch Stars and Sling Stars as shortcuts around the stage. SSB Mario Series
Warp Star Ride 200px A moving stage, similar to Big Blue from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You start on a warp star, which well eventually fly off-screen. Luckily, there are plenty of Warp Stars on this stage. SSB Kirby Series
Halberd 200px Battleship Halberd is the exact same as the stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with the added hazard of Blade Knights. SSB Kirby Series
New World Minecraft Castle This level is different every time, ranging from a snowy castle to a mountainous forest. Minecraft symbol
Nether Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade This place is Minecraft's equivalent of hell or the Underworld. There are many hazards, including lava, soul sand, Ghasts, Blazes and Zombie Pigmen. Minecraft symbol
Bikini Bottom 200px The only hazard in this stage are jellyfish flying around Bikini Bottom. Jellyfishing Nets appear frequently. Spongebob Squarepants
Candy Kingdom
Green Hill Zone
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Mystery Shack


So far there is only one confirmed DLC pack, the Fantendo Pack.

Fantendo Pack

This pack was released on April 7th, costing $5.


Name Image Summary Universe
Unten 200px Unten is a blue Beorn and presumably the last of his species. He mainly uses melee attacks, but can shoot energy blasts. Fantendo


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