First appearance: The Mysterious Five Project

Cool Spot is a mascot for 7 Up, introduced in 1987. During this time, the red spot in the 7 Up logo was anthropomorphized: given arms, legs, a mouth, and sunglasses.

Cool Spot is yet another "Soda Warrior" like Pepsiman before him. Cool Spot is only one of his kind as seen in the game "Cool Spot" where he had to rescue near identical members of his race.


  • Standard Special: Soda Bubble - Cool Spot emits a soda bubble. This projectile floats around, waiting for it to touch another opponent and explode. They can be effected by wind moves and can be popped using other projectiles.
  • Side Special: Spark - Cool Spot sends out a spark. This is more direct although it doesn't cause anywhere near as much damage as Soda Bubble.
  • Up Special: Cage Lift - Cool Spot puts himself in a cage that lifts up. He's protected from most attacks when he does this.
  • Down Special: Cool Wheel - Cool Spot does a cartwheel that causes damage on contact.
  • Super Move: Uncola - Cool Spot reverses his colors and creates an "Uncola" space. Anyone that walks into this Uncola space will have a variety of effects put on them:
    • Tiredness - Opponents get more sluggish.
    • Dehydration - Opponents pass out.
    • Fizziness - Characters get fuzzy and attack weirdly.
    • Burning - Characters start burning, and get damaged over a long period of time.

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