First appearance: The Mysterious Nine Project

Conker is an anthromorphic squirrell, and the dirty mouthed protagonist of Conker's Bad Fur Day. One day, while drunk, Conker wanders into new land and tries to get home and rescue his girlfriend, Berri from the malicious Panther King.



  • Standard Special - Context Sensitive Move: If timed correctly, Conker will redirect any attack.
  • Side Special - Machine Gun: Conker pulls out his machine gun and fires a barrage of bullets at the enemy.
  • Up Special -  Toilet Paper: Conker pulls out a roll of toilet paper and tosses it at the foe. Although this move seems useless, it will immobilize enemies for a few seconds, so if it is done while the foe is in midair, it can cripple them.
  • Down Special - Anvil: Conker jumps up and turns into an anvil, slamming down. In this form, he's invincible but immobile. If he crushes the foe, it will send them flying.
  • Super Move - Breaking the Fourth Wall: Conker takes a katana from the developers, jumps up and then beheads the foe if they are nearby. If you are beheaded, it is an instant death.

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