The Complexo is a pseudo-hotel/apartment that houses every single creation in Exotoro's mind. The idea was based off Zaxinian Lifts, but with a unique spin based off the idea. This is by no means how these characters actually work outside of their works, it is merely an interpretation.


Each floor of the Complexo is home to a different type of character. The lobby is generally where characters meet and interact and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The first floor is home to all the Doodleland characters, the second floor is home to all the Fighters of Lapis, the third floor is home to all of the Fantendoverse characters, and the fourth floor is home to all the Lapis Wiki characters (short story or otherwise). The fifth floor hosts some more out-there characters that haven't made appearances anywhere.

Each floor is an maze-like labyrinth that constantly changes. Characters that tend to show up a lot can get out easier, while some less popular characters are... well... trapped for the most part. They still have access to food but in terms of doing their job, it depends on whether they can get out of the maze.


Every room by default contains a V² and a decently sized TV with a good cable package (anything but Time Warner). There are also fairly luxurious beds that get swapped out for larger ones when two characters move in with each other. There is also a bathroom and a built-in kitchen with a refilling selection of cereals.

Each room also has a laptop with free wifi provided by the Complexo.

Complexo Members

Complexo Members are a group that appears the most often in Exo's works and get a couple of nice benefits such as a credit card that doesn't run out of money and their desires tend to get most of Exo's attention. If Complexo Members abuse their privileges, their membership is provoked. This hasn't happened yet.

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